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  1. BayraktarDeath

    Cant say WG doesnt punish cheaters

  2. BayraktarDeath

    Smooth Supply - What did you get in your SC?

    Years ago I got fiber in my condo, installers were lazy and left about 4 inches of yellow fiber wire exposed outside where they ran conduit outside up the wall. Less than 24 hours later I'm watching a history channel doc and it just cut out. I'm like wth, I look out my window and a squirrel took off. I could see clearly the chew Marks. When I called to complain the lady seemed like she didnt believe me. Took 2 days before it was fixed but they did fix it property. Crazy stuff happens huh.
  3. BayraktarDeath

    Which DD is the best torpedo boat?

  4. BayraktarDeath

    Which first steel ship should I get?

    Based on your stats I think you would like the stalingrad. You play a lot of al Sov russya. Stalin will play a lot like that. You might also like bourg because you have a lot of experience in dunkirk and while some would disagree I do find they play somewhat similar. I do have both and enjoy them although I've really only played stalin in clan battles.
  5. BayraktarDeath

    Salem or Napoli?

    Salem was my first coal ship years ago. It's ok but the bow tank meta isn't really my favorite. Especially now with air strike ships. I have napoli and I really like it. Only real complaint is the position of the torp launchers gets them permanently knocked out in almost every match. I literally have only played one match in randoms where I didnt loose at least one, most games I loose both. Main guns are kinda meh and have short range since I went reload mod instead of range because your gonna brawl anyway. The secs are the star of the show.
  6. BayraktarDeath

    Auto-Homing is wrong

    I'd rather have a sub that surfaces and fires from a dual 18" mount. I mean it's just as possible. This whole thing is a joke.
  7. BayraktarDeath

    Apology Crates

  8. BayraktarDeath

    0.10.7 Seems to be a big update

    I've never seen a roll back but I've seen a couple hot fix rush patches for semi serious issues. Rare though.
  9. BayraktarDeath


    I've never used it either. Doesn't make much sense. A 14 day span would be a lot smarter.
  10. Stalis guns hit a lot harder. You can go toe toe for a little while with a bb. I wouldn't worry too much about the fire thing. If your gonna burn your gonna burn. It's got more hp and it's really fast. It's got the same weak sides though. I did very well with stali last season although I prefer bourg if there is an open bb spot on my team. With clan being t6 this month you may have a few months before you need to decide though.
  11. If you find yourself burnt out on wows just put on the bikini and head into the hot tub. Seems to work for some streamers.
  12. BayraktarDeath


    Why is it that people are so hyper focused on what a tank in a MMO is vs what you do in this game? No one said anything about a ROLE as this is not a RPG. Its just an observation that if a bb is far back and waits for all of his weaker ships to die first while preserving most of his health (and heals) then the team is no better off for it. If a bb (especially in lower tiers where few cruisers and dds have heals) can take even a few shots away from someone else then you can contribute just as much if not more than getting off a few choice salvos in the same period of time. People get so offended when you use the word TANK incorrectly in their eyes.
  13. BayraktarDeath


    Because you have the largest hp pool and armor as well. It's the job of a good bb to tank some damage that would otherwise be inflicted on dds and cruisers. Also it is extremely difficult to hit a fast moving dd from 15k+.
  14. BayraktarDeath

    Cruisers in ranked, surprisingly fun.

    I've been winning like crazy in Perth and Huanghe.
  15. BayraktarDeath

    Borodino in the Armory and Premium Shop

    I refuse to spend money on a 30+ sec reload bb ever again. I wont even play the ones I have. Just too boring.