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  1. What most people are mad about is that not that the grind is impossible, but that the grind was presented as something quite doable for a majority of players.
  2. One of the most fun part of wows was rushing down the center of the Tears of the Desert map in a Des Moines, and earning a Kraken. :D As a birthday present I'd like 25,000 dubloons and 1year wows premium time.
  3. I'd like the T5 Russian dd Okhotnik
  4. Carbapenem_17

    The Great 8 Ribbons - 12th - 19th

    Hockey player one (#3)
  5. The Gallant was released before the British DD line with a long smoke and torpedoes. Which Icarus of the same tier tech tree ship lack. They haven't changed it, so unlikely they will change exisitng premiums as well. (And it was a relative buff for the Gallant in my opinion. Aigle also has snoke :D)
  6. Carbapenem_17

    French Destroyers Branch Review

    I really like this kind of review for branch of ships. I think it would be better if they would make one for every branch that currently exists. It'll help many new players to get a grasp on how to play the respective lines.
  7. Carbapenem_17

    A Blast from the Past - 5th - 12th

    Ah, I remember the first time I played this game. Had really no idea how to play it at all. I started out with the German BB line 'cause the secondaries look cool. I would always YOLO into the heart of the enemy haha. RTS Zuiho was also great. Had the most fun before getting the Hiryu and had to face T8 ships. :( Amazing how much I've come along in the past year. As my birthday gift, I always wanted the Tirpitz. It is one of the only ships I've built using a model kit. Scharnhorst is also on my bucket list as well. :D
  8. Interesting to see that many people didn't like the Iron Duke. It was the only ship I ever liked in the British BB tech line (now at Monarch..).
  9. Okay I see there was a lot of confusion. Sorry everyone. What I meant was, which three ships do you HATE the most from tier 5 of the tech tree.
  10. Carbapenem_17

    I Need Some Advice for US Light Cruisers

    First job of an Americal CL is DD support. With radar, even more so. In order to do that sail close with your dds, but not into the cap. Hug the island near the cap and shoot at the enemy dd if your team spots him. I suggest taking acceleration mod, cause you'll be moving fore and aft more often. Both cruisers will be busy shooting at the dds, so don't be afraid to shoot. Either one of the DDs die or they smoke up. Then, you start lobbing shells over islands at other targets like BBs and cruisers. IFHE is the priority. As you'll be hugging islands, your concealment doesn't matter much at first. So, take IFHE for the fourth skill first and get to concealment expert at 14 points. You'll see a dramatic increase in your damage output. As American guns can shoot high arcs, this means not only you can lob shells behind islands, you can also hit enemies hugging islands. Also, American BBs can hit you over the islands even if other BBs can't. The main point of operating US cruisers is to put an island between you and enemy, so they can't shoot back at you while you can. Lastly, the main job of the USN light cruiser line is being a dd hunter. If you become overwhelmed at one point by BBs and cruisers without dds, I suggest moving to a flank where the enemy dds are harassing your team. Have fun and Good Luck !
  11. Carbapenem_17

    I Need Some Advice for US Light Cruisers

    Depends on the original amount of flak bursts, buuuuutI never really go for the AA module as CVs tend to avoid US cruisers anyway or avoid the flak anyway. At least with ASM I know I get better dispersion.
  12. Oh right. Forgot about that. ffffffff