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  1. So would "C" solve the problem that we're talking about in this thread? Can you use C to choose which rack of torpedoes to fire? Instead of doing the move-you-mouse-to-the-edge-and-back workaround?
  2. Jester_of_War

    Competitive LoYang Commander Skills

    Thanks @Destroyer_KuroshioKai, I was hoping to get your input on this. EDIT: Nevermind on my first response... I didn't realize this was a video (thought it was a screenshot). Sorry about that, doing too many things at once. I'll have to watch that later.
  3. I thought you could push a key to change your perspective from turret to turret. The "C" key I believe? Will that not select a different turret -- in this case, rack of torpedoes -- to fire with a single click of the mouse? I've never really done it, but I thought that is how it worked?
  4. Hello all, I am trying to figure out the best build for LoYang for the upcoming season of Clan Battles. Those of you that really know your competitive DD play and know the LoYang: what do you recommend? I am thinking this: PM LS, AR BFT, SI (for more Hydro) CE, RL But I'd like to get feedback from folks that are a lot more skilled than me. And especially with an eye towards team play, voice coordinated play Clan Battles. ----------------------- P.S. -- If Radio Location is not essential for Clan Battles, then I would consider this instead: PM LS BFT, SI, SE, DE CE
  5. I am very worried that you are correct @Crokodone. Power creep is a real problem and new ships and commanders that are too powerful will ruin the game. Balance is very important and if this unique commander (and future unique commanders) is not balanced it will be very frustrating.
  6. Jester_of_War

    Commander skills for upcoming French DDs

    Yeah, you're right. I do want it and it is obvious that we all want it. (cos let's be honest: it kinda looks OP. I hope it's not) I am really glad the grind for that Commander is not until 8.7, and I don't really care at all about 8.6. Early ship unlocks do nothing for me. I unlocked a few RN DDs and I still started that line at Tier 2 and played a couple dozen games in each ship. After the Benham grind it is really good that there is no reason to grind for anything in 8.6. because the Benham grind was/is just too much. And I hope the grind for that French Commander Auboyneau is much more reasonable than the grind we're doing right now. I also expect it will be available for Coal in the Armory like other Unique Commanders.
  7. Jester_of_War

    Free commander respec coming anytime soon?

    Yes. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/cvc-6/
  8. I'm assuming this will be like previous events based around Directives and we will be able to complete them one week at a time instead of having to play many games every single day for a month. Because the grind for the Benham is excessive. This new unique commander sounds pretty useful but I cannot do another grind like we're doing now. Also: will commander Philippe Auboyneau be available in the Armory for Coal at some point in the future?
  9. Jester_of_War

    YAY! First free xp destroyer!

    This is good news. I hope there are more to come. And I'd also like to see more DDs in the Armory for Coal. I posted elsewhere complaining about the Somers being gated behind Steel, but it's good that Friesland is a Free XP ship.
  10. Jester_of_War

    ST: New Map Bering Sea

    Is this the "old" Islands of Ice? It looks like it would be fun. Why did it get removed?
  11. I agree with this. For me personally, I don't earn Steel very quickly at all so I'm not especially thrilled to see desirable new ships locked up behind Steel. But I'm not really going to complain about that -- I'm working to improve my skills for Ranked and figuring out how to do more Clan Battles so I can get more Steel. And there are a lot of new ships that are not gated behind Steel -- some are even free (Gallant, Cossack, Hill, Benham are recent acquisitions of mine). And it is a good thing to have some juicy high-value prizes that are hard to get, to give the high-level players something to work for. But putting so many similar ships behind Steel seems very limited. Of six Steel ships, three are USN and two more are VMF. That means a lot of the exciting new USN & VMF ships are gated behind steel. If you want those ships too bad, but IJN, KM, RN etc. have never been restricted in the same way. And while I'm at it: for me as a Destroyer player, I notice fully half of those Steel ships are just DDs. I thought DD players were a smaller part of the player base. So the larger number of people (ie the larger and more valuable customer base) is frustratd less by the Steel wall, while us Destroyer players have to grind that much harder to get all the ships we want. As @Brhinosaurus points out down below: while there are a lot of DDs gated off behind Steel, there are not a lot of DDs available for Free XP or Coal. All I'm saying is: switch it up some. Instead of a third USN ship and a third DD being gated behind steel, maybe it should be a second Battleship and/or a first German/IJN/Pan-Asian/RN ship.
  12. I already have Smith. Bought her for $.99. And because I have her, I would say Smith is worth 1,000 Coal. --------------------------- EDIT: I looked at the other ships in the Armory for Coal and calculated the ratio of Coal to Doubloon Value for the ship. It ends up being about 22,000 Coal for a ship that is worth 2,000 Doubloons. Except for Charleston, which is a lot cheaper: 15,000 Coal for a ship worth 2,000 Doubloons. But that means if Smith were in the Armory it would be about 11,550 Coal. I would say that is still worth it for how fun she is. In comparison, Campbeltown is 19,500 Coal and Aigle is 49,500 Coal. Smith at 11,550 Coal would be very worth it. Also: a Tier 10 ship is going to be North of 200,000 Coal.
  13. I agree. I'm willing to skip the Black, but it's going to be a long time before I have enough Steel to pick up Neustrashimy and Somers. And it feels like it's been a while since they've added any DDs to the Armory for Coal. Wargaming: I'm ready to spend Coal on a Destroyer - just put it out there and I'll buy it.
  14. Jester_of_War

    No Benham for me

    Are you serious? Did Wargaming say that somewhere? That'd be a big deal. Didn't they remove the Missouri because it generates too many credits?
  15. Jester_of_War

    Summer Sale: Daily Deep Discounts

    I got this email today... so: question answered. "Unique bundles with Tier V–VIII Premium ships will be available in the Premium Shop every day throughout July 12–25. Ships can be purchased separately or in a bundle with special containers. A guaranteed reward awaits you in every container: a random Tier V–VIII Premium ship. Throughout the sale period, all bundles will be available at a 30–50% discount. Please note: bundles will be updated every day, so remember to check out ..." Honestly, if you want money out of me, this Summer Sale is the way to do it: some seriously steep sales on the ships I want. I'm not interested in crates or confusing bundles or making up the difference to get the Benham. Just sell me the ship I want at a 50% discount and my money is yours.