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  1. I feel like i'll get crap for my build but w/e it works for me pretty good. PM,AR,HA,BOS,VIG,AFT,FP... BOS/FP are a MUST on the republiique simply because a lightning bug could land on it and it'll cause the think to go up in flames... and not just 1 where you can manage it.. without FP it feels as if you get 3-4 fires almost instantly... I have thought about taking of VIG,HA for MAN SEC/PT but those also have an issue with not being destroyed easily. I feel like this ship is the hardest to pick captain skills other than PM,AR,BOS,FP....
  2. What is your Karma score right now

    I have a karma score of 1 but then again the highest I have been up to is only 3. I think... I mean I don't think I play terrible. I do have good avg xp.
  3. I Love the Republique

    i totally have to agree with you... is started playing DEC 2017 and only played Cruisers USN/RN. once I heard French bbs were coming I decided to get them... I liked the fact they move pretty fast.
  4. Buying new commander on steam?

    yea its pretty sad :( trying to give money to WG but its like my money isn't good enough for them... I rather not write a ticket if I don't have too
  5. Buying new commander on steam?

    yea didn't work hmmm. dang
  6. Buying new commander on steam?

    Unfortunately when I started to play this game in dec of 2017 I had absolutely no clue as to the disadvantages of using steam as the games client... not only can I download and use certain mods but it also seems as if my premium shop is completely different as to others... is there a way I could use steam credit to purchase one of the new captains that are %15? Not that I actually need them to win or anything but I do like any addition advantage I can get. I would use regular money on them if I didn't have over $200 on steam Im never going to actually use besides buying premium time... thank you if anyone knows how I can achieve this.
  7. I actually had the same problem with hurting an ally even though no one was around... I was in French bb shooting aps and i was getting damage like I started a flood on someone. I didn’t think about it at the time because I’ve maybe missed something but now that someone else experienced it it kinda makes sense that for whatever reason the game thought the teammate was on our side cause same exact ship. Or I’m just going crazy! Lol
  8. I’d just like to come out and thank wg for the free 1000 doubloons!!!! I’ve maybe tried TYL a handful of times since picking signal flags seemed better choice... anyways i have tons of flags now thanks to ranked matches so I tried TYL after a month of not picking it and they gave me a SC!!!! 1000 doubloons!!!! Has anyone else got lucky randomly selecting TYL even though you haven’t picked it in a long time?
  9. new mm ha!

    It’s not about the fact he can’t read but after 6,400 battles you’d think he’d have learn how to manage it by now.
  10. Tier 10 space camos

    I was actually going to get it for the dm cause I had enough gold to get the camo. I only decided to get the one that cost 5k simply because it was 3k less for only looks... if it would’ve had a better boost or more credits/xp it’d be worth it.
  11. Surprising enough before I got to tier 9 my favorite ship was the Pensacola... idk if it was because I got my first kraken in it or what but I was scared to even play with it cause of the hate it receives but after getting a hang of it I started to fall in love with it.. but now I’m loving the French bbs tier 8-9 since I don’t have 10 yet but I also love the DM... I’m not to picky when it comes to ships besides DDs because for some reason I just can’t seem to stop torping myself every game.
  12. match making

    I really really hate going on a 5+ lose streak... specially when I know we could’ve easily won them all...
  13. A question about stats

    How would you rate my stats for just starting late dec 2017?
  14. Flags, what are they good for?

    How do you get the flag that gives bonuses?
  15. We are in a day where making a suggestion turns into a grilling when it’s not needed at all.. just because someone wants something you don’t shouldn’t make him any less than you... if it wasn’t for people like the op debates and changes to the game would never be made no matter if it’s dumb or not.. it gets people talking if you’re actually mature enough to hold a decent debate.. it’s sad you have og players to the game downgrading new players just because they make a suggestion... I have 0 problem with my skill at the game and believe I’m def in top 10 for even playing since dec 2017... everyone complains about MM constantly and imbalance but always suggest the same thing about looking at people’s skill to make it even... this idea is simpler and would actually make the mm alittle more balanced like the majority want without adding to much time to finding a match... instead of looking at each individual capt of a ship just take the total amount of capt pts for each side and have it adjust from there... that is of course after you already found a match.. make the first step more of a lobby and then show teams...