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    Drake is better than Goliath IMHO

    There's that too. Goliath looks like they shrank the hull but left the superstructure alone.

    Coal Ship Conundrum - 9.1 - advice/thoughts?

    Get Smolensk if you want a truly overpowered ship. I prefer Thunderer since she's an awesome sniper BB but that's just me.

    Drake and Goliath?

    They're both good ships if you know how to play them. Drake is better IMO but judging what people say when I explain why I suggest you keep working your way up and decide for yourself. AP is decent and can actually put the hurt on DDs. HE is OK at best.
  4. Goliath has 3 more barrels, 0.9km more gun range, 0.3km bigger gun range to detectability window, 11800 more health and more AA. What she sacrifices to get this is 0.5s longer reload and the inability to increase her gun range and decrease her reload. Drake can take MBRB3 and drop her reload down to 15.8s and increase her firing range temporarily to 18.9km with her spotter plane. Goliath doesn't get planes at all. These are heavy cruisers in the sense of gun caliber only. They will happily eat citadel's just like light UK cruisers (thought to a slightly lesser degree). Drake and Goliath share the same torps and gun damage numbers. To sum things up Drake is to Goliath what Alsace is to Republique. Now don't get me wrong I love Republique but there's no denying Alsace is the better of the 2.

    Yoshino vs Puerto Rico

    You must have had your shells go under water first. This is why I said 98% and not 100%

    Yoshino vs Puerto Rico

    Until you take PR out you won't know what I'm talking about. Alaska can't sail broadside and have a 98% chance of not having her citadel hit. PR can thanks to her citadel being fully submerged.

    Yoshino vs Puerto Rico

    Alaska had absolutely nothing on Puerto Rico. She can't brawl with BBs and come out the victor. Only way to get a citadel hit on PR is through the bow. Alaska is slower by 0.5 knots. PR has 25% more firepower for 10% slower rate of fire. If you read LWM review of Stalingrad she says that said ship is an improvement over Moskva in every regard. Puerto Rico is in the exact same situation over Alaska. I can't say for sure if she's worth the full grind but I finished her with 15k doubloons (got a lot from all the Santa crates) and she's well worth it.

    Booster Refund ends 12/26

    With her camo and no other xp/credit booster applied she does make a decent amount. If you're on track to aquirring her I'd keep it that way. She is a serious threat and very fun. I'd say she's about as close to Missouri as you can get in terms of earning potential.

    Coal ships: Georgia vs Thunderer

    Georgia is a close range ship where as Thunderer does much better at a distance. Thunderer just doesn't have the armor nor secondaries to fill in the time between each main battery shot. Georgia does.

    Booster Refund ends 12/26

    She is not a true premium. She doesn't show up if you hide all non premium ships. She's is considered an elite ship like Alaska, Georgia, Thunderer, ect.

    Puerto Rico

    Yes. Same consumables options

    Puerto Rico

    It's her citadel location that makes it so hard to hit. Below the waterline. You are correct though. Cruisers like Des Moines, Worcester, Henry IV, ect. will burn you to the ground.
  13. At the beginning of stage 4 the cost is 35k so I'd assume you can figure it out from there

    Puerto Rico

    She's not going to replace Mass as a secondary monster but she can fend for herself. Cruisers with fast firing rates are her biggest enemies because of how easily she is set on fire.

    Puerto Rico

    Just thought I'd let everyone know how Puerto Rico plays. The first is she is a brawler. As long as you don't try and bow tank you don't really need to worry about having your citadel hit. I've had many BBs including the Yamato class get perfect broadside shots on me and it only ever counts as a penetration. Her deck isn't very good at dealing with plunging fire so the closer you are the better. Fires and torpedos (obviously) are the 2 biggest threats to her as she's easily set on fire and while she is nibble for her size, she is long so an easy target to hit. With ASM1 her dispersion is quite manageable. With 12 guns the 22 second reload might sound long but firing 2 salvos at a time works quite well in mitigating the feel of long reload. Now to talk about her shells. I can tell you right now her HE shells are completely forgettable. You will want to be firing only AP. Even a destroyer will take full penetrating hits from AP with very few over-pens. Even if a BB is angled just aim for their deck or superstructure. So to sum up. She's like a mini Montana that can brawl like a German BB (in terms of armor), hit like a freight train and burns like a pine tree. Is she worth the grind? Maybe. I can say that if you like getting in close to the action she'll feel right at home. Live dangerously and always keep an eye out for those torpedos.