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  1. I'm going to echo what LT_Rusty_SWO touched on. I've seen this time and time again...ALOT. It's a business model WG has committed to. After spending much time and effort grinding ship lines. Nerf tech line ships under a pretence of "Over performing" . Then release a premium ship of same if not better performance. But they know this and do it anyway WG was told on all the released patches what the problems were. Beta Testers are ignored, CC's are ignored, and player base ignored. And release ALL anyway. This is the perfect example of job creation as I've seen. This release is no different. It just happens to impact the game more than usual this time. They knew this and released anyway. Until players as a group (New and Long time Veterans) flat out stop playing. WG is going to continue this practice. That is the ONLY constant we can count on.
  2. Hello All! Happy New Year! Pretty good year WOW wise...Kinda. But hey we can't have everything, right? Presently have 16 pt. Adm. Halsey in Des Moines. Performing well, no complaints. Wondering general opinion is with what ship Adm. Halsey would be best Capt. for?
  3. Kaoskdf

    Dev Blog: Massive Yueyang Nerf

    This is getting out of control. Plain and simple. Nerfing inline ships for the sake of "Balance"? The approach of nerfing in the name of "Balancing" is pure mitigated, homogenized candy assed [edited]. Or maybe a money grab introduction of another premium ship? Wanna bet? Come on people! Most players spend a great deal of time and resources grinding up to these ships. And play them based on the performance of the ships. I know I do. But to turn around after a lengthy roll out, and in this case make the ship pretty much obsolete? Is plum stupid! What motivation is there to grind the PA line now? Nobody will play this ship in competitive play any more. Which is what I think is the purpose of proposed nerf is trying to achieve. You as a development team. Spend a lot of time evaluating a ship before introduction. So are you saying the development eval is flawed? Or is there a "justify my job" culture within WGing? Maybe? What DD is the most played in Clan wars and ranked? Bet it's the Gearing. Plan on nerfing that ship? Pretty PLEASE leave the inline ships alone. Let the players enjoy what they have worked really hard for. For all the Veterans serving the USA. Thank you so very much for your service protecting my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness!
  4. Kaoskdf

    Favorite Looking Commander?

    Best Looking Female Commander: I'd bounce a basketball through a mine field just to hear Dasha rip a fart over a army field phone! That's how fine she is! Best Looking real life commander: Admiral Halsey Best Looking future commander:..... Pretty much leaves Jingles out.
  5. The biggest change from last season to this one will be the total lack of DD's in play. Introduction of all these OP ships just before Ranked play? You go right ahead and try to consistently run a DD and see how effective you will be. I truly hope I'm wrong, honestly I do. Thoughts anyone?
  6. Kaoskdf

    Alsace is a beast

    I also play Alsace as best I can before the "nerf" takes effect. Yes she has performed well, but I get the distinct ...feeling there is another agenda in relation to her getting murdered. Couple months down the road, she won't be mentioned at all. Fall by the wayside, a pain to grind through and everybody will leave her in port. Sad really
  7. Kaoskdf

    Alsace getting Nerf'd

    I just spent a great deal of time grinding, spending XP's and the credits. And at present I don't regret it.. Nerfing a T9 BB that has one of, if not the lowest caliber guns is asinine. Ignorance at it's best. Taking the stats from this short of time frame? RNG Gods favor a T9 ship for a while and "Holy hell! We have to put a stop to that right now!!" So why stop there? Lets just go ahead and nerf ALL the T9 BB's. T8 BB's while we are at it. Lets move the gate back .... hell lets say T7! Guess I need to shut the hell up, huh? The Lyon can be considered a good ship also..... Answer this for me: With the vast majority of the games being played within a Tier 10 meta. Players can't have a ship or ships even remotely competitive and fun? There is plenty fodder out there for the T10 ships as it is now. Oh wait, Is there a premium ship being introduced with the present Alsace stats? Well why didn't you just say so?
  8. I also just grinded the Alsace based on the stats that are in place at present. Totally exhausted XP's and Credits to get her. And don't regret it. Nerfing a T9 BB with 380mm guns in a 80 some odd percent T10 meta? Don't understand the reasoning ...... It isn't broke, isn't even remotely considered OP. Why JACK with it? Based on what stat's? What reason justifies the nerf? Pretty please with sugar on top, move on to infinitely more pressing balancing issues. But I'll want a refund if nerfs do go through. You bet I will.
  9. Yea think I'll pass also. Buy I'll make Larry's momma hollar like a white mouthed mule!!!!!!
  10. Kaoskdf

    0.7.7 Public Test Bug Reports

    Yea, broken record. Locks up when I try to connect. Then when I try to submit a ticket. At the contact email address page, it tells me to enter another email address besides my WOW account email address!?! Never seen that before. And why would I want to do that for? Come on gents. What do I have to do to participate in the 7.7 public test? Unreal...
  11. Kaoskdf

    0.7.7 Public Test Bug Reports

    Once just once, I'd like to see a Public test kick off on time.
  12. Kaoskdf


    1.wth just happened? Had a T7ish random battle on the 2 brothers map. Long story short 8 of our side and 9 of the Red side ALL went up the middle. We traded caps, we sank more ships but lost> wth happened? Is there a way to go back and see the battle birds eye view? I didn't go MID (ended up sinking wounded ships that limped out and capping RED base) but would love to see the action. I'm sure it was a hoot! 2. wth does RNG mean? I know it has something to do with random...something or another. Noob question I know.... 3. Why TF can't I use my T8 DD Loyang ship XP to research T9 Chung Mu? 4. Why TF do I always get more ramming signal flags when I already have 60, and desperately need speed, fire chance, detonation ....etc? 5. WHY TF do I feel like ALL the USN (Both heavy and light) Cruisers are so damn fragile? I mean Why TF can't we have ONE just ONE cruiser that can tank just like some of the other nation lines? Same basic play style for what..2, 4, 6, no wait 8 ships? Feel like I'm reading shampoo directions off of the bottle. Apply, rinse, repeat. Historically correct? Really? WOW. Sorry for the venting. Can someone, anyone guide me along the yellow brick road please. Fair seas Captains!