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  1. Yer from what we have been told after the rework they should be a part of clan battles as for now i see no reason why they shouldn't be a part of clan battles the amount of AA at tier 10 and add on most clans stick together or a make a small group and send them to another spot making it a new flay.
  2. So IJN CV players don't have the power to play aggressive when facing a US CV for 1 tier and WG has to buff it to allow them to be able to it, yet US CV have been in the same boat for ages and WG looks the other way i.e Lexington and Ranger. That's the thing is when Midway was getting it's nerfs and even losing clear sky it was because of Hakuryu had problems and yet WG wouldn't touch other tiers where US CV had the same problems with other CV at that tier. There was no need to get rid of clear sky just because Hakuryu had trouble getting it they could of left it in and added King of the Air but they screwed a lot of tiers over by getting rid of it for one ship, how many players do you think had fun grinding though Ranger and Lexington knowing the other CV players could face yet WG turned a blind eye and it was with IJN CV having more squads they could do a 2 vs 1 lock of fighters to win like i have seen many do. So if they were quick to make Hakuryu fun/buff then why have they left US CV alone and many player not enjoy some tiers if WG cared about players having fun and enjoying the ship they are playing.
  3. 1. Go play a CV at high tiers and see if you still say the same thing With your lack of CV play you don't know what happens on the CV side. 2. If the other team has a CV DIV they have done that to shut down your teams CV and it works well at doing it, the two other ships most times a cruiser will make a no fly zone you can scream at you CV as much as you want but until those ships are killed there is not much the CV can do because as soon as they get near it the cruiser will shot down the planes with ease. So if you want the CV to spot, strike etch and there is a CV DIV on the other team take out those two ships. 3. 60%WR doesn't matter if the other team has a CV division because they create a no fly zone it falls to the rest of the team to get rid of those ships if you want help from your CV, players with enough battles and experience should know that simple fact and info or should we be like you and say if any player has less then 60%WR in you ship go play co-op till you learn how to deal with a CV division and how taking those two ships out will change the match.
  4. The problem is they have screwed over the US line so bad US CV need strafe to be able to compete against other CV, take tier 8 US get's a 1-1-2 loadout while IJN gets 2-2-2 and other options 1 fighter squad is not enough to keep up with 6 squads without strafe. If they gave each line same amount of fighter planes in a squad and same number of squads they could get rid of strafe and have fighters as a left click be it shooting down TB/DB or fighting it out with other fighters least if the number of planes in squad are same it's a even fight. But WG went the other way and just made a mess off it and made it even worse when they tried to balance the lines and who knows what's going to happen with the rework.
  5. The Midway hanger never got dropped down to 96 they tested it on the PTS at 96 then changed it to 116 before the update came out as WG found out that was to much of a nerf to it's hanger, if WG wanted to give Hak 5 more fighters why not give it 2 squads of 30 planes why did they have to go to 3 squads the only reason would be that with 3 squads of fighters it would have better air control then Midway US line do's have a higher loadout but when you have 2 vs 3 fighters squads all they have to do is look you up in a 2 vs 1 dogfight. As players find out as they grind the US CV line IJN CV having that extra fighter squad was a pain in the [edited], so if they wanted Hak to have 30 fighter planes they could off changed it to that but WG put in another fighter squad they took 1 squad away from DB IJN worse planes and gave the fighters another squad that is a buff why didn't they take the squad from the TB. Midway TB need more then a very slight bump it's running the same TB as the Lexington a tier 8 CV both Midway and Hak have 12 TB planes in the air only difference is one has 2 squads and the other has 3 and tier 10 TB, AP DB can work well the only downside to them is they only work on some ships not every ship that's why some CV players use HE not AP chance for fire, damage etc. Your right about Ranger and Lex but it not just American premiums but also WG baby the IJN CV line.
  6. Midway had lower tier planes for fighters and TB then WG nerfs the hanger down to 116 and changed Hakuryu loadout how is that not a buff, it's not like Midway got it's tier 10 planes back because of the hanger nerf. With a loadout of 233 vs 222 there was no need for the Hakuryu to get a 3rd fighter squad all WG did was buff Hakuryu to have more fighter planes in the air then Midway to make sure IJN CV were better then US CV and by giving Hakuryu the 3rd squad they buffed it to be able to have better air control,
  7. So going by what your saying high tier AA needs a nerf to allow CV to get close or strike if your a tier 8 CV in a tier 10 match good luck getting in a strike you have to wait till AA is knocked out enough if a CV is to face ships like that then they need a chance to strike. So while it might be unfair at low tiers with the AA some ships get CV also don't have a lot of planes but the higher the tier go's it starts to swap and CV can't go near ships with out losing the whole squad but you don't here and players speak up and say that's unfair to CV and needs to change.
  8. And yet soon as a CV won't spot, give AA cover, find ships or spot for torps people get upset that we are not doing that stuff you say their negative effect on game play but yet players want CV to scout ahead and spot. So which is it everyone hates CV or they want them to do positive things to help the team i.e spot. If so many players hate CVs and don't want them in the game then why do they get upset when CVs don't use their planes to spot you don't want the CV in the game so why should it bother you if the CV spots or not it will be like playing a game like there is no CV in it if the CV doesn't spot. So which is it players claim to hate CV but love it when a CV spots and doe's a great job at it or spotting the torps on the way to kill them or even help holding the other team back from taking a cap or hitting the ship to reset the counter because no one is close enough to do it in time.
  9. Probably not the best choice of words but in regards to giving AA cover to team it was easy after as we didn't have to be worried about fighter planes and could focus are fighters on AA cover for the rest of the match.
  10. Pretty much tier 4 and 5 there is not a lot of difference in the CV apart from US CV have more fighters and better fighters and IJN getting 2 TB squads at tier 5, it comes down to map and how your CVs play the match i have teamed up with another CV and we got control early and the rest of the match was easy other times they want to do there own thing or use their fighters to cover their strike force while the other side teams up and works together. Pretty much luck how your CVs will play but now you know that about the fighters you can suggest it to them.
  11. I see what you meant now when it's a 2 CV match it comes down to how your CVs play to how the match turns out, teaming up both fighter squads and taking out there fighters works well as you will have air control and AA cover the only downside is the first strike the fighters won't be able to give AA cover but after that AA cover is there as the other team won't have fighter planes or a few left each not enough to attack with,
  12. Why not share your experience and help any new players out that could be stuck with not knowing how to dodge a strike or after 21 000 games the only way you could was to exit the queue when they appear. People are giving out tip's, pointers and helping and someone with over 20k matches can't give 1 tip?
  13. Sounds like Zuiho which has two squads of 4 planes so 8 in total and if it was they will try and cross drop on you so if you dodge the first drop the 2nd one will hit you pretty much forcing you to take a hit.
  14. Then you should be able to give lots of help to new players on how to dodge CV strikes, deal with them and best way to use AA?
  15. If they give that option then why not one for the rest to for players that might hate DD not to have them in the game or for CV not to have cruisers so no AA, there is a lot of way's to avoid damage form CV or lower the amount you take Palladia pointed out a lot of good points. DB are easy you just need to turn you might take some or no damage just from turning and TB Palladia pointed out how to. As the tiers get higher AA gets a lot stronger and makes it harder for CV to strike if the other team works as a team with AA. I'm guessing you meant planes not squads cause no low lvl CV has 4 TB squads, If the CV is below tier 6 the drops are auto so a lot easier to dodge turn into the drop unless the CV keeps moving the drop pattern you will avoid most of them if not all. CV players are willing to give tips and help to players to help them dodge a strike you just have to ask even in the game if you need AA cover ask the CV a lot of times people will yell for it or demand it and CV players will ignore them where if you ask you will get better help from your CV, as silly as it sounds me saying CV players will give you help/tips one day you might be on my team and the help i gave you to dodge a strike could save you and keep you in the fight and get the win.