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  1. EmeraldShard

    Halland : Too Good?

    True but you hit Halland torps way more often and they have a tight spread, the speed doesn't matter early game because of the 15km torps and disengaging can be easy with max concealment, dodging, and using repair party.
  2. EmeraldShard

    Halland : Too Good?

    Halland is pretty good, maybe a little too good. The ship is like a swiss army knife, it can do a lot, it has great torpedoes, good DPM Guns, Amazing AA, and decent concealment. The guns on the Halland are way to powerful for a destroyer that doesn't need to push early game with the 15km torpedoes, and the ship is pretty much untouchable by most carrier players in the first 5-10 minutes of the game. So when it comes time to actually push into caps you have full HP and Heals. The Halland also makes other, already powercrept DDs pretty much useless (Japanese Torp DDs, Pan Asian DDs). The Halland needs to have its DPM nerfed or its concealment nerfed because without it the Halland is like a complete package and there would really be no reason to play any other Torpedo/Hybrid DD
  3. EmeraldShard

    CV Isnt Overpowered

    Look, I found a new salt mine! If your unhappy with WoWS then quit, no amount of crying in the forums is going to make Wargaming remove CVs. Just accept it and move on.
  4. Once CVs get nerfed against DDs, guess what every BB/Cruiser player is going to complain about?
  5. EmeraldShard

    When will they nerf the stupid op carrier?

    lmbo, you know that the British CLs have Smoke, Heal, and Hydro? It balances out the ship line because the Cruisers are made out of butter. If you get targeted by BBs and CAs just pop your Smoke and Hydro, and start farming. As for the CVs attacking you, just do the same thing. Also just free XP up to the Leander, the Emerald cant really do anything to BBs and angled Cruisers.
  6. With a good amount of discussions on the topic of CVs and how they should be balanced, it got me wondering. What would Players complain about if CVs didn't exist or if the CV Rework never happened? Because there are 2 things that I am certain are infinite , the Player bases ability to find something to complain about and the size of my stomach. So start complaining, and let the Salt out! Also can someone buy me some anti-acid pills?
  7. EmeraldShard

    World of Sinops

    I'm really tired of seeing Sinops in T7 Ranked. Now I'm not asking to ban a goddamn ship from Ranked or nerf the hell outta it, I'm asking for the next Ranked Season to be T10 (again), primarily because of the Sinops. In the hands of a good player and with Kuznetsov, a bow-tanking Sinop becomes practically immortal. If you want to sink him you need a large part of your team to focus fire and not to mention the thing is practically immune to HE dmg (apart from KGV, Nelson, and Myoko) and AP due to the Icebreaker taking up have of the Bow. Now the Sinop doesn't really have a large weakness when bow-tanking (apart from citadel and torps) while other T7 BBs suffer from crap armor (Nagato), constant fires (German BBs), and no overmatch + crap accuracy (Lyon). The only other T7 BBs than can compete are maybe the Germans and the British. SinOP
  8. EmeraldShard

    This seasons ranked

    I think it's because of the current pandemic and the lockdowns worldwide, it gives a chance for many people to play WoWS and many potatoes to play too. I grinded to Rank 7 and I think I should quit, I have dropped down to Rank 10
  9. EmeraldShard

    The Ranked Experience!

    Why play Ranked? Now many people play "Ranked" for the Steel and Doubloons. I myself am playing ranked only for the Doubloons because I was lucky! I was lucky enough too get the Soviet Token Trove on the first bundle. Unfortunately, I am poor, so I put myself to the grueling task of playing "Ranked" in hopes of hitting Rank 1 and getting the 2,500 doubloons. The Experience The First League was easy enough to grind through, but then the Second League came, full of players that dedicate their time and effort to earn nothing. It was hard at first, but then I got a win streak and hit Rank 7! But, my luck ran out and I got teamed up with raw potatoes, baked potatoes, potato wedges, and fries. I dropped 2 ranks and lost a days worth of work and now I feel sad :( Is the reward worth the Grind? The Rank 1 reward and all the other rewards aren't worth it to an extent. The rewards are worth it until you get to Rank 10, then you should decide if you want to spend a couple days sweating and trying to get to Rank 5 (which is no longer irrevocable). If you have a bad day, you can lose all your hard work. So take a break if you begin loosing and remember you have a whole month to get to Rank 1, and by then most of the potatoes have either quit and/or grinded out to Rank 1. Good Luck