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  1. You’re not wrong the other issues you mention. But back to the history, plenty of warships were named for land battles or commanders. HMS Ramillies (briefly involved in the pursuit of the Bismarck in 1941) was named for Marlborough’s victory; the German battle cruiser Seydlitz was named for Frederick der Grosse’s cavalry commander. And yes, the ship you show would have been named for John Churchill, the 1st Duke of Marlborough. cheers,
  2. You asked for the justification, and I gave it to you. They named the tasks for things associated with Marlborough. If the RN was happy to name ships after land commanders (eg Iron Duke) I hardly think we should quibble if WOWs in effect follows suit. Incidentally several of the battlefields mentioned are still worth a visit today.
  3. the names of the tasks come from tge Duke of Marlborough's battles/victories. entirely appropriate for the Marlborough dockyard. if you had an Iron Duke set of tasks, they could be named Vitoria, Salamanca etc.
  4. I was looking for this stat but couldn't find it. Anyone know what the mean win rate (ie 50 percent above, 50 percent below) is for Randoms? I never play divs, and I suspect this is going to have a slight, but statistically significant effect.
  5. Thanks. I did a brief look on google, but was frankly a bit overwhelmed trying to sift through the results. I don't need specific ship advice, i just want to know what the box and arrows mean for the airstrike aiming thing. I don't understand if this is a basic mechanic like guns, SAP, or torps, why WOWS wouldn't add a tutorial like they do for other regular game functions
  6. I'm getting a bit frustrated with the introduction of new elements to WOWS without any accompanying guide or tutorial. There are "How it works" guides to torpedo's, SAP etc on the game site, but nothing that I can see for the anti-sub airstrikes from BBs, or the airstrikes from the Dutch cruisers. I have no clue how I'm supposed to aim or fire with these things. Does WOWS have a guide to their use or a tutorial somewhere because it's not intuitive at all. I've played 8 games in randoms in Eendracht or 7 provincien, and the only damage I've done has been with their guns like any regular cruiser. Similarly, I am baffled as to how to airstrike function on BBs to counter subs.
  7. John370

    Struggling with T6 ranked

    Yes. Thanks. just gave Leander a try and had pretty much my best match yet.
  8. John370

    Struggling with T6 ranked

    Thanks. I tried cvs during the german cv event, but frankly I don't understand how they work, or at least to the extent I can make them sink anything.
  9. John370

    Struggling with T6 ranked

    thanks. fuso has given me several good games so far.
  10. John370

    Struggling with T6 ranked

    Ok, thanks. But I don't have any premium T6 BBs. and I suck at playing DDs.
  11. While I’m mourning the departure of LWM and the others, all the light and heat going to that has meant relatively little discussion of ongoing battles - and what there has been has focused in the subs. I’m looking for advice on T6 ranked battles. I lost most of my matches yesterday and blamed it on the subs. Today, I’m losing again and it’s not subs, it’s me. I only played T6 to get to T7 in most cases, and it shows. I got to the silver league last ranked and really enjoyed it but so far, playing T6 has really sucked the fun out of ranked. Now I’m playing ships I haven’t touched in more than a year, with 8-10 point captains, and it’s ugly. If I generally play BBs or cruisers, what are the better ships for T6 ranked? The only premium I have is Graf Spee and even with a 21 point captain in that I’ve never warned to the ship. What are my best tech tree BB options?
  12. John370

    Subs in ranked your thoughts

    Hate this ranked season so far after 6 games. Playing Queen Elizabeth or Graf Spee. I have no clue what to do with subs. I feel I'm doing ok vs surface ships but I have not effect on the outcome as I eat sub torps that seem to come from nowhere. What does it mean when Ive been pinged? I don't know and i've got 5k battles. I don't enjoy feeling clueless.
  13. John370

    What's the point in playing older lines anymore?

    I think some of the older tech tree ships can still bring it. I’m not particularly good, but my Iowa and Georgia have comparable win rates, suggesting I can make both work equally well. Similarly, my Bismarck and Massachusetts have comparable win rates (Bis is actually a little higher) in randoms. Even after the secondaries nerf (that I hated) I still think Bismarck is fun to play.
  14. I was sunk by an air strike from the T9 last week while playing Alaska. My AA did nothing to protect me.
  15. John370

    Airstrike and AA defence

    I don’t recall any 20 second warning, or other indicators I was under threat. I saw some parachutes in my screen (first indication I was under attack) and a second later I was sunk.