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  1. Darmokattenagra

    You, your ship, the MM and win rate

    I mean other than bronze there is only 1 irrevocable rank in silver and it's pretty early on. Gold has no irrevocable rank. I keep hearing people complain about irrevocable ranks but they are such a non issue. As for save a star, those who are just spamming usually are not the ones saving a star. Can it happen yes, however id say it's the exception not the rule. Save a star is there to keep the good players from being disillusioned with the sea of potatoes. Get rid of that and your game play experience will be a lot worse. They just need to go back to 1 week sprints.
  2. You weren't around for the old system which was what you want and it was the same if not worse. The only thing in the new system is that most veterans dont see value in the grind and drop out after we got our steel and all you are left with is riff raff.
  3. Darmokattenagra

    whats up with the port music

    Each port is different. I prefer Philippines
  4. Darmokattenagra

    KOTS Collection

    I love the duke. Now that being said I cant understand why it has such a slow reload compared to the KGV. Also it's not the best ranked ship but great for randoms. At least you didnt get poltiva like I did.
  5. Darmokattenagra

    Question about KOTS container....

    You could be blessed with a poltiva like me
  6. Darmokattenagra

    So Napoli is interesting...

    Keep in mind we got 3 dockyard ships last year, 1 tier 9 and 2 tier 8s. We just got a 9 this year, 2nd one wont be till anniversary time (sept) at the earliest. Also the only tier 10 ships for fxp have been dds. There is too much free xp around. My guess is coal or steel. It's about time for stalin to get pulled so maybe steel.
  7. Darmokattenagra

    Let us trade Our Ships

    I'll send you a red envelope.
  8. Darmokattenagra

    Naked and Afraid

    I dont do that myself but I could imagine how annoying that would be if I did. Honestly I'd rather have it auto give a silver based camo and have to unclick if I didnt want it.
  9. Darmokattenagra

    Bad connection : penalty reset

    Frenid pleze enjoey much fun coop matchez.
  10. Darmokattenagra

    Did Hosho Torp planes get nerfed?

    A few months ago I came across a player in ranked who was very salty. He kept bragging that he was a unicum player. I looked at his stats and he had 1400 games in the hosho. Every other ship he played he was sub 50% but in the hosho he was 64%. It was op with a 2 torp drop.
  11. Darmokattenagra

    Qualifying still sucks.

    The 1 week sprints were tough but I felt like once i got on a roll it was worth it. Ranked out of gold 3 of the 4 available sprints. This season I just stayed in silver, collected my win bonuses and stop. I dont really see the point in grinding 50 more games just to make it to gold. Not enough incentive. So yea I'm right there with you. I'm done with the slog.
  12. Darmokattenagra

    Best premium Destroyer for doubloons right now?

    1 on 1 I'd take le terrible over any other. It can out gun a akizuki if you know what you are doing. Fast enough to chase down anything. Takes practice though.
  13. Darmokattenagra

    code bug

    I suspect IDS_REWARD_TAKEN is back end code and should not be shown?
  14. Darmokattenagra

    Has Coal been nerfed?

    Well they just announced the max immelman for coal so enjoy much skip bombs.
  15. Darmokattenagra

    Depressing Ships

    Ibuki, on paper shes not a bad ship. But it's like a shima cruiser, once the match is going the wrong direction there is not much an ibuki can do, it's too fragile to push. It's a ship I want to like but just cant.