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  1. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Thanks for this topic. Being one of the noobs that started over Xmas, I can say I enjoy co-op MUCH more than PvP. The attitude is much more laid back and conducive to fun play. With only one recent glaring exception, almost everyone I've met has been very friendly. I whaled my way up through a LOT of premium ships via the Santa crates (I have an unhealthy relationship with loot crates) and even managed to grind out the Missouri in just a few of weeks with the special flags and an Atlanta I received. I realize I'm not ready to pull out T8-T10 ships and get busy with them in earnest just yet. It was, however, very nice the other day when I took out the MO just to float it once around the battlefield and after announcing that it was my 1st time with the boat and I'd probably suck pretty good, the rest of my team spent the match giving me pointers and answering questions on how to best play it. Good times were had. Still learning - having much fun - Hope to meet y'all in co-op some time. Cheers!