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  1. Hi, all. Here's a voice mod sourced from the moblie game Arknights that are dubbed by Japanese talents. [*] LEARN MORE ABOUT Arknights https://www.arknights.jp (Japanese language only) [*] INSTRUCTIONS & STEPS 1. Extract the .zip file into the WoWS\res_mods\*CURRENT_VERSION* folder (e.g. World_of_warships\res_mods\, then you may check the mod files, should be under "banks\Mods\Arknights") as other universal VO mods installations do 2. Launch the game, select the mod under Settings -> AUDIO tab, 3. Done. Enjoy battles. [*] NOTICE * Due to the huge number of roles and limitation of audio sources, I only picked some of them to adapt the voiceovers as good as possible. Current operator roles list: Amiya, Cuora, Exusiai, Headbear, Ifrit, Kroos, Lappland, Shaw, Skyfire, Sora, Warfarin * We see that Wargaming did VO fixes on update 0.8.10, since then you can enjoy full VO mod experience with voices of MainGun Shot, Battle Results and more. [*] DOWNLOADS #1 Arknights_VOmod_V0.11.zip #2 MIRROR on MediaFire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sn3vs8shdm4517e/Arknights_VOmod_V0.11.zip/file [*] CHANGELOG Version 0.11 Fixed voices of sinking ships Fixed Torpedo Modules destroyed voiceovers Voiceover adaptaion adjustments V0.10 Voiceover adaptaion adjustments V0.9 Added Ifrit voice source clips Fixed missing air-carrier callfighters consumable voice Removed ship type detection voices V0.8 Support Game Client Version 0.8.8 Added voices for ship type detection
  2. Eh ... so how long did you take to get a standalone VO mod done in that way? What's the problem with the current Moeka's recording? Low volume?
  3. It took me 3 hours to finish the same VO mod, from learning to unpack, editing batch file to distribute VO files since I think that Sound Mod Creator is awkward, and 1 more hour to check and fix batch codes. Then 2 hours after I shared the mod including Moeka's VO to my friends your version released omg .. May I ask if any tools or ways more efficient to make VO mods? Since we know that framework of folders could be hard to deal with. Thank you for sharing.