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  1. CV Rework-- What do YOU want?

    Thats the biggest thing is US CV getting there fighter planes back and getting a 2nd squad at tier 7 if not 8, strafing can't go unless they fix US CV to make them able to compete with other CV. Manual drops need to stay if anything lower the amount of damage they can do people forget if your a US CV the turn around time from take off, manual drop on targer, flight back to CV and then rearm them is not quick it can take a few min to do that. Now look at how much dmg a BB can do in that amount of time i don't think anyone has worked it out, you get a couple citadel if not more plus rest of dmg you might find that the time it takes US CV to do the strike and the turn around that a BB can sink another ship.
  2. Why American Carriers are so Bad

    US CV need a 2nd fighter squad at tier 7 with all the CV you face in tier 7 and 8 one fighter squad not enough to compete, but we all know how it will got Ranger will get a new 2-1-1 loadout then IJN CV will complain that the US fighters are OP being 14-10. We all know WG loves IJN CV they will nerf the fighters, change it back or drop the amount of planes per squad but not change load out to account for that to make sure IJN CV have the upper hand.
  3. strafing

    The problem is how WG has set up the loadouts and amount off planes per squad US CV get out numbered when it comes to fighters vs IJN CV, with AS skill US CV get 7 planes until tier 9 where as IJN gets 2 squads at tier 6, if they remove strafe and not adjust amount of planes in squad, tier of fighters or even load outs US CV will be screwed and hit the point that you can no longer play that line. If they adjust those issues then they can get rid of strafe but if they get rid of strafe and not adjust anything everyone will stop playing US CV because it can no longer compete.
  4. CV Rework-- What do YOU want?

    Even then it's still something that can become OP knowing what ships are week to AP you can change it to AP before you launch then sink that one ship then change back to HE and so on. Your pretty much giving the CV the perfect ammo for the ship/job with no real downside, a better way someone came up with is have a 2-2-1-1 loadout so 2 fighters, 2 TB, 1 HE DB and ! AP DB squad gives you the choice off all off them but balances it for amount off damage you can do and having AP damage and HE for fires. Pretty much if WG balanced the squads and planes numbers close to the same for each tier you could get rid off strafe, where as now if you have 2 US fighter squads thats 12 planes and IJN 8 you put both into a dogfight US will win. so to allow for more squads US planes per squad will have to drop to balance it and if both sides have 2 fighter squads you could get rid off strafe as the match up will be even. Not so much that AA is broken a tier 10 CV can handle that AA you might lose a couple planes but not a whole squad like tier 8 would. It comes back to MM WG really needs to look at and change it, if CV had a +/-1 MM then CV would be around ships that can shot down their planes but also CV able to do strikes and spot. Tier 6 won't face a tier 8 CV and be killed with 1 strike cause the AA is to week and tier 8 CV won't face tier 10 where all you can do is spot for the first half off the match.
  5. French CV's

    Until the rework happens WG won't bring in any new CV lines after the rework and it go's well and people play CV and more people start then i would say they will look at bringing new CV lines into the game.
  6. CV Rework-- What do YOU want?

    I'll just go though each point on what i agree with or don't or could change 1. AA do's need a change some ships should have strong AA just not every new one that come's out to give a counter to CV and cover for teammates, they need to work in a way to give players better control over AA so if they focus fire on a squad it's stronger if they don't it's not as strong, the biggest thing is when your CV matched with a higher tier i.e tier 8 CV in tier 10 match there is not much you can do till some AA gets knocked out it also the same when your a tier 7 CV with tier 5 ships they don't stand a chance from your strike. One way to fix that problem is put CV in a +1/-1 MM i know people will say why only CV it's to stop CV from sinking lower tier ships so easy and gives the rest of players a good game knowing a CV can't sink them that easy. 2,5 and 6. Yes that would off been a good start to balance the CV give them close to the same loadouts but just different in some ways i.e tier 6 could be US 2-1-2 and IJN 2-2-1 to keep with each line having there IJN are TB US DB and work on other loadouts from there. To make that work point 6 comes in amount of planes in squad have to be same or close +1/-1 max depending on plane stats etc and with both off them points changed Re-armament time for both CV should be close to the same. 3. yes and no if there was more teamwork and you could count on your team to give you AA cover then yes you could look at taking it away from DD but because off the lack of teamwork and not being able to depend on your team or CV because of the balance of CV then DD need it. 4. agree manual drops need to stay. 7. yes that needs to change or change it to the way Graf Zeppelin drops so it's not so based on coming in on the right angle to do drop just to miss most off the ship. 8. Depends on how many planes and the balance if Lexington could carry 100 plans and Shokaku only 72 would make it unbalanced and WG would just nerf Lexington look at Midway and what they did. 9. Ill have to say no to that one being able to change while in flight would make CV OP. 10. CV come with the Damage Control consumable 11. DB are easy to avoid or to take less damage the only one that's not is a strike from Graf Zeppelin cause of it's drop pattern. 12. That's a point a few people have talked about and is a good idea. 13. unless they give US CV a 2nd fighter squad to compete with other CV US CV need strafe to counter the amount of squads other CV have. That was a lot to go though but it's always good to talk to people about CV and CV changes that don't just scream take away manual drops and buff AA.
  7. strafing

    WG pretty much screwed CV by getting rid of the loadouts for US CV it left them with strafe as the only counter to IJN CV and the amount of squads they have that's the biggest reason why strafe is needed, if WG changed US loadout or lowered the amount off planes in a squad so US CV could have 2 fighter squads at tier 7+ even 6 to keep it fair then they could look at removing strafe from the game, To me there was a lot of ways WG could off balanced CV better between the two lines and made them close to a even match and not be so OP to every other player.
  8. They do but only when you hit midway, the whole US line is screwed with just having the one loadout option i would be very happy to give up a DB squad for a 2nd fighter squad at tier 7+. For the OP no they should stay in the game US CV struggle in a lot of ways and they are about one off the top things for US CV.
  9. IJN CV getting a nerf that doesn't sound right most times it's a buff.
  10. Grind US CV line or no?

    That there pretty much sums it up, just look what they did to the Midway the one CV that stomped on the IJN CV they nerfed it big time then gave Hakuryu a buff all based one one server the RU server the other 3 servers they were close stat wise. If we want to top it off clear sky got removed because of one CV any guess on which one. No matter how much WG claims it's all to do with balance it's not they just don't like US CV having the upper hand on IJN CV.
  11. Ranger Loadout

    You can't WG removed that option for US CV and left them with just the one loadout, when you hit Essex you get 2-1-2 then 2-2-2 at Midway the only ones that can change load out are IJN CV line.
  12. Beating the Dead Horse - CV Poll

    CV are always a fun topic on the forum but ill answer a few points for you CV are unbalanced in a lot off ways just depends who you talk to that they see them as unbalanced, There is a CV rework on its way when it going to happen who knows but CV will go from a RTS to a action style game play, look for waterline 1.1 video talks about the rework at the start. As for clan battles CV are out of them they might let CV join clan battles after the rework depending who that turns out, Ranked battles CV can join but because off the balance problem between CV there is only a couple you would take in. A lot of new players are put of playing CV because of how much there is to learn and the skill gap and it doesn't help all the crap CV players have to deal with from being reported for just being in a CV to the playerbase
  13. rofl you don't attack AA ships for most part to be a succesfull CV player you control the skies and punish DD by focusing planes at caps... this will in turn provide vision where needed and your team will control objectives which will lead to enemy ships overextending it might not be you but some will and that's when the collapse will start soon enough I will convince my BB to use HE on your AA ship and after 50% of your AA is down it does not matter what you do you are dead from torps...... I think you need to go back and read to what my reply was to as for some reason you have missed the point and what was talked about by a long shot, then to make things worse you respond with something that has nothing to do with what i said to the person i replayed to..
  14. It's good to see someone that understands how that works that's not a CV player and sticking close to AA ships to counter CV and does it in the game, you being alive means you being able to deal more damage and with luck the win for the match.
  15. For questions 1. The only thing they would do is stop the sales of any premium CV till the rework is done and unless they plan to start to nerf there beloved IJN CV not much will change. Question 2 and 3. We have been told all that they will tell us about the rework they are keeping a tight lid with whats going on with the rework, more info will come as it gets closer to coming out For question 4. pretty much none off that will happen refunds will come after the rework we have been told that already, until the rework all of those points will stay. If you don't look at AA, manual drops, strafes and just the CV between the two lines there was never a real balance take tier 8 IJN CV can run a 2-2-2 loadout and US CV 1-1-2. Say they were to remove strafes until the rework then they would need to give US CV another fighter squad or give the 1 fighter squad a massive buff to compete with the IJN, which will then have the IJN CV players saying the US CV is now OP. WG is in a spot where the only thing that can balance CV now is the rework as it gets closer to the rework coming out i.e they are on the PT for the next update then they might look at things like removal off CV from battles. CV won't be dead in 6 months there will still be people playing them there might not be any new players playing them because of all the crap CV have to deal with from the players, but players that enjoy playing CV don't really care about that, they get reported it's just a number and won't stop them playing CV, players give CV players crapfor playing CV they just ignore it and play the ship they enjoy and move onto the next battle.