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  1. Jester_of_War

    I can't keep up with this sewage spill in MM tonight

    Gallant an underappreciated DD, IMO. @lemekillmister -- I'd love some pointers on how to sail the Gallant like that. I'm pleased to get a free Premium ship, but if I can't sail it too well it doesn't do me much good. Any advice?
  2. Jester_of_War

    Historical Scenarios, Your thoughts

    Lots of great ideas. I love the idea of having more Operations based on historical events. I'm reading Neptune's Inferno right now. Makes me all the more excited to play Ships (like I need that).
  3. I will be very happy if there is any way to get a few more Sovereigns after October 17. Without spending money. Like just one more Royal Navy container in each Stage during 0.7.10 would be top notch. I need 25 Sovereigns to pick up the second Unique British Commander. Fingers crossed.
  4. Groovy. Thank you @Kizarvexis. It's a lot to keep track of. You really do deserve major compliments (and a reward!) for taking it upon yourself to explain all this to everyone.
  5. This makes it sound awfully like they're quietly walking back their blunder of withdrawing them after the first patch... We shall find out for sure on Thursday night, when the directives for the new patch are unlocked. If they HAVE walked it back and it turns out we can still earn RN containers, there is no way I'm not going for a Gallant repurchase. I apologize for asking again, but what is the deadline to spend Soveriegns we already have? I don't want the credits, but if I can hold onto them and get 25 more somehow for a Free 10 Point Commander, I will. I just don't want to miss my chance to get camos instead of credits. I don't want to wait until Thursday night if I only have until Tuesday night (tonight!) to spend them...
  6. I'm right there with you Ensign. Making sure I get all the free virtual goodies. And enjoying the heck out of them. But it does feel like a lot to manage and grind. It's interesting that they can engineer all these incentives to keep everyone grinding for all the free goodies, but they couldn't seem to get enough people into Arms Race to keep the queue times reasonable. And now they are yanking it. And I wonder what they'll do to keep up the compulsion to play after everyone's gotten their Free Tier 8 Premium and the Royal Navy Event is over.
  7. Jester_of_War

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    I hope not. I don't get why a non-British ship would get it. I thought it was a unique trait for RN ships? I guess not anymore. I agree. If there's going to be gimmicks, they should remain gimmicks. I like Single-fire torps a lot, but I like that they are special to a particular line. It should stay that way. This, for sure. There is not a single Premium British Cruiser available. Why the heck not? This is the 12th Russian Premium Cruiser.
  8. Jester_of_War

    Fletcher help

    I too just recently unlocked Fletcher (~5 days ago) so thanks @NippyJbird_2014 for posting this. So far I've only taken Fletcher into Co-op and Arms Race (gotta upgrades those Modules and retrain that Commander) but it's been great so far. Similar enough to the preceding USN DDs that I feel right at home at her helm. And it's nice to be higher tier to simply earn more XP per game. Only 345,205 XP to go until I have my first 19 point commander. With all the camos and signals and special signals that's only like 30 games! See you on the high seas!
  9. Jester_of_War

    Reload the torp tubes ????

    Yes it is the F key. It's right there on the screen in-game when you have torpedoes selected (the 3 key). You have to have torpedoes selected for it to work. Which is a little annoying -- you came launch a few torps real fast and switch back to guns and reload... you have to switch back to Toronto for "F" to work. And reloading a partial launcher makes the remaining torps in that launcher unavailable, so plan your reload carefully. Tactical reloads!
  10. Jester_of_War

    RN questions.

    Does anyone know what you get for completing this collection?
  11. Jester_of_War

    Clouds to the rescue

    I like it. Sounds like a good way to add complexity to Carrier airplane play. I've been reading a bit about the naval campaign at Quadalcanal in WWII and cloud cover was a critical factor in that conflict. Of course with so much in flux regarding changes to Carriers, it's probably best to think of clouds as something that might get added later on.
  12. Jester_of_War

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    WOLFB is a great clan. There's some really good players, some friendly chatting and hanging out and occasionally divisioning up. Last season of Clan Battles, we usually scraped together an ad hoc team to play some battles, get a little bit of steel and have fun together. And there's plenty of people who just do their own thing: no big deal, they put in the oil and get the benefits and that's it. Thanks to everyone who keeps the lights on at WOLFB -- I'm happy I landed here and I'm looking forward to three new folks in the clan.
  13. Jester_of_War

    Does anyone play Arms Race?

    It's all been said, but Wargaming should hear it so I'll add my voice so that it comes through loud and clear: Arms Race is quite fun. It's great that they have a new game mode. It's different enough to be a change from Randoms/Co-op/Scenarios/etc.. Sure it's pretty "video-gamey" but, well, WoWs is a video-game. And it's not totally bonkers different like the April Fools or Halloween events (I like those two, but they don't make me think of historical naval battles). So props to Wargaming for successfully creating a new game mode. It's especially nice that it doesn't track stats so you can just go in and have a ripping good time without worrying about anything. I personally like Arms Race because it is more difficult than Co-op, the rewards seem to be better than Co-op (I could be wrong) and it is less stress/pressure than Randoms. A nice sweet spot between Randoms and Co-op. Unfortunately, however, the queue times are way too long. This kills this new game mode before it can even get going. No one wants to play it if you have to wait 10 or 15 minutes to play a 10 or 15 minute game. This can probably be fixed by allowing Arms Race to count towards grinding Legendary Upgrades and Campaigns. At this point you might have to offer some special Missions or Challenges that are only available in Arms Race, just to encourage more people to try it out. Also, limiting it to Tier 9 & 10 might be part of the problem, since it takes a long time to get up there. But it seems like that is part of the purpose of Arms Race so it'll probably stay that way. Really the bigger problem is queue times. Also: it is good that Arms Race is a separate game mode so that people can avoid it if they aren't interested. I hope we can revive the patient before it slips away permanently.