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  1. CallMe_Speshul_Dave

    How flambass feels about 8.0

    Old cv''s needed skill which eliminated 95% of the cv players who were just dumb . Include me in that list of dumb cv players too. However New CV rockets are ridiculously easy to use against dds. Thats the difference
  2. CallMe_Speshul_Dave

    Go Navy Event Clarifications

    I clicked by accident cause muscle memory. :D Yes no one can get it cause sharks still win but i was planning on buying 3 crates anyway to get the camos if i dont get 50 loyalty by the end of 21st then it would be 6 crates. I am crazy enough to buy 3 but not so crazy enough to buy 6 :D
  3. CallMe_Speshul_Dave

    Go Navy Event Clarifications

    Hey Guys now i have done something stupid here. instead of switching to Eagles after 15 days i clicked stay accidentally so my 5 loyalty that has to go to Eagles went to the sharks. I now have 80 loyalty to Sharks. The contest lasts from 27-07-2018 to 21-08-2018. Does it include the 21st as well ? And will the arsenal store be up on the 22nd i.e the patch day ?
  4. CallMe_Speshul_Dave

    High Tier Destroyer Game Play and why it is getting unplayable

    Well, they dont want to use Line of sight for radar XD, i am even okay with hydro passing through islands but not radar. Hell it doesnt matter cause they are working on "anti radar" ? FFS that is the most stupid thing you can do to balance the game lmbo. its just ridiculous. Instead of making radars useful but not OP they work on [edited] like these. Smoke counters - detection Radar counters - smoke Anti Radar[chaff] counters - Radar Whats next ? some other [edited] that will suck the chaff out of the sky ? IMO nerfing the range slightly on russian radar and duration slightly on US radar is fine. ALSO FFS make stealth radar not a thing. Worcesters are bloody fkin annoying to deal with , when you cant even have the time to run away from them
  5. Thank you for your enlightenment. fk it i am moving on . It was a poor choice or word but I dont think it requires a chat strike and a ban because it was out of context.
  6. It was a bad choice of word i get it, but i cant revoke it in chat can i ? I literally even wrote it was a bad word in the same conversation as the chat FFS. How does this constitute a ban. You can take anything out of context and it will be derogatory. Yes it was a poor choice of word but context matters too
  7. So , I got chat banned for writing that "someone" is soo good ,that she rapes everyone while in a CV . How is this derogatory and why does this constitute a chat ban ? I raised a ticket and the guy wont even read or provide the chat history. EDIT : OKAY MY BAD , but the thing is my message in game also said that it was a poor choice of word as soon as i said it. All i have to say here is CONTEXT Matters . craphappens and chat strikes are not the solution for these issues and should be thoroughly evaulated