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  1. I found this op especially easy for the first time playing it. Even Sunray wasn’t to hard to complete but it took two times with the group to get 5 stars... I would assume that the issue would be that to many of the team is looking the same way and not worried about splitting it up but I couldn’t say because we easily won and even believe we had 3-4 in circle the whole time... but I would honestly have to agree with the rewards for operations with being unattractive to most players... I have even suggested that the rewards should be reset once a week or once a month so it would add to the replay factor... you wouldn’t even have to have the same rewards as far as doubloons go either just have something.
  2. I literally just posted about them having another camo contest and should do them every few months.
  3. I’m assuming because he’s Russian and might bring Russian players to the game... it’s kinda like the anime shows I’m guessing... just marketing/promotions
  4. For being 58 you are pretty salty... the older you get the more fair you are.. you’re a total hypocrite and it’s apparent you obviously never grew up otherwise you wouldn’t be crying and whining saying poor me In an attempt to make the devs feel sorry for you so they’ll pick you otherwise you’re going to go apeshit again which clearly shows the lack of maturity you have...
  5. I would say I’m an above average player although that was not always the case for me... I really enjoy this game because it actually punishes you for the most simplest mistake.... With saying that you really have to be patient and calculate the moves way before you do them... the hardest for me and I’m sure you also is when you take a ships hp close to 0 you want to finish him off however by that time you’ll need to push up out of cover just to finish him off however being greedy just unleashed complete mayhem for you and are the one sunk instead... Another good thing to know about are other ships reload time/shooting ranges so you can figure out if you’ll have enough time to avoid showing broadside to long or not... I’ve become great in republic and can time my shots perfect to shoot both turrets at a target then go back to angle for his shot...
  6. Paintpro_1

    An idea to improve ship customization

    I enjoyed when they had the contest of designing a camo... if they could honestly do that every few months and instead of putting just one in the game pick a few dif ones... I mean they don’t even need to have the crazy bonuses some do just basic dispersion and concealment... I mainly use those anyways because they’re closest to actual camos.
  7. Paintpro_1

    How to make Subs effective?

    Once a sub surfaces you know every player in the area will be targeting it... and if you just wasted all your air on a dive you’re Toast... I would love to see subs in the game and believe they wouldn’t be overpowered like many say... people are forgetting like you mentioned they’re going to be ww1/ww2 subs not subs we have today... but then again it’s a video game so no matter how fair or balanced the game will be it will still not be enough for those crybabies that complain about everything... every game experiences those type of players unfortunately.. games cater to garbage players because there’s more of them...
  8. Paintpro_1

    RAnked match glory.... no +karma

    im just really should be happy I didn't get negative karma lol
  9. would you consider this match to achieve at least some karma? jeeez I thought I did a good job... 20180906_194759_PASC020-Des-Moines-1948_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay
  10. Paintpro_1

    A question for DD captains

    5 rules of dodgeball!!!! [edited] I love it!!!!
  11. I started off trying to do secondarys but just like the above person has said its not really competitive and doesn't do much unless you are really up close and you make sure they don't all get destroy... I vote heavily for tank since its a beast
  12. ok I have received 5 free crates they were black in color with gears on the outside... I was wondering what I could've possibly won? I cant figure it out! but it rewarded me with special signal flags and 10,000 free xp and doubloons anyone else?
  13. Paintpro_1

    New T10 ship

    then id say get the DM its sooo fun and such a great ship
  14. Paintpro_1

    New T10 ship

    id second this but it sounds like he wants a dd... I had fun getting the z-52... plus not to popular
  15. Paintpro_1

    Supercontainers are actually broken

    id have to agree I got 2 of them and back to back got 100 india deltas flags/… I mean that's one of my favorite flags but still come on