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  1. Duncan216

    Honor and Glory of the Soviet Navy

    Video was pretty moving ...sad but moving...
  2. Duncan216

    Naval Battle in a Nutshell

    My clan is never able to get enough players for traditional clan battles because of lack of critical mass. We however are able to participate in this event. I really appreciate being able to do something as a group and this event makes that happen!
  3. I just had a 2CV game in COOP not 10 mins ago...So still happening ...fortunatly it was a win ..
  4. I would rather learn CV in CO OP game than random TBH..
  5. Playing a CV in CO OP puts your team at a disadvantage esp if like me you are trying to learn to play the CV. A CV gives the Bot team an additional BB. Thoughts?
  6. Duncan216

    Hermes, the new crap carrier at tier 4.

    My problem with the Hermes is that the planes have stopped firing their ordinance; torps, rockets and bombs will just not fire ...very odd..
  7. I am enjoying them so far. This is my 1st swing at playing CV's.....
  8. Interesting article. Another interesting story is why the Germans were in Norway in the first place!
  9. I for one am happy to participate in PT activities.It personally allows me to test new ships and experiment with different settings. Also, getting an early hands on experience with "the next big thing" is fun!
  10. Putting ships in their historical context is always interesting to me..
  11. Duncan216

    Why isnt shooting down planes rewarded?

    I may have missed this but, we are rewarded for secondary hits over which we have the same control (or lack of) as our AA. What am missing here?
  12. Looking forward to both of these lines!
  13. It was really great to put faces with names. I especially appreciated interacting with several of you during the Turkey shoot. I wanted to especially thank Fem for helping me work through my connection issue that was preventing me from joining initially. Also many thinks to Gneisnau013 for sorting out some confusing bits. The shoot was really the 1st time that I felt as if I was part of a community! Look forward to interacting with you all in the future..
  14. Duncan216

    Daily Reward Not Received

    I have not received daily log in bonus for the past two days, is the event over? Thanks!