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  1. Attempting to use a gift card to purchase doubloons and I keep getting an error when trying to process the transaction and to contact support at paygarden but I figured I would ask here first to see if anyone else is getting this issue?
  2. S7ven_

    And you thought 2x cv was bad

    Yeah, about that poor little algorithm. He can hang for all I care, MM has never been kind.
  3. S7ven_

    Dynamic or Static Crosshairs?

    I actually switch it up, If I play t7 or lower I generally use static, however in t8+ matches I tend to get better shots with Dynamic. I suppose if you're using the notches correctly, a good majority of ships t8 and higher can go 30+ knots, where at t7 and lower they tend to lean toward 22-30 knots
  4. S7ven_

    Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    nozoupforu had a nice way of putting it too, The ship is somewhat average however it seems to be making a difference in that it forces people to play battleships more aggressively and push up closer instead of sitting back 20km and trying to snipe stuff
  5. S7ven_

    Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    Interesting. I've had the opposite experience while driving my Mass. I devastate Bismarks/romas/tirpz etc. You're fighting players that cant, wont, or forget to point their bow toward you and or angle. German AP tickles as it bounces off the armor. Might lose a couple secondary guns depending on your angle, but you do still have 6 16' guns at say, 11km away. Thats not a healthy position to be in for someone in the mass' sights.
  6. I don't normally complain about stuff like this, it just really sucks that with my schedule the ONE day I get free time to play some warships over the course of the next 2 weeks the server is screwed up. Awesome.. I was totally looking forward to today too
  7. S7ven_

    Monaghan and Massachusetts

    No Mass bundles for me and I am premium.