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  1. A question for DD captains

    5 rules of dodgeball!!!! [edited] I love it!!!!
  2. I started off trying to do secondarys but just like the above person has said its not really competitive and doesn't do much unless you are really up close and you make sure they don't all get destroy... I vote heavily for tank since its a beast
  3. ok I have received 5 free crates they were black in color with gears on the outside... I was wondering what I could've possibly won? I cant figure it out! but it rewarded me with special signal flags and 10,000 free xp and doubloons anyone else?
  4. New T10 ship

    then id say get the DM its sooo fun and such a great ship
  5. New T10 ship

    id second this but it sounds like he wants a dd... I had fun getting the z-52... plus not to popular
  6. id have to agree I got 2 of them and back to back got 100 india deltas flags/… I mean that's one of my favorite flags but still come on
  7. Possible Solution to Radar

    I was simply pointing out the fact every game is going to be different... just because you have to stay back and be more cautious shouldn't give the person the ability to cry for days... but then again its video games and no matter what theres always gonna be the same people that sit there and complain about any game they play.. between my z-52/46 im just reaching 100 battles but avg damage is 44/36... im not the best dd player but Im not the worse by far.. I just wonder if they do end up fixing the radar to make dd players happy I wonder whats going to be the next thing people complain about since its simply a trickle down effect to the next... I mean people know its in the game and isn't some new hidden mechanic I would've thought people would've been able to manage playing against it like some have simply because it doesn't happen EVERY match like some say it does
  8. Possible Solution to Radar

    I had 0 KILLS!!!!! I did have 2 solo caps and 3-4 assisted caps.. I cant post score anymore since it was first thing in morning and of course my game booted me mid match a few matches ago
  9. I have the same exact problem with karma... idk how I managed to get it up to 4 recently LOL!!!!!! that and I argue against people that come up with a dumb strat… dds are close to bc yet they want to go to a because they are there already
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

    earlier today I was #1 on my team with my z-52 against 6 ships with radar and I only ended up with 18,000 dmg... although I did end up getting 170,000 spotting damage and a few caps... although it was a boring match for me I believe that my spotting simply was the reason why we won the match...
  11. I don't see a problem with the bbs all going in one direction as long as they actually PUSH and not just stay back... if they all push and keep going without stopping it could easily work in your team favor although 9/10 they just stall right before the first cap
  12. Possible Solution to Radar

    I could deal with the one about only the radar cruiser could see the actual dd but then you have a problem with the radar ships being targeted first... the whole point to it is to actually have counter radars and actually have a team and not just move up without support because that's exactly what it sounds like... although Id like to add on to the option you have stated where ships could op for having the ability in the form of an upgrade to also see radar'd ships while making them lose one of their other upgrades. but ive pretty much came to the conclusion you want dd;s the ability to play solo when this game isn't based on solo play..
  13. Possible Solution to Radar

    so whats the solution if you think having radar takes away the skill... if anything it makes dds more skillful... if you take away radar completely then what? have dds just spam torps as long as they are far enough away from being detected? or should they become detected as soon as torps are launched? which thats dumb also.... its all great and dandy to complain about a mechanic in the game and just simply say get rid of it yet have no solution to having dds run wild in the game... I have no problem dealing with radar. yes occasionally I end up dying because of it or I miss out on ambushing the other team because of it but it hasn't made me raged to the point I NEED it removed from the game...
  14. Possible Solution to Radar

    i understand the frustration having to deal with radar and it greatly limits the ability to be aggressive... I used to strickly play cruisers till around 1500 battles because dds I simplied died way to much but playing cruisers have helped me survive in dds… I have Z-52 which ive played pretty good with. although radar does suck to deal with its really not that hard to avoid it unless you get caught off guard. its not like the game prevents you from showing the enemy ships your playing against which would be a lot harder so you just need to deal with it... I don't believe dds should have no weaknesses... people complaining about radar simply believe that dd's should go around the map launching torps...
  15. im having the same issue!!!!!! tried once patch went live and just tried again... the first time I won somehow but this time I wont know until its finished! arg!!!!! WG