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  1. Yes they are! Smith especially. But Tachibana is fun too.
  2. Jester_of_War

    T-9 premium DD

    I concur. If Neustrashimy is what's in store, I hope it's as good a ship as the Missouri or the Musashi or the Kronshtadt. And I hope it's priced comparably -- ie I hope it's less than a same tier BB or CA since DDs everywhere else are less than their larger brethren.
  3. Jester_of_War

    ranked sprint poll

    I agree with both of these things. I like Ranked Sprint last time and I'm looking forward to it again. I do think they should reward Steel. Heck, they are now going to reward a bit of Steel for a bunch of other play, why not for the Ranked? And I really hope Ranked Sprint doesn't start up until a while after Clan Battles is over.
  4. Jester_of_War

    There's a lot going on right now

    Just updated this big ol' list with: Daily Grind. Dreadnought -- Complete 40 combat missions of "Daily Mission" series... before Jan. 1 This is a free ship that's fairly easy to get. Don't let it pass you by if that's your sort of thing.
  5. Jester_of_War

    Musashi and Coal Compensation

    What gave you that impression? I am looking forward to those ships rotating so I can buy one I actually want.
  6. Jester_of_War

    John Doe in Light Cruisers and/or Destroyers ???

    Question: John Doe and Halsey have the same bonus skills: Master Marksman and Rapid Loader. What makes them better suited for different ships? Is it just that a BB is more likely to get Confederates and Double Strikes?
  7. Jester_of_War

    John Doe in Light Cruisers and/or Destroyers ???

    Thanks @luckyhoho. Problem is, the Des Moines isn't a CL, so it's going to be a long while before I unlock that ship. Upon further research (I might be lazy but I'm also bored and I wanted an answer now!): Of the better USN CLs -- Helena, Cleveland and Worcester -- the Helena has the worst turret traverse and reload times. None of the DDs will benefit from Expert Marksman and Expert Loader. Therefore Helena is probably the best candidate. That works for me. So for now, I'm going to leave John Doe in Helena and set him up to do double duty in my Atlanta as well. I'll grind different commanders for Cleveland and Worcester. For John Doe, in Helena/Atlanta, I'm going to run: PT, EM, DE, IFHE, CE, AFT & EL. Because John Doe. That's not an optimal build for Helena and Atlanta but Expert Marksman is useful, and I'm sure I'll occasionally appreciate Expert Loader (besides, what else to do with last point?). If the bonus skills are there I might as well use them... this is a game after all so I can't really go wrong. An anecdote that relates: I was in Helena tonight fighting a Kamikaze that snuck up on me and, while turning hard to avoid torps, my turrets couldn't track fast enough to get the shot off. Expert Marksman will be nice in Helena.
  8. It's late and I'm too lazy to figure this out on my own. So thank you in advance to whomever is kind enough to answer my question. (Plus you probably know more than I do anyway.) Here goes: For the time being, I pretty much only play destroyers and light cruisers. I have John Doe because, hey, 10-point commander. But considering my choice of ships, what is the best vessel for this Commander to helm? Which USN Destroyer or Light Cruiser makes the best use of John Does's Enhanced Skills -- Expert Marksman and Expert Loader? Thanks again.
  9. Jester_of_War

    Daring issue with Last Stand skill

    I think you meant Expert Marksman?
  10. Jester_of_War

    Question about a collection

    Well, the reward for completing the collection is a SuperContainer and an Anniversary flag. So basically a cosmetic addition (flag) and 50 signals. There are much juicier rewards to be had elsewhere (Campaigns, most other Collections, 5-stars in the Operations, etc.) But for a completionist (like myself) this might gnaw at you for a while.
  11. The long slog to get the Cossack kind of wore me out. I thought I would relax a bit now that I have her in port. But look at all the stuff going on: Show the Flag Combat Missions with RN ships to win 3 British Containers Thankful and Grateful Combat Missions to win a bunch of Black Friday containers Citadel Slam - a Personal Combat Mission to win 10 ESCL flags Rasputin Quest - win 50 Twighlight battles to get Rasputin (temporarily) The other Twighlight Quests to unlock the other ships after 5 and 15 Victories in Twighlight “Royal Navy Destroyers” Collection for valuable perma camos — (hopefully there’s no deadline on this) Clan Battles (including a Combat Mission or two) CV test server play, with a bunch of Missions and grinds... The Royal Navy event and Hall of Fame is still going… ... and if you didn't already finish the Cossack grind, there’s that Daily Grind. Dreadnought -- Complete 40 combat missions of "Daily Mission" series... before Jan. 1 Coming soon -- with 7.12: Steel Monsters Campaign -- It will be available for purchase through the Premium Shop. This campaign is a great way to stock up on camo, signals, Secret Santa containers and Steel Snowflakes - a temporary currency for the Arsenal, earned by winning a battle in each ship you have in port Ranked Sprint In the Name of His Highness! -- an in-game event like the Royal Navy event: one Stage and four Directives scheduled to arrive once per week, each of which contains 10 to 11 Combat Missions (rewards include Steel). Completion of the fourth Directive brings you the — Prinz Eitel Friedrich! The "Mighty Prinz" Campaign -- a new temporary campaign that will be available for owners of battleship Prinz Eitel Friedrich. As you progress through the campaign, you'll get containers from the New Year's "Belle Époque" collection. The final missions of the campaign will bring you researchable Tier VI ships with beautiful New Year-themed camouflages. Your ultimate reward for accomplishing the entire campaign will be a permanent camouflage for Prinz Eitel Friedrich. The "Belle Époque" Collection -- New Year containers issued for accomplishing Combat Missions and Directives bring you items from the "Belle Époque" collection. And of course there’s always this: Whatever ships or commanders you're working on grinding (Tier 10 to play CB/Ranked?, Legendary Upgrades, 19 point commanders?, Fiji or Helena or Lightning or whatever ship you want to play) Any other Collections you’re still trying to finish Any other Campaigns you might be working on If there’s any Operations you haven’t gotten 5 stars in yet Anything you're grinding Coal or Free XP for... Premium Ships and/or goodies in the Arsenal Daily Missions and the Daily Mission series, if those matter to you... Daily Containers (sort of redundant to a bunch of this other stuff, but sometimes completing a daily container is enough incentive for me to play "just one more game") And what about simply playing the same ship or two enough times that I'm actually somewhat decent in it. ----------------------------- That's like 20+ different reasons to get back in there and play till your fingers bleed. (oh yeah: I'm probably missing stuff too. If you see anything, let's hear it)
  12. Jester_of_War

    Infinite Torpedoes from God-Like DD's in WOWS

    you're darn right it is. that's why I keep playing
  13. Jester_of_War


    I ranked out in the Jianwei in Ranked Sprint. It's a pretty fun ship once you figure out what it can and can't do. I'm making the Pan Asian line my second 19 point commander grind after the USN destroyers because it's a powerful hybrid DD line with a couple of good Premiums.
  14. You're welcome. If you're on track to get 48 guineas, then you should already have enough to get the Cossack with the 10-Guineas-for-a-dollar, yeah? Congratulations. The Cossack is a pretty good ship, so fun times ahead.