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  1. Jester_of_War

    Team Ships Icons

    Welcome to the game @BulletBS. Have fun with it. Don'thesitate to ask questions here in the forums or in game when you're trying to figure something out. And when you're ready, I encourage you to join a clan that's active on Discord. It's a lot more fun when you're jabbering with a bunch of other folks while playing the game.
  2. Jester_of_War

    Open Sea - Why?

    Don't blame us! jk
  3. Jester_of_War

    BBQ Submarines, anyone?

    That is pretty cool. Thanks for posting.
  4. Jester_of_War

    what the hell wg? [dev blog]

    Yeah, I thought that Deep Water Torps had benefits and weaknesses: they are harder to spot at the cost of not hitting Destroyers. So now they will be just as easy to spot as the torps that can hit Destroyers. They will still be weak against DDs but now they do not have a benefit against other ships... That's not accepting "both the benefits and the weaknesses" I'm a DD main and I rely on torps a lot so I'm biased, but I am apprehensive about this "all torps spotted at 1.8 km" thing (not just for Pan-Asian DDs but for all the other reasons mentioned in this thread). I hope Wargaming knows what they are doing with this. I am often suprised that Wargaming does end up getting balance right, so I'm not going to panic about this one (yet). But I do worry about my torpedo boats.
  5. I sunk all the CVs I battles in 1 v 1 Ranked Sprint. (Only about 3) I only played the one Tier 8 Destroyer I was grinding. If you don't think CVs should be in 1 v 1 Ranked Sprint because it was too hard to win in a CV, then you can always play a different ship. If you don't think CVs should be in 1 v 1 Ranked Sprint because it was too hard to win against them, well you're experience and my experience were different. I lost to CAs and BBs more than CVs... maybe CAs and BBs should... ...nevermind... And as for the OP: I think CVs are balanced. I posted as much in the forums yesterday in another thread. And then I proceeded to play about a dozen CV games last night in Randoms. I won 3 in a row and thought "hot dog, maybe CVs are powerful." Then I lost eight of the next ten games. So No I don't think CVs are over powered.
  6. Where did you see that?
  7. What do you think the optimal Commander skills will be on the European DD Tech Tree ships? Will they be the same as the Friesland? Or the Blyskawica? If this has already been discussed, please share the link to the thread or page? Thanks!
  8. Jester_of_War

    CV vs DD balance

    Yeah, honestly, I really do feel like things are pretty balanced. Sure a CV can focus down a DD and seriously mess it up. But not any worse than any other ship in the game. I play almost exclusively DDs (except for dabbling in CVs lately ) and I get wrecked by all four types of boats about the same amount. And I pull off winning moves against all four types. I think things are balanced. Just because you got wrecked once by something doesn't mean it's OP. Should BBs get nerfed because they can wreck most CLs or DDs with a single close range salvo? BBs can definitely do more damage than a CV can. Should Cruisers get nerfed because they out DPM DDs? Should DDs get nerfed because they can launch 2 or 3 racks of torps without ever being detected? Every ship has its strengths and it's weaknesses. ... The reason I'm jumping in here is because: A) I am a ho hum DD player (exactly the person that should be the most bummed out by CVs) and I like having CVs in the game. Remember folks: if there's a Red CV threatening your ship, you have a CV on your team doing the same to them - it's balanced. B) After listening to this complaint for months and months now, I just don't see a trend or a pattern or actual evidence that somehow CVs have times the game. For every time I get wrecked and angry about it, I do the same to someone else. There's a balance of highs and lows. Sure you might not like it, but near as I can tell enough other people still like the game that it's not an existential problem. And remember: it's supposed to be hard. This is a game about fighting wars. It's supposed to be messy and difficult and unpredictable. I love surviving against impossible odds and winning when it feels like I won't. If I wanted something easy I'd play Minecraft or Sims 4 with my kids. I play this game because it's a challenge. And sometimes the CV sinks my DD. And sometimes I wreck a bunch of Red boats and it's awesome. This game wouldn't be fun if it were too easy.
  9. Yes. Just Yes. It's way past time.
  10. Jester_of_War

    What is the worse grind - PR or Benham?

    This is actually a pretty funny question because it really feels like the Puerto Rico grind is Wargaming's petulant, hostile and abusive response to our complaints about the Benham grind. What made the Benham grind excessive and inappropriate was that you had to play every single day (you were allowed to miss only one or two, if I remember correctly). And you had to play enough to complete the daily Missions (about 80 minutes or so). Which is a lot to ask in the middle of summer when you might be on vacation with your family. I completed the Benham grind by playing one night in a tent using my phone for a hot spot on laptop battery power. I think I grew a neckbeard that night. So a lot of us complained "This grind is too much! You should make it possible to do all the requirements over the course of a few days instead of having to play every single day. It could even be a harder grind, as long as we don't have to play every single day." Well, Wargaming took that and stuck it to a baseball bat and swung it as hard as they could into our teeth. "You want a grind that you don't have to play every single day? That's harder to make up for it? How about ten times harder?!?! Well here you go! Now shut up and keep grinding." P.S. This is coming from someone who doesn't care much about Cruisers. So I never even considered the Puerto Rico grind. And I'm still overwhelmed by the excessive requirements for it. P.P.S. After seeing how many people did the Benham grind, and now seeing people doing the Puerto Rico grind (mostly supplemented by spending money on Boosts), I'm thinking Wargaming knows exactly what they are doing and has set the difficulty level of these grinds right where they want them. People are doing them: you can't really say "it's too much" if we all go along with it.
  11. Jester_of_War

    Update 0.8.11 - Bugs Report

    After I finish a battle and go back to port I am unable to select a different ship to change commanders. I click on a different ship but the ship just battled with remains selected. For example: I just finished a battle in Atlanta. Now I want to use Minsk. I clicked on Minsk but as you can see the Commander is still displayed as the Atlanta Commander. So I can't change the Minsk commander. I can enter battle in the Minsk. But this bug means I can't select a commander for the Sims, Helena, Gadjah Mada or any of my other ships that do not already have a commander. And therefore I cannot go into battle with them. Sorry if this is a redundant bug report but it's late and I didn't have time to read the whole thread.
  12. Jester_of_War

    My Holiday Fantasy...

    As I look into this further, I am starting to realize I might be wrong. It looks like the requirements for just the first three Directives -- which is what rewards you the Gorizia -- are actually pretty high. It might take close to 20 hours of game play (60+) games per directive. With major holiday time in the next few weeks, I may not be able to play 60 or more hours to get the Gorizia and then another several hours (maybe 10 hours or more?) to actually win the two Tier 8 permacammos. Oh well. I originally started this thread to offer some hope to those of us who have no possible chance of getting the Puerto Rico. At least there are other prizes that are not so far out of reach. Turns out even the "easy" stuff is a substantial grind. Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up. It seems there really isn't much place for optimism in this event. At least I can focus on the usual Tech Tree grind to level up my ships. And there probably will be a lot of incremental rewards along the way (flags, cammos, coal, XP, etc.). That will be nice!
  13. Jester_of_War

    My Holiday Fantasy...

    ...is to live in a world where the Grind to get the Puerto Rico was not so... I don't even know what to say... Fortunately I don't really care about Cruisers so I will, in fact be living in that world. I had enough of Wargaming's excessive expectations in getting the Benham. Getting the Puerto Rico is completely irrelevant to me, which saves me a lot of time/misery/stress/etc. But I think I will still get a lot of Warships loot this holiday season. I am going to be out of town for a week and a half, and I have a family and full-time job, nevertheless I think I will be able to fairly easily get the following in the game for free (ie no money... time is another thing...): a lot of Snowflakes (Coal and Steel) & T10 Containers -- winning is easy in co-op (I'll be YOLO'ing a lot of ships as fast as possible) Several days of Premium Time (Shipbuilding containers, Daily Shipments, Shipbuilding Phase Rewards, Shipbuilding collection, etc.) This is nice for those of us who don't normally have Premium Time. More Steel from Ranked (easy to focus on when I'm not distracted by the Puerto Rico grind) The Gorizia Premium Cruiser (just complete the first 3 Directives) Once I have the Gorizia I will still have a week or so after vacation to grind the four chains of combat missions that reward 2 T8 Permacamos, some more containers (more Premium Time I hope!!!) and even some T6 Tech Tree unlocks (I'll finally have a CV I can use to complete other missions). Is this all accurate? Can y'all let me know if I missed anything or am I wrong about any of this. Especially about the special Gorizia missions -- will we be able to complete those missions after we get the free Gorizia?
  14. What buff did Cossack get?