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  1. Its too bad that there are no British carriers in this new version.
  2. pawb63

    The Problem with CVs As They are in a Nutshell

    Thank you, ausanimal. I am new to playing CVs and I know that my performance is not the greatest. Sometimes, it is pretty bad, but at least I try and I am not an AFKer. However... sometimes there are these expectations that CVs are some sort of "magic ship" (i.e. that their planes can be everywhere, that they can sink all the other team's ships, etc). The reality is that CV players often have to go against ships that are two or three tiers higher, with superior AA. I find some of the language/insults that players "spew" at each other is neither helpful or constructive. Maybe, if there was more "teamwork" and "constructive criticism/advice" matches would more enjoyable.