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  1. Paintpro_1

    CV Rework Feedback

    So if I have this right the people that have already tested previous versions we will 100% get invited to this also? Or since our prior logins no longer work we are back to square one and need to hope that we get selected again? I’m asking because I actually enjoyed testing them and although I’m not as good as regular ships I could at least hold my own on the current model so it wouldn’t matter however I would like them to be more active
  2. looking for a team... paintpro_1 very experienced in the operation
  3. I managed to get the Des Moines really fast However I don’t use it. Just received the z-52 one today however haven’t decided if I’m going to equip yet. Republic I’m 20k/40k base xp which when I do actually get it I’ll end up equipping it.
  4. Paintpro_1

    CV Rework Feedback

    im really hoping they will reopen the 2nd stage testing considering more than half including myself weren't even able to download to client till a few days into the testing.. maybe that's why they closed it early. at least I hope it was earlier than expected because of that. even if they don't reopen testing I really hope since im part of testing i'll continue to be part of it. I believe I did post a well post about the likes/dislikes and what could easily be changed.. anyways wargaming have any response to when and if you'll reopen?
  5. Paintpro_1

    CV Rework Feedback

    I just started the testing today. I absolutely love how it has changed and brought you in the cockpit kinda. Although I have noticed some things that should be changed 1. DB attack is way off from the starting white zone. It should be consistent with how your attack zone will be. Found you didn’t have enough time to bring the attack on the ship resulting in no damage. 2. Aa of ships is crazy high with no captain skills or modules. 3. Attack aircraft rockets seem to barely damage aa on ships. I hit a bb three times with them then switched to torpedo and still was only able to get off 1 attack so that means the planes barely damaged the as on ship. 4. Not being able to use consumables on carrier while planes are in air. You can still set autopilot by pressing M though so it’s not totally dead in the water. People having a hard time downloading the client I had to have the public test selected and then hit install new client. It wouldn’t show up with just regular game selected. Im sure they were more but those are the ones off top of my head. I’ll add more as I further test.
  6. I absolutely LOVED the second part of ranked in sprint. I didn't end up doing the first one because I felt the rewards were meh for the time. however this time around I didn't focus on rewards and rather focused on getting to rank 1 with the least amount of battles. I believe I did pretty well for that mission. I want to just state I managed to play all the battles with only 10 pt capts considering I didn't have and loons to actually respect my 19 pt capts. Ships I used were Acasta every battle besides 2 battles that I used the Ziuho… Whats everyones shortest time to rank? Would you like WG to have more of these ranked sprints in future or would you rather have the other ones?
  7. It might seem really far off from the normal but I can 100000% agree the government has some crazy things regular people just wouldn’t understand or believe... being a marine veteran which carried/read confidential papers/ orders because I was infantry squad leader that also did counter intelligence people would be surprised that the world has some CRAZY things you wouldn’t ever expect...
  8. Paintpro_1

    How does AP work at 90°?

    WOW!!! I’ve been playing the game for almost a year so far and I had absolutely NO idea a website like the wowsft was available!!!! I can’t believe how I had no idea they made checking ships/rounds soooo much easier!!! Thank you for waiting till now to tell me mofton!!! LOL JK but for real thank you.
  9. Well I scratched that!!! I guess me complaining about only getting a chapy camo paid off finally!!!! I ended up opening the 5 from the daily’s and got North Carolina camo with max and St. Louis camo!!!
  10. Paintpro_1

    Use for Karma...

    NEVER say NEVER!!!! I was literally at 0 for the longest time it seemed like... I’m have 17 now and i only play solo play.... I’m actually really surprised I’ve been getting them lately seeing you can have a great game but still lose some...
  11. I unfortunately got a perma camo from the reg pumpkin for the chapy T8. Although I don’t venture into Russian cruisers since I’m still at tier 4 on that line. Even though I do all the events because they are pretty easy. I wished they would allow you to have a possiblty of changing it with a ship you have/want to play in the same tier... I also think regular +100xp camos are useless considering I opened 3 super containers recently and got 150 camos with +100 xp/Fxp/cmderxp...
  12. Paintpro_1

    Place your Submarine bets here!

    I would like to have subs in the regular game but they also need to be limited in a way so the whole team isn’t all subs. I really hope that they become a part of every day playing.
  13. Actually just played a match and had someone that died first crying and complaining about having a terrible team... needless to say we went down 3 ships so he decided to say how right he was until we came back and won by 4 ships... didn’t hear anymore talking from him unfortunately but more people should go by don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!
  14. Paintpro_1

    MM at Tier 8

    Sooo had no idea thatwas how it was before... I only started playing dec of last year.
  15. Paintpro_1

    The current state of WoWs is chaos

    You do realize that almost all the RN navy mission and Ovechkin/Halloween can be completed at the same time? Also who cares that a hockey player has nothing to do with the game. It brings attention to the game from people that wouldn’t have actually seen it other ways... it’s called marketing...