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  1. ausanimal

    Questions on playing a CV

    Keep your CV on the move and move with the team but stay back enough so you don't get seen, as for the DD trying sneak around to you keep your eyes out on whats been spotted with your planes and team and if a DD is missing send a squad of planes to look for it even if it's not going for you finding it will let your team know where it is. Same with a CV snipe if you don't see there planes not to long into the match start looking at the sides for them just in case, being a good CV player is not just how much damage you can do and AA cover but being the eyes for the team. Find that missing ship with a squad of planes being US CV the 2nd squad of DB is good to do that.
  2. I would say they would allow a free captain respec as the captain skills are going to change for CV from what they are now so CV captains will need to respec them for the new CVs and for other players to as some will have manual AA and not need it any more. WG hasn't said anything but with all the changes and the new CV captain skills it would be safe to say they will.
  3. ausanimal

    Notser on CV rework

    Well you and your clan needs to go sit downs and talk about CVs and the rework again as you look at things that cause the skill gap the rework has changed that and reduced the skill gap bit hey i guess you missed the part where a CV now can cross drop on you now and leave no room to turn vs rework where looks like you can no longer do that, strafe looks to be gone there was nothing shown off fighters vs fighters those things alone will close the skill gap. Read the last part you wrote just for you here it is. Even you said problems and that's what WG are doing with the rework is fixing the problems people have with CV to get more people to play them things i'm sure you and your clan are aware off like strafe, manual drops, RTS, micromanagement, UI and the balance issues with the 2 lines US and IJN.
  4. ausanimal

    CV Rework Feedback

    Not really that's where DD need's to start doing what they were made to do and spot/ be the eyes for the team, If WG is only giving us 1 squad at a time to use based of the video i'm going to use it to strike i don't have the extra squads like CV do now to spot and strike. But if that;s the way WG is making the rework a lot of CV players will stop spotting and focus more on doing damage until they tell us more then yer if it's only one squad till your out of planes CV are going to go for damage not spotting unless it's the last 1-2 ships on the other team.
  5. ausanimal

    Notser on CV rework

    That's why WG did the the rework because every one had a cry about CV and now we get the first look at it and it's mixed views all over the place you think bad players are bad now wait till the rework drops and everyone wants to try them vs someone that's played the RTS style and used to manual drops your going to love all the bad games but this is what the non CV players wanted so enjoy.
  6. ausanimal

    I can't play this game due to toxic players.

    And by the looks of the video for the rework people are going to hate CV even more, not only can we do more damage they have made it easier to do manual drops i suggest you go watch it for what everyone wished for it's going to backfire and give CV more strike power and made it easier to hit targets as for closing the skill gap it will but there will still be one at the end and to top it of DD are going to have to start spotting again by the looks. So i hope everyone is happy with what they saw.
  7. ausanimal

    I can't play this game due to toxic players.

    How much crap/reports do you think CV get thrown at them each day compered to compliments or just a simple thank you/good job, here is a good example what was meant to be a 2 VS 2 CV matched turned into a 1 VS 2 as the other CV was AFK the whole match. Not only was i able to keep the other 2 CV from striking by giving good AA to my team but was also able to deal a good amount of damage while doing it and not one word was said from my team or a compliment. But you mess up on AA cover and someone gets 1 shot from a CV and they can't hit that report button fast enough, it just shows no matter what you do or how hard you work in a match as shown in the picture because of the simple fact your playing CV players will be toxic towards you and turn a blind eye when you play well.
  8. ausanimal

    I can't play this game due to toxic players.

    That's my feeling with what we have been told and going from RTS to action i can see CV not being able to spot like we do now. Striking will be like any ship if DB you have lead to where you want it to drop so will come up with the same thing as when you zoom in on a BB you lead the target and drop. Tier 6 is tough on CV a lot of videos are old and when you could manual drop at tier 4, i know when i hit tier 5 i started to search when i could manual drop and there is no stand out info. To me WG needed to have a screen pop up when you buy a tier 6 explaining how to strafe and manual drop and even take you into a training room to test and see would help, i have seen a lot off new players at tier 6 not know about strafe and manual drops until i tell them about it, They don't get to me that's one thing you have to learn as a CV player i even told one of my clan member's that he was looking at trying CV and i warned and told him he just need's to ignore them and keep playing, for me i just ignore them or prove them wrong in chat when i have to time.
  9. ausanimal

    I can't play this game due to toxic players.

    That's the one and only reason why cause people notice when they get killed in 1 strike and CV can do that . The rework with what's been said it's hard to tell how the strike will work we know you can control 1 squad at a time, target where you want to hit and turning into a action style play not RTS, so it might be you can only strike if you control the squad the rest just auto strike, stay back till you swap to it or 1 plane that can do it all fighter,TB and DB and it only has so many drops it can do before it has to go back who knows what WG is planning. It's bad players and balance of CVs if you have a good player in a IJN CV and a bad one in a USA CV it's going to be a train wreck but a good player in the US CV will still put up a fight knowing what they are facing. It's more the new players or people wanting to learn CV they can practice in co-op or training room but come to a random match and it all changes they could be facing a CV with a 19 point captain in it there is now way the new player is going to be able to beat them, then everyone starts giving them crap and yelling at them which in the long run puts them off playing CV all because they were new to the game and faced someone with a lot of CV exp. The problem is there is no way to fix it or change thing's players hate CV big time and bad CV players are just making it worse the only thing we can do is wait for the re-work and see what CV are like after that and if it starts to change how players see CV. WG really needed to add quick commends just for CVs as you get the same as everyone else where if they put one's in just for CV it would make things a lot easier then trying to type while doing what you need to do, it's a skill that some need to learn but it takes time to get it right so you don't lose a squad of planes or miss a drop but there are things other plays know so you don't have to type i.e flying to a cap to spot the rest of the team knows that's what your doing. It's the some will listen while some don't want to and happens to everyone playing no matter what ship and it will never change CV players just get sick of telling people something then someone will spam the "provide AA cover" then you have to find time to tell them again, things might be better if WG did add a quick commend for CV so if you need to tell the team that the enemy CV is simply outperforming you there is a quick commend for it saving you having to type it and do what you need to with you planes. Thank you Levits it's always good to discuss things about CV with someone and have good conversation.
  10. ausanimal

    I can't play this game due to toxic players.

    In that time 2-3 min (4 tops) any other ship could sink a ship the only reason CV are hated for it is because it was done in one strike now the question is if CV did that damage over 3 min would players still complain? i'll agree with you on that CV players like that are the ones making good CV players look bad and even i hate it when i see it or when they don't give AA cover when i play something else cause i know when i go to play CV that player has made those other player hate CVs and there hate for CV go'[s onto me. That just comes back to bad CV players but good CV players still cop it from other players, i i have had people yell at me because i didn't give them AA cover even though i spent the last few min giving them cover then fighters had to go back and rearm as they were out off ammo and the other CV was able to land a strike before my fighters could get back there or people screaming for AA cover when my fighters are right above them. Both side CV and non CV player need to take a step back and not base what you think of CV from the last one you had just base it on the CV in the match if there doing there job and got outperformed by the other CV then that's all it is, if there doing the stuff you said and me then call them on it but when the match ends leave it at that and see what the next CV is like if there good or bad. Yep Ranger is not fun to play and most times you have to keep your fighters back for AA cover i know a lot of my matches in Ranger i spent most of it using my fighters and striking when i able to or just auto drop while i was busy with fighters and trying to give AA cover. I have no problem people calling out bad CV players even i do it try and give them tip or help in the match as they make the good CV players look bad it's when people carry that over to every CV even the good ones. Everyone knows everything about the other ship types but CV you don't have to play them but find out some info about them and learn what go's on behind what you see, like when a US CV has lost a squad it takes a long [edited]time i think 1 min 30sec with out checking so a lot can happen in that time even more if the other CV is IJN CV and all the US CV player can do is wait.
  11. ausanimal

    I can't play this game due to toxic players.

    Play CV at mid to high tier so from tier 7 and up and see the amount off crap people say or [edited] about while your playing CV, other MMO are no were near as bad as the amount of crap CV players get and the worst part is most of the crap they say if they opened there eyes they wouldn't need to say it. Just like the OP said you could be in a US CV with 1 fighter squad and while your dealing with one strike force on one side of the map a IJN CV can send another to the other side and there is nothing you can do to stop it or do players no longer look at there mini map, it's not the players fault they only have 1 fighter squad if WG wasn't in love with IJN CV then US CV might not of got screwed over as bad as they have.
  12. ausanimal


    From what WG has told us that sounds like what they are doing we know that it's going from RTS to action style and we can control squad at a time of those two alone it sounds like it going that way, there was more said but those two are the key points to your post as they want people that play say BB can play CV with ease hop that helps a bit with your post,
  13. ausanimal

    How to buy Enterprise

    By doing that they could get rid of strafe, make DB auto but give them circle drop pattern not oval and leave TB manual. Simple changes like what you said would off made CV play easier for new players an nearly close the skill gap which would off been better then the rework but WG didn't want to listen to people so just have to cross are fingers and hope for the best. Thank you it is always nice to talk to someone about CV and what changes could of been made and have a good discussion about them.
  14. ausanimal

    How to buy Enterprise

    The info is there somewhere and manual drop got removed from tier 4-5 and 5 so a lot of youtube videos were done when those tiers had it, would be handy if WG just made something to pop up to let them know they can now strafe and manual drop which would you prefer players not knowing and going into battle and the other CV cleans the floor with them or a box pops up letting players know so they can go practice and then go random when they have the hang of it. I won't complain if i can have 3-4 TB squads as i play CV it's the other players that get hit and killed with all those squads that will and if i'm right WG removed US CV strike loadout because it was to powerful with iit's strike force. I'n real life yes that happened but in the game WG will change it and try to balance it which they screwed up on.
  15. ausanimal

    How to buy Enterprise

    With out changing the number of fighter squads US CV need strafe to keep up with other CV as you move up the line changing the fighters will allow strafe to be removed, the other two can stay the same, but yet WG took US CV other loadouts away, nerfed hangers, lower tier planes i.e Midway because it is a game and people complained. Giving people the choice will pretty much be fighters and TB and DB won't be used unless WG makes it you need at least 1 DB, as CV get bigger and more planes AA becomes more powerful to, at the start CV should have different loadout for IJN AND US but as you get to say tier 8 the basic loadout is 2-2-2. That's what i mean just between the two of us we cam up with ideas on how to tackle the skill gap and loadouts/balance and could of stopped the need for a rework. But it's to late now for them to stop the rework and make changes. The biggest problem i have with CV/WG when you get a tier 6 CV nothing tells you about manual drops and strafe and a new player won't know about it, youtube videos i watched a few not one says at what tier you get it just how to do them. But i did that i wen't to co-op to learn strafe and manual drops but you need to move to random to get that skill better as AI bots don't really dodge drops and the other CV doesn't strafe.