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  1. 100%. I have Discord, I use it to chat with our clan mates in division. I will not use the Wargaming discord / forum replacement option. Ever. A niche game like this really needs to be a strong community of devs and players who care and enjoy the “world of warships”. Wargaming will never understand this.
  2. SuperComm4

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    Awful decision by Wargaming. Foolish and in my opinion trolling. It really seems like this company enjoys trolling their own fans. I find myself playing this game less and less. Visiting these forums and learning new tactics to try spawned many returns to the game. I guess that is not necessary for Wargaming. What a great way to tell your fans / customers that you simply do not care about them.
  3. SuperComm4

    Taking a break from the forum

    Good luck to you in your endeavors! I actually just returned from a short break on the forums, and had taken a bit of a break on the game as well. Hope to see you back someday!
  4. SuperComm4

    How do you Vanguard?

    I love playing Vanguard. That rudder shift is the best I’ve found on a BB. I kite all game, use AP and HE equally, and am usually one of the last sunk. With the rudder shift I don’t have to drop to 4 gun salvoes unless in a really tough situation.
  5. SuperComm4

    Multi-tiered Operations

    I have noticed the AI prioritizing ships that are low on damage as well as ones that may not be the closest, but have the highest rate of fire. I have only seen this after Random Operations and the return of the old scenarios was introduced.
  6. SuperComm4

    NO CV

    They should have gave them enhanced spotter planes instead of strike aircraft in WoWP style. In my theory for fixing the spotting issue with CVs, CV planes would be map only spotting; thus making actual spotting aircraft the only ones that spot like CV aircraft do presently. I would give them the ability to select a target ship, not unlike the main gun reticle selects targets. Such an implementation would give hybrids value without increasing frustration.
  7. There’s the “glass is half empty” view. I do not disagree with the premise, but the graphics are one of the few elements that they get phenomenally correct, and a prime reason why I still play the game. Certainly, better gameplay would be nice, but that ship sailed long ago, perhaps sinking in dock with the way armor works in this game. I play primarily for the way it looks!
  8. SuperComm4

    Congratulations WarGaming!

    I dunno, I hated the “Operation of the week” format. I quite like the new format, and my clan divs up often in them. I find it a good way to enjoy this game, as it is no where near as frenetic as Randoms has become with so many ship classes on tiny maps. I play operations now more than I ever had before.
  9. SuperComm4

    Weird US Perma Camo

    Two questions: I always thought US camo was decided fairly high up, but there was a variance on quite a few ships - any insight into how it was decided which camo to use? Richelieu - what color were the gun barrels in that scheme? In some pictures it almost looks like polished metal.
  10. SuperComm4

    F. Caracciolo conumdrum.....

    Yes, dispersion on Italian battleships is very wonky. Probably the worst in the game. Oddly, despite the frustrating accuracy, I always seem to win with them, and end with decent numbers. Maybe knowing they are bad accuracy I somehow play better? I have not figured that out yet, but I have fun with the line. When they hit, they hit hard.
  11. SuperComm4

    Multi-tiered Operations

    I’m all for more options, but I would not want to see a more restricted approach than what we have now. In my opinion they could use MM to encourage single or tier +/- 1 games, and have bots fill in should there not be many T6 (or even T5?) players online.
  12. SuperComm4

    What annoys you the most in WoWS

    I think that is the solution; we just have to make the concession that airplanes are in a different realm from ships with their speed, altitude, and regenerative capacity in the game. A DD in smoke wanting to farm would basically need to farm a target already engaged with another target that has visual. This is exactly as it is now in non-CV maps. I think your idea fixes the issue. As an additional benefit: it would solve the concept of Subs in deep water targeting other ships they have no “realistic” way to see. Periscope depth should have more purpose than it presently does.
  13. SuperComm4

    What annoys you the most in WoWS

    This is an interesting idea, baking in the concealment mod. Essentially I that this is such a required emphasis adds weight to the spotting mechanic in the game needing work. I only skip concealment on a select few ships where I want attention, like Tashkent. And to be honest, it is a questionable decision. I followed that strategy on Zao with an extreme kiting build. Was fun, but didn’t win as much as when I swapped in the concealment mod. I like the historical alignment, but we are always told “arcade”….so in the vein of arcadism I would simply say the airplane spotting mechanic is “not as fun as it could be”. Even using the historical context you provided, note that you are speaking of intentional effort at spotting. Meaning that the focus of the aircraft doing the spotting is exactly that: spotting. Scouting and spotting are two different things. Scouting gives my “team” the general location (map locations in the game context) and details on an enemy task force. Spotting is literally spotting my shells land and relaying back exact coordinates or details so I can adjust fire. From a more WoWS perspective- I don’t think it makes sense for fighters and attack aircraft to be able to perform a spotting role as well as a dedicated “spotter” plane. In the current game they, with zero effort, can essentially be “dedicated spotters” for their team to fire control and lock targets. That should require more effort than bumbling around on attack runs while every ship in that half of the map can be targeted “on your spotting”. That should be map only location data. If a BB wants to take a shot on that they still can, using the reticle on the minimap. Even something small, like making targeted spotting available for 30 seconds after specifically marking a target 🎯 would add that intentional effort I am talking about.
  14. SuperComm4

    Help with free XP

    I strongly urge keeping FreeXP for speeding thru line resets in Research Bureau if you have that opened. Azuma is essentially Yoshino minus torpedoes, and Yoshino is in the armory for Coal. Great firestarters, but having the 20km torps is a nice addition. These are certainly long range firestarters, so good ships for the current meta. But they are also fairly stealthy, so hit and run support of DDs is workable, but huge citadels so one has to be super careful when deciding to fire. “Is there a BB on my broadside?” Yamato is an excellent ship. Honestly I didn’t get it for 5 years, and I should have gotten it earlier. But the T10 meta is tiring, and Yamato gets focused a lot, with a lot of powerful ships that didn’t exist a few years ago. Still does well, I just can’t help to think how much fun it must have been a few years ago. If you have not yet opened the Research Bureau then it makes sense to consider getting a few lines to T10. I have found that playing the ships really gives you the skills for T10 one at a time, so just using FreeXP to get to T10 is not a good thing, and the reward is a lot of losing matches and quick trips back to port. But using FXP for the modules is a great idea - build the ship out to it’s best right from the start.
  15. SuperComm4

    Annoying and agrevating

    Pretty similar in our clan. I actually made my last session a CV & Sub day after going on a losing streak in all other classes…needless to say winning jumped to 65%. Was even higher but I wanted to play until I lost 2 in a row. Literally took all day once I started as CVs. I find Subs more tolerable with the exception of homing torpedoes. My main issue with CVs is the spotting (fire control for the whole team) ability. I would not have an issue is it was map only spotting.