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  1. raudy5

    Server down?

    THEYRE UP IM IN GO GO GO -I spam so you don't have to :)
  2. raudy5

    Server down?

    It was red, then it turned green.
  3. raudy5

    Server down?

    I did not know that, certainly defeats the purpose of a server status if it is only useful for internal testing.
  4. raudy5

    Server down?

    The status of the NA server is green or "up" as of 20+ minutes ago, still can't log in.
  5. raudy5

    Elephant in the room

    I love this comment: hilarious truth bomb and straight to the point.
  6. Yeah, my comment was conceived in and heavily influenced by the current meta. I agree with you, but I don't see a scenario on the horizon that will make it a plausible reality.
  7. I probably agree with your general premise, but I suppose all of this is in the context (for me anyway) of the current meta. There is a needle sized hole you can successfully play the Yeuyang through right now, so I'm probably a little too harsh about the idea of being a more aggressive gun boat. It's a pipedream. Just to beat a dead horse: personal record for number of times separately radared in a single match: 15...not a typo, no idea how I lived. It wasn't cool, fun, or interesting, it was just a sisyphean bummer. I actually until only recently didn't mind it, but it has changed how everyone plays, and not for the better.
  8. So as a Yeuyang, enthusiast, I was working out my build for the above legendary upgrade, and I finally paid attention to what slot it went in...slot 5. Fun fact: Slot 5 in where concealment systems modification usually goes. So that means Yeunyang goes from 5.8km concealment to 6.5km. (in practical terms this would mean the Yeuyang can now be spotted from space by other sneaky style dds, and can even be shadowed by them without the other guy being detected...and all this without torps that can touch other dds. This is a self-nerf of the 1st order. Hard pass.
  9. Thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it.
  10. Whew, that made me feel a lot better, that's a great (and helpful) attitude in my humble opinion. Others may disagree, but I like it!
  11. Oh, I'm sorry, I should have clarifies. Yes, I'm ALWAYS looking to cap, this was about how I go about that task. If there's reasonable island cover, I charge right in usually, although not always considering I don't have a way to deal with a very aggressive dd with no anti-dd torps. I also will charge in even if I know I'm going to simul-spot another dd, if I know it's a big map and I don't have to worry about 2-3 radars being right there. I know how to U turn, back in etc, and I do all that stuff. You make an important point. Capping is my job, and dds who show 0 interest in capping are not fun to play with.
  12. This is related to me playing Tier 9 and tier 10 dds, so no, i can't just torp the other dds smoke. Please stop telling me to charge into cap when i'm a dd. Typically, the 6 radar ships on my team hold back, and I'm expected to yolo spot and then die quickly. I'm not complaining about the large amounts of radar ships right now, I personally generally find a lot of balance to the game, and I'm sure it will calm down eventually. What I AM is so sick and tired of people rudely barking orders at dds as if their intent is anything other than to see if we get shredded, so they can adjust accordingly. It's ridic. If you're in a radar cruiser, and there's some cover, ask to join me in capping and say you've got my back, i'll gladly blast right into cap while you position yourself accordingly. Also, stop telling people how to play unless you have something genuinely constructive to say. Just pointing out when someone fails makes you the biggest problem on that team as far as enjoyment goes, not them.