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  1. 45,000 in a single battle??!! I can't even conceive of that? How much bad XP are you getting and what are all the bonuses you're stacking to get to 45k?
  2. Killer Whale meetup

    I'd like to report that some very generous and friendly players of this fine game joined me for a few runs through Killer Whale and we got the KM kills we needed. So it worked out quite well. And it was fun. Anyone else who needs wants* to get their kills in, speak up and I'm sure it'll all come together to get you your juicy German prey. *It's just a game after all. We only play cos we want to. Right?
  3. Killer Whale meetup

    Awesome, are you volunteering? I'm kidding. No pressure. And also: I don't have any German ships But yeah, if folks want to do it in co-op, put that up here too. I'm just trying to help people combine forces.
  4. Killer Whale meetup

    I'm surprised this isn't already put there, but: starting a thread for people who want to Division up and go into the Killer Whale scenario to wreck some German ships so we can complete Part 2 of the End of WWII in Europe missions. I'm in. If you're playing, look me up, if I'm playing, I'll join you Who else?
  5. Premium ship "Must Buy"?

    Thanks a whole lot to everyone who has added your wisdom to this conversation. It's nice to get the collective knowledge of a bunch of folks more experienced than myself. This has been a good conversation to follow. I'm much more informed now. What I'm hearing so far: It doesn't seem like there's any currently available Premium ships that are a universal 'must buy' You should only ever go for Premium ships that fit your individual wants and desires. And skills/talents. ("Needs" is too strong a word since this is game after all.) It sounds like just about all the Premiums out there right now are pretty balanced: nothing OP and nothing that's a universal stinker. And for the record. Here is a good historical snapshot (an epic 6 months ago) that prompted me to post this in the first place. I don't want to get the rug pulled out like this:
  6. Premium ship "Must Buy"?

    Are there any premium ships available right now that are a 'must buy'? I'm new to the game and I keep hearing about how great the Gremyaschy or the Missouri or the Belfast is. But none of them, or a bunch of other great Premiums, are available to a noob like me. So are there any Premiums that are currently available that I just have to pick up? Any Premiums that are so OP that we'd be foolish to not grab them while we can? And just as importantly: will we get ample warning when the current crop of available Premiums get taken off sale? Note: If this thread already exists, please slap the link right here and we'll all head over there.
  7. Lego Steampunk Airship Gunboat

    Awesome. Legos rule. Thanks for sharing. My kid (11 yo) insists on building out Legos out exactly per the instructions and then never changing them or building anything different. Sheesh. Kids these days. It's good to see Legos put to more creative use.
  8. Battle type bug

    Did this happen when you clicked the Battle button below a Mission? That happened to me. I was grinding missions in co-op and I looked at my progress and clicked on the Battle button from the missions screen. It defaults to Random. To stick with co-op you have to click on the Battle button at the top of the Port screen. I know this isn't exactly what you said in your post, but since it is a little confusing I'm putting this out there to see if it helps. To be more general: yes it doesn't always do what you want it to do when you click Battle, but there's ways to double check and reduce the chance of a mistake. When this happened to me I thought it was a bug too, until I realized it was just unintuitive UI and I got used to working around it.
  9. This post is like magic: "I wish I could buy..." "You can. Right now. And it's really cheap." "Heck yeah! Best day ever!" I'm going to try a Gremyaschy thread. Wish me luck.
  10. I just stumbled onto this from a Google Search a few days ago. Super helpful. I've been making all sorts of notes on different things (ship comparisons, XP grinds, etc.) and this website does it all right there for me. Thanks for doing this.
  11. WoWS XP calculator

    Wow this is great. Spreadsheets are nothing but fun!! Playing with this sheet gives me hope that I can actually some day get a 19 Point Commander. I don't run Premium and as an average player (somewhat below average) at mid-tier it takes forever to advance my commanders. Fiddling with the numbers on your spreadsheet makes it look a lot more doable. So thanks for sharing it!
  12. It's an ocean warfare game - salt adds authenticity.
  13. can this cheat be downloaded somewheres? I think you have to print it out on a 3-D printer. Installation is the hard part.
  14. Thank you all so much for this info. Clear and simple. Well done. Congrats once again to the WoWs community for being awesome. Having read all this, can I ask: I've an interest in picking up CV play. Should I go for it cos it's fun and we need more CVs in the game (and my first video game obsession was an RTS - Starcraft), or should I wait till after the 'CV rework' and just focus on getting good in the ships I'm already playing?