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  1. 2020/9/7 Manchester (Cleveland) updated. Enjoy =ω=
  2. 2020/7/31 Worcester Updated. Enjoy =w=
  3. Hello everyone, Is there any way for me to put skin on a specific turret like the Salem does??? Thanks for your help.
  4. Thank you for your appreciation >w< I do plan to do more skins like this. However, the progress may be slow as I am lazy person. : P I may do the Worcester first as you have requested it. So, keep an eye out on this post. \\(>w<)//
  5. Long time ago, I wished to have the skins of cold war US cruisers like these. Finally, I created it. Enjoy \(>w<)/ Here are some screenshots. Des Moines: Worcester: Manchester (Cleveland): These skins are compatible with camouflages. Special notice before downloading: 1.Name on the stern 2. Radar Tower and Blast Bag That's it !!! >w< Hope all of you would be enjoying this skin. Please notify me for any issues. Download section: 1. Des Moines: [ click me \\(>w<)// ] 2. Worcester: [ click me \\(>w<)// ] 3.Manchester: [ click me \\(>w<)// ] 3. All in one: [ GIVE ME ALLL!!!! v(OwO)v ] Download guide: 1. With other existing skins 2. Without existing skins
  6. EH45

    Warship Numbers

    Today is 24th June, 2020. XXDD Roughly 4 years after. Why can't I see it is added in the game???
  7. EH45

    Ship Hull Numbers

    Nah : ( Wargaming can't make more money out of your pockets if so. They can't smash the name and the hull numbers on and say it is premium like what they are doing now. You need to understand wargaming would love to do anything for the money XD Look at the Puerto Rico project, also the Odin project.