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  1. loyalty switch trigger?

    I have gotten the Recruitment offer every day I've played during Go Navy. I think it's pretty much for certain if you play enough games. I have gotten in as few as three co-op games when I was top of the team all three games. And it's taken many more than that when I played really poorly. There is some speculation that you get the recruitment offer after you've contributed some number of Points to your team -- which is consistent with my experience of it coming faster when I play better. Stock with it though and you will for sure get the Recruitment offer.
  2. I think your nightly operations crew should be called Charge of the Lightninger Brigade. I hope to jump back in sometime soon -- y'all are a fun bunch to shoot the ships with.
  3. I am no expert on all the mechanics in this game. Far from it. But another possibility is: I think you see ribbons for the behavior of the Shell when it hits the first layer of armor, even if other things happen after that. For example: your shell may over-penetrate the deck armor but it may still be detonating inside the ship behind the second layer of armor. So you would get penetration damage amounts but still get an over-pen ribbon. Are you just looking at ribbons or are you also seeing damage amounts? Perhaps someone with more knowledge than I could explain this better. Or just tell me I'm wrong.
  4. Well that settles it. Not. lol Sounds like there's no consensus. If I get a chance to spam some games tonight (Co-op only - I wouldn't do that in Randoms) I'll try to pay attention to what triggers it. ------------------------------ UPDATE: I did squeeze in some game time tonight. Here's the report: First game in Sims. First place on team. 561 base XP points and I completed the Go Navy in game mission. 3 kills and didn't turn pink. I didn't die either. Second game, played Atlanta. 386 base XP, 2nd place on team. No ships killed (but I killed 7 planes because Atlanta). I died. But I didn't turn pink. Third game: Anshan. 1st place on team. 497 base XP and one kill. Survived again. Didn't turn pink. Then, after just three games, I got the offer to switch sides. Nice. That's what I wanted. Quick and easy. Because I can't play anymore tonight. Maximizing rewards as quickly as possible. Maybe it does have something to do with playing well. Even in co-op.
  5. For the sake of maximizing Loyalty Points, does anyone know how to trigger the Recruitment/offer to switch sides (and thus the extra Loyalty Points)? Is there any trick to triggering this as quickly as possible? On first day I got the recruitment offer after just a few games. Yesterday I played a few games but then I had to log off. I turned pink because I logged off before the battle started so I got the AFK penalty. Also I was playing some pretty weak games - no mouse 'cos I'm on vacation and a touchpad isn't exactly optimal for WoWs. These were all Co-op games. But I averaged one kill per game so I didn't do nothing. All that is to say: that's how my games were going yesterday and it took a lot of games to trigger the Recruitment offer. Maybe 12 or so. Maybe an hour or more. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get it done as quickly as possible?
  6. Loser Cumulative Multiplier

    Thank you @DouglasMacAwful
  7. WOLFC Lone Wolves 15th Clan for solo players

    Yes! I'm excited for another Wolf clan to get started. Lone wolf is a great fit for a lot of people. Like @Saidalphon said, Wolf Beta has a great attitude of trying to do Clan Wars when enough people want to. But zero pressure. I've heard that WOLFB and a few others end up Clan Battling more than other wolf clans. So if that's what you're looking for, you gotta search it out. For the most part though: Welcome to the game Lone Wolves 12 - Canis Lupus WOLFC.
  8. Ugh First Thing I See Logging On

    No it's not. I think it's about the rewards. Wargaming set up a "special event" that is complicated enough to be interesting and get people to participate. In fact it's complicated enough to generate controversy and get people talking. Good for them. Hopefully more people are playing. But in the end it's about rewards. This is a video game. I really don't imagine people are investing any real loyalty into this Eagles vs. Sharks thing. We already have clans in the game - if you really care to commit to a team or tribe then, in my opinion, your clan is where you should invest. But seriously, this is a video game. Play for the fun and excitement and entertainment. Sharks and Eagles is about rewards. Read up on the forums to understand how the special event works and then work it to get the maximum rewards. Save your loyalty for your family, your neighborhood, your people. For a good future for your community. And in World of Warships, sink the red ships, get lots of rewards and have a ton of fun.
  9. Loser Cumulative Multiplier

    How does that work out? I know I can get one for free (more accurately: for playing the game every day this month), but how does $15 get you another?
  10. NOT a Summer Sale: NUEVE and BOISE

    That is all that matters.
  11. NOT a Summer Sale: NUEVE and BOISE

    Congratulations! I hope you enjoy them!

    LOL. you're quick Question: is there a 7 day time limit from today or from the day you activate the code? I'm on limited game time for the next 10 days and I'd rather activate the code when I get back.
  13. Sims is really fun. Very very maneuverable and very fast guns (turrets and ROF). I haven't played Mahan yet so I don't know if you can just save your money and play the free version. But if you want a trainer, Sims is great. Apparently she has a built in XP boost. A lot of people say she's rather Meh (I think LittleWhiteMouse included) but I enjoy the heck out of her. Very fast and zippy with the usual USN DD guns. Kind of frustrating torpedos though. Read the reviews and know what you're getting into. But if that's what you want she's a blast. P.S. ah @Ensign_Cthulhu we really are working on exactly the same things in this game. I spammed out this response without seeing who the OP was. Carry on comrade!
  14. NOT a Summer Sale: NUEVE and BOISE

    Good thinking. Thanks for pointing that out. $39 each, which is a good deal for two Tier 7 ships. If they are good ships. Butthey provide the same game play (no variety) so maybe not quite such a good deal.
  15. how do you earn team tokens?

    Yeah, near as I can tell, the way to get tokens is through loyalty (refusing to switch teams and contributing points to the team you're on at the end of the day). Basically it's an economic decision on if you want Tokens or containers. ALso, I think the only other way you can get tokens is in the GO Navy containers sold in the Premium shop. Not sure though.