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  1. Favorite line: Do we have a good team? Yes, everyone but us. LOL!
  2. I was there when our CV went up the but on two brothers. I can confirm this as historically acurate. Nice video bro. Happy Monday
  3. I don't see the point here. German secondaries are bigger, Fr have higher fire chance. Sounds legit
  4. Aigle

    And I guess nobody else can. Telling... this ship sucks.
  5. Aigle

    I have no such success. And looking through stats, I cannot find a boat that is worse than this "premium"
  6. Aigle

    I paid for Lenningrad (favorite) and Anshan (3rd favorite) and they put this boat to shame. And I mean to shame... Getting it for free is meh, paying for it would be like voluntarily amputating a kids limb. Its that bad.
  7. Aigle

    As with any boat there is a learning curve. I do have EM and AR on Jean and it does not make up the difference. If anyone can bring up a boat that is T6 and worse than this one i'm all ears. Not discounting the driver (i'm a BB guy by trait), but DDs are my zen thing and this is not it. The only thing I can say about wasting my time farming for it is the camos and mini things I got along the way.
  8. Aigle

    I do find some French BBs quite fun. Bretagne was a bit rough but not bad considering her BB competition at T5, but Normandie and especially Lyon were quite fun. Rich is pretty cool too after some growing pains. This one DD though does not seem to fit in any role that I can play. Perhaps I suck, perhaps the boat sucks. I'm leaning on the boat sucking.
  9. Aigle

    I put my Jean-Jaque Honrae with 13pts in her and it still sucked. I got nothin man, It's just a bad boat. It's slowest in class, worst turn in class, worst rudder shift in class, worst turret traverse in class... I mean what does it do good? 139mm? Soviets have 130 and win in every other category
  10. Aigle

  11. Aigle

    Bro, It sucks. Compare it to all other T6 DDs of every country and tell me who it is better than.
  12. Aigle

    Yes I should have before doing all those dang challenges. I could have farmed a couple T10s by now.
  13. Aigle

    No, i've played all but German T6 DDs, and this is the worst. High skill floor means only the best players can have "decent" games. That means it's a bad boat. Flamu seems to agree based on his review. For a "premium", I would never buy it. Nor would I grind in it for some camo that I don't really want either. I see no value.