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  1. Harry_Kari

    Ship Purchase Bug 0.9.0

    I purchased a new ship last night from the advancement tree. It showed up in my port ok, in the bars beneath the main ship display, but when I clicked on it, the port displayed a different ship in the main display. Nothing I could do got me access to the new ship. I had to disconnect and re-login to access the ship. After that, everything worked as expected.
  2. I've encountered a bug with the disconnect/connect to new server feature. I log into my account, then disconnect to connect with a different account or to a different server. This works ok. But when I then disconnect and try to log back into the original account, the game hangs. Happens every time on the 2nd disconnect.
  3. Harry_Kari

    PTS rewards

    I completed the basic tasks for 0.9.0, both for parts I and II. I received the common flags and type 6 camos from part II, but didn't receive anything from part I. Nobody in my clan received them, even though multiple players earned them. Seems like this happens every release, and must be costly for WG to deal with the customer support and fixing the issue. They need a better way of dealing with this.
  4. I also received nothing. I had earned the 20 Type 6 camos, 6 of each regular signal flag, and the special flags from Operation Dynamo. I have screen shots of earning them (because I so trust WG), but not of the award page after I hit check for rewards. I guess I'll have to add more screenshots, of that page, and of my inventory before I hit check for rewards. I thought they slowed down the releases to ensure bugs like this wouldn't occur. Maybe, um, you need to slow down some more?