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  1. Darmokattenagra

    The magical unicorn Soviet container does exist

    Yes I did too on the same day
  2. Darmokattenagra

    They Do Exist!!

    I got 2 300s on the same day since then almost all 5s though
  3. Darmokattenagra

    Kuznetsov - worth it?

    They are releasing perm camos for a few ships for steel. Could use it there.
  4. Darmokattenagra

    Tier V Premium USN Cruiser?

    Exeter is the best tier 5 cruiser. Pick up a rn 10 point captain in the shop and try rn. They are a lot of fun.
  5. Darmokattenagra

    Toxic Ranked

    His arms wide open!
  6. Darmokattenagra

    Toxic Ranked

    I had a two games yesterday with two toxic players in a row. First game I got lit up In my dd early and was wiped out. Not a usually thing but it happens and got salt. Had the unfortunate luck to be on the same team with both next game. Didn't do as bad and we won but still got harrassed bad. Looked up both and one of the two had over 20k randoms. Look I have been playing steady for 2.5 years and only have 3200 randoms. Even if playing since beta that's a lot of time spent here. Some people lose perspective I guess. Anyway we will see how the rest of the season goes. Good luck!
  7. To the op's point the ship is ok but the concealment is lacking. I got it in a Santa crate and barely play it. I prefer my hadia or z-39 due to much lower concealment. That .7 or 1.1 difference allows me to train my guns and fire the first salvo which can make a difference in a one on one battle.
  8. Darmokattenagra

    Could use a Premium Tier IV CV

    Yubari is pretty fun. Needs a better reload speed but yea.
  9. Darmokattenagra

    New Rank Battle Is Not Good

    No because then CV so yeah no 7 is fine. I'm having fun. Just bring the right ship. No myoko or clones, no yorck.
  10. Darmokattenagra

    Still no Tone...

    Bass boost.
  11. Darmokattenagra

    Container Tokens a good laugh

    I was getting only 5s and a few 10s but today got 2 300s. So with two more weeks of events it may turn around for you.
  12. Darmokattenagra

    Z-39 Best Tier 7 DD for Ranked?

    I just got the z 39 recently. My opinion it needs a 15+ captain. I've already had some great games in it. A 22k+ hp pool is awesome. I also have hadia and will be bouncing back and forth till I find the right fit. I will also be tapping my duke.
  13. Darmokattenagra

    Tier 9 DD which one?

  14. Darmokattenagra

    Why do I even play this stupid game?

    Correct. One reason I don't play. Bb, I prefer cruiser. Because if in a bb you don't do some serious damage early you are costing your team. I prefer to kite, its the most fun for me personally.
  15. Darmokattenagra

    Purchasing Rentals

    Great ship. My favorite bb. Also you'll be able to use it in ranked next week.