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  1. Carbapenem_17

    ST 0.10.7, Changes to Commander Skills

    But why would I want to be in a situation where both sides of my secondaries are firing? That is just bad positioning even when brawling. You would have to be in this special situation like having a low island on one-side and brawling the other on ther other side, which would be very rare. Although this is better than the 35% buff we have now, I would rather have a solid increase in accuracy so they work even for short encounters.
  2. Carbapenem_17

    ST 0.10.7, Changes to Commander Skills

    Wow just give us back the 60% accuracy on the secondaries. JESUS If this is what is going to be implemented I am SO done with this game.
  3. Carbapenem_17

    HE damage calculation

    Ah thanks!
  4. Carbapenem_17

    HE damage calculation

    I was contesting a cap and ran into a kagero. So I shot and one shell landed on the kagero before it smoked up. After the battle apparently that shell hit did 150 damage. A Z-46 HE shell does maximum 1500 damage and the wiki say a HE pen does 1/3 of the maximum damage, which should be 500. Is the wiki wrong?
  5. Carbapenem_17


    Aaaaaaand this idea is now 'Air Strike' consumable for the new dutch line
  6. Carbapenem_17

    French and Japanese secondary builds

    The biggest problem is the nerf on the manual secondary accuracy. All the secondary builds other than german dealt a amount of damage to destroyers making the build for close cap assists.. now the secondary shells don't even land anywhere near dds, let alone nose-in cruisers. And what use are low pen scondaries against BBs anyway? to start fires? (used to run non-IFHE secondary Alsace for some arsonist memes, but now .. not enough secondary hits to cause fires). I used to get a close quarters expert in every game I played a secodnary build. Now I am barely getting one. FIX THIS WG
  7. Carbapenem_17

    Premium Ship Review: München

    Current as of 0.7.9? lol lol that was actually when british dds were coming out Anyway great reviews as always! Your reviews are most fun to read other than dev blog posts!
  8. Carbapenem_17

    Dry Dock: Anchorage

    Wargamming often talks about how torps are useful in close quarters combat for cruisers. But I do wonder how often that happens in a cruiser. I am not a cruiser main and don't do well in them.. so any thoughts on this anyone? The only time I ever go close quarters is yolo or in ships like the worcester for radar (8~9k ish).
  9. Carbapenem_17

    ST, skip-bombers

    According to 3d models the CV in the video has German planes.. possible CV split? also.. why the hell doesn't the british get it?(not that we know of but the footage shows german planes and wanted feedback) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werner_Voss The name of the CV was W. Voss so..
  10. Carbapenem_17

    Mouse's Take on the Proposed Skill Changes

    Great job mouse! Though this is only WIP, I am greatly sad to see that WG completely disregarded Atlanta & Flint by taking away AFT, and Siegfried by taking away manual secondaries for cruisers. It makes it look they don't even consider these ships when planning for these changes...
  11. Carbapenem_17

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    It's kinda sad to see that the Atlanta camo, despite looking amazing, has the same benefits as a standard camo. Can we at least get something like a 50% + to commander xp or 50%+ to free xp?
  12. Carbapenem_17

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    Yeah, totally not worth it even if you are going after the T8 premium containers. You'd be better off buying doubloons and using the coupon in the armory (unless it is not a ship in the armory). And they are just selling a cool looking camo for the Atlanta.. well it looked too good to be a free one!
  13. Carbapenem_17

    ST, changes to AA and detectability ranges by air

    Great, now secondary ships have to turn on and off secondaries as well
  14. Carbapenem_17

    It's Funny How Everyone Was So Worried

    Make US dd AA great again!