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  1. Avatar_989

    Unique naval base

    I have the Georgia, I was getting 140 k damage with it, and by the the time they finished with all changes to the ship parameters, I was lucky to get 33 k and not often 40k in damage. When I complained they put me in all bot battles. So I could not communicate
  2. Avatar_989

    Modification Complaints

    they also recently added a pop up, asking you to accept their new/updated player terms and conditions, but they did not include the new changes or give you the ability to read the new terms, you had to click on OK and accept the new terms with out reading them, in order to play the game
  3. I have had continuous problems with bots single me out in co-op battles, they made it impossible for me to obtain damage points, other players also complained about their ship guns and how inaccurate they were, makes me think some of the employees in wow have hacked the game, and are deliberately causing problems with players