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  1. Paulberios

    Excuse me...

    Chat is very important during ranked. I still have no clue as to what I did wrong. I would think an email stating some sort of infraction would be sent so as not to repeat whatever the heck happen
  2. Paulberios

    Excuse me...

    Ya I don't get it. I think the worst thing I said in the last few days was to a New Mexico named Kyle when I said "I seee you...." during a ranked game. (he was the last one alive) Now I cannot chat until 25 Dec? No warning, no notification or anything? I call [edited] here.
  3. Paulberios

    Excuse me...

    Why am I chat muted in game???
  4. Paulberios

    Drinking and World of Warships Randoms

    I've been pushing 2 DD lines recently. So I appropriately drink Sierra Nevada.... Torpedo
  5. Paulberios

    Power Creep

    I am NOT a DD player. It is by far my worst line. I got 100k XP in Kitakaze in a few hours on Sat and rarely out of the top 1 or 2 for XP per game. It is almost soulless
  6. Paulberios

    Power Creep

    Simply stating that her concealment is competive with DDs that are outclassed in terms of firepower. YY (now), Z52, Gearing, Groso etc. Nothing can outgun these things except anither IJN DD (excluding trashcan and Khaba at range)
  7. Paulberios

    Power Creep

    I have to say I'm kind of scratching my head a bit with some recent changes. I don't think it's a secret that IJN gunboats are rediculously OP. Kitakaze/Haragumo with their improved pen outgun Tashkent and Khabarovsk vs pretty much everything. With IFHE they cross the 32mm threshold and unleash unbridled hell upon everyone. I played Kitakaze and couldn't believe what I was doing to people with 5.9 conceal, and 12km shima torps. Yet, we swing the nerf bat at YY which is already absolete next to a T9 IJN DD. Khabarovsk with IFHE can only get up to 28mm of pen and with 130mm guns! What's the point of having larger guns if some 100mm pea shooter can out gun you in every way? My suggestions: 1. Give the YY back her firepower and swing that bat where it NEEDS to go (radar in general) 2. Either remove the 1/4 shell pen value from IJN gunboats, or significantly increase their reload time to balance out their DPM. 3. Concealment should be increased to bring IJN gunboats more in line with other gunboats (Soviet). I believe the Kitakaze is the most powerful DD in the game at present. And its not even close. I knife fight lite cruisers and win. Problem! (Atlanta and Seattle so far, havn't tried a Worcester out of fear). You have probably the second highest DPM gunboat in the game (with IFHE) with 5.9 conceal making her a cap specilist AND shimakaze torpedos. I mean nobody thought this might be OP? There's not a destroyer in the game that can compete with this. 4. Since Haragumo and Khabarovsk are still taking damage from BB AP (should add Kitakaze and Tashkent to this), would it not be logical to make them suseptable to PA deep water torps as well? If I'm crazy let me know. Just sharing my own thoughts.
  8. Paulberios

    Yue Yang Build After nerf

    With Daring and Gumo out there they nerf this one, I don't get it.
  9. Paulberios


    If I paid money for this POS, I'd ask for a refund. It is quite possible the worst DD (by tier) i've ever played and I played a lot. Something must be done for this heap to be considered "premium". I like Richelieu, but not that much. No French campaign for me sorry. It's just not fun. Not at all. If it was like T4 or something i'd cut it some slack but at T6 it's worthless. Anshan, Fushun, Fubuki etc just put it to shame.