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  1. 1 CV out of all of them was broken so instead of fixing that CV be it a nerf or pulling it out of the game till they fix it they listen to everyone and buff the AA screwing over the rest of the CVs. Lets play this out they fix the Hakuryu so it's not broken anymore and WG nerfs AA back to what it was do you think everyone will be happy with that or they will want the AA to stay like it is now.
  2. Didn't every non CV player [edited] to WG that AA was to weak when the new CV came out so they had to run to hold your hand and buff the AA with a hot fix. So sorry but the non CV players were the ones to [edited] first and have a cry about the AA so with your own advice the hotfix should of never happened and players just needed to GIT GUD and learn how to deal with the new CV.
  3. ausanimal

    CV Rework Feedback

    Are you going to tell us next that WG want's as many as 6 CV a match "Except the goal is to have 2-4 CVs per team, in every game. The net result will be CVs are going to be much stronger than they are now, and in every match instead of 1 in 10." That was from another topic that you posted on so each time the CV count go's up to how many can be in a match soon you will be saying that there will be as many as 12 in a match. If your going to tell everyone how many CV WG wants in a match stick to 1 number.
  4. none of the CV players complained it was all the non CV players that did a lot of CV players tried to come up with ideas to fix the RTS style of play on the forum some ideas where good others no so much but WG choose not to listen to us or the ideas that we came up with on the forum. Strafing was one that came up a lot and a few times players suggested to get rid of it and give all CV the same amount of fighter squads, planes in squad, ammo so not one line had better fighters, which doing that would close the skill gap and new CV players wouldn't get wiped out in one move from another CV player. A simple fix that would solve a lot off things would lower the amount of stuff you have to do as a CV player not having to go from one squad to another, even the skill gap a bit and not put new players of CV by getting there planes wiped out by a experienced CV player.
  5. There was a reason they got rid of strafing and manual drops at tier 4 and 5 to stop people coming down and seal clubbing the new players what they need more was something to pop up when you got a tier 6 CV to explain about strafing and manual drops and even put you into co-op for so many games to learn it. It's funny everyone want's to limit CV and what they can do but say about doing it to another ship and no one likes the ideas even thought it took a lot longer then it do's in the game a quick search on google and 15min keeps coming up to reload the torp tubes which would allow DD to launch torps twice in 1 match. Same as the repair on BB i'm sure mid fight they were unable to fix a ship back to the point as if it was new but in the game you can there are a lot of things that are changed for the sake of the game, people can't ask for one class to be based on real life when every other class has things that are made up for the game.
  6. ausanimal

    Tips for manual drops on dive bombers?

    not really with the first test of the rework knowing how to do torpedo runs and dive bombing came in handy you still have to lead your target, launch the attack at the right moment so you don't miss, so knowing those basic skills will help with the new CV rework.
  7. That's the problem they listened to the people the didn't like the RTS style of play and not the people that played CV and how they could of fixed them without doing the rework for example if they got rid of strafe it would of closed the skill gap a bit and new players planes wouldn't get wiped out so easy, get the balance right for IJN and US CV it's not that hard but they favour the IJN line to much. But now we have the CV rework and people are complaing about it already and yet we have no idea what the final product will look like i'm still 50/50 on it and will stay that way until i know more about it, the 20 planes to Hak i wouldn't care about but there was no reason to change it's loadout to 3-3-2 while the US line still suffers big time.
  8. If i understand right that's the feeling a lot of us have got from all the talk of the rework and how they are planning it with the unlimited planes is if you don't lose planes doing strike the reload stays the same but if for some reason you lose your whole squad the reload time get's longer for each time you lose the whole squad so come 10 min into a match your not out of planes but you don't have them ready in 40sec it could be 90sec reload time at that point. So CV can still be in the battle even if it takes longer to reload your squad where as now if a CV has no planes there is not a lot they can do. Until people can fine tune the aiming system and know the right moment to go in for the strike a lot of players will lose planes and i think that's a key factor everyone is missing take TB, it's not like now where you can drop 3 squads of 4 TB and kill a ship in one move 3 planes break off to do the strike while taking damage so come the time to fire you might be down to 2 planes. So we are going from 12 torps in one move to 3 in one strike and any adjustment spreads the torps out you have to not move for them to get closer like in a manual drop so if your aim is of then you have to pick adjust and hope 1 lands of keep going and know only 1 will hit. When they allowed players to try the test it doesn't take a lot to start losing planes and for your squad numbers to go down, everyone is focused on the unlimited planes that they are missing all the other factors on why WG might of picked to go that way.
  9. how many test are they going to run on the CV rework before the put it live, in the test it cost $10,000,000 to service your CV i don't see that making it into the live version, test are there to test different things and get as much info as they can out of it before it becomes live. The next round of test might have other CV you start with, rearm time could be put in there and even AA spec ships to see how much it effects the rework. it's any ones guess at the moment how the live version will look like we have had one test where things were changed to allow WG to get as much data as they could from it. Going by the test there was only 2 a side there will still have to be MM restrictions in place for CV i.e mirror for mirror for what each team has so not one team has a tier 6 CV and the other a tier 8, until we are told more it's all a guessing game at the moment it like me saying CV will be in clan battles with the rework because of the no MM restrictions. Until more test are done and more info is given to use we will never know for sure how the rework will pan out.
  10. Thats pretty much what happens you might have a squad of 12 planes but only 3 go in for the strike then go back to the CV if not kill then you control the squad again line up on your next target and 3 more go in for strike, while this is all going on your getting shot at by AA so your plane numbers go down and they can drop fast.
  11. Same they were fun and i'm not sure how many people on here did because if they did they would know the aiming system while it is easier to aim it ialso very easy to get your strike wrong and miss or not strike at all, TB planes have to stay in a straight line if you want the strike area to close you move just a bit and it spreads again, DB you go in to soon or late and you can over shot your target, miss judge when to drop and by time you drop your bombs the ship is out of danger.
  12. That's not 4 like people are claiming and if i remember they also said the more squads you lose the longer the reload time will take before that squad is ready so it's not like every squad will be ready right a away you keep losing your TB you will end up having to wait longer for them to reload.
  13. i have only heard of 2 CV a side even on the CV rework test there was only ever 2 CV a side i would like to know where you got the info for 4 a side
  14. take a guess how long it takes a CV to launch it's planes, fly to target, strike until all planes are dead or you have done all the strikes you can do, take a guess for the current CV and the CV rework?
  15. then let's get rid of the repair consumable while we are at it i'm sure in the middle of a fight they were unable to heal the ship like they do in the game, things are based on things irl but then other things because it is a game but at the end of the day it is still a game. Which means WG can do what they want to it people might not like but it's there choice.