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  1. Realism would be hours of searching a huge map, maybe not finding anything at all until the radar efficiently works in the open.
  2. JaxTek

    Is Jean Bart and others premium worth it?

    I've seen that once with 2-3 boxes/day. In that time, I've gotten 2 SC's in place of the resource containers. Each time, I would've preferred the resource container over the flags and camos, at least you get 400 coal. I'm 5k from Musashi, so this week sometime, then I can start saving again.
  3. You know any RN premium cruiser that isn't a potato will set off complaints since they have smoke, torps, guns, etc like the previous scourge of the seas (maps). Unavailable ships are just cancer, look at even T5 ranked with multiple kamis or gremys. Not selling them doesn't do anything but handicap newer players and would seem to be leaving money on the table.
  4. JaxTek

    Is MISSOURI coming back?

    Of course those with any OP gear or ship with an advantage want to keep it, while hoping nobody else gains access. It's the competitive nature of any game. It's also not all that appealing to newer players.
  5. JaxTek

    Lazy underwhelming Gallant camo

    Thought it was odd that it wasn't even mentioned, but I had some sovereigns and was considering... Thanks to this thread, I still have some sovereigns.
  6. JaxTek

    BB's pushing

    That's not uncommon these days. Even in coop, they bring in the only Tier 9 and go hide until either the bots are down to a couple of ships or the match is over. Bottom damage for the team with the top tier ship against bots...
  7. JaxTek

    Are some ships just cursed?

    I think it's just people and the matchmaker. Early in one game I kept 3 ships busy chasing me far away from the caps for many minutes running from one map corner to another, while my team abandoned the caps and balled up in the far corner. I don't Random often, and every time I do it seems to go something like that.
  8. JaxTek

    PSA: Nelson Discount!!!

    Now there's some positive thinking.
  9. Coordination will always win. Random players matched against bots focusing can end badly. I just wonder about the numbers, six players against how many bots? I hit 28 ships in one run, not even half I think, in a losing match because the other players abandoned the objective right at the end. I haven't seen this one 5 starred in four tries, the previous one was easier, but seeing individuals break off to pursue their own objectives usually lost stars for the group.
  10. Synopsis: I'm glad people have less choices. They can go play something else.
  11. The only alternative currently seems to be to find another F2P starting up so you can be one of the cool kids with access to all the toys. It is a strange way to run a game that relies on new players.
  12. At 11/16, bought 5 containers, got 5 duplicates. That buys one collectible. Not going to the casino today.
  13. It's not just the difficulty, the game seems designed to turn new people off as soon as they realize how things are. Unattainable things others have that you still have to fight against and promotions focused on end game with little to nothing happening mid and low tiers. I'm not sure I'd blame a free game having relatively low numbers on difficulty, a determined yolo driver can get to tier 5 pretty quickly.
  14. BBs stay together and seem to focus, making them a bit more challenging since "co-op" usually means spread out and solo, while dodging the white torpedoes running down your hull.
  15. I didn't realize WG remembered there was anything but T8 premiums and T10 ships. Those seem to be the focus of...everything.