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  1. Sometimes, people just zone out. I’m average, but play a lot. Some days I catch myself playing half asleep or something. The other day a div mate had to remind me to shoot as I sat in smoke with a DD completely silent after winning a gun duel. I was still processing the duel when there was a lot of action and the team needed me. This happens more than I probably even know.
  2. SuperComm4

    USS Prinz Eugen?

    That would be some museum. One wonders with the hull “looking” fairly solid if it could still be an option. I think the British wanted desperately to destroy it that day, there was no reasoning at that point. Capturing Bismarck and getting it back to a British port would have been quite the story in it’s own right, let alone coupled to the Pursuit story!
  3. SuperComm4

    Ship XP booster on a premium?

    Yes, I noticed every premium I have now is already equipped with an economic bonus for XP. I have to remember to take it off as I will never use that XP, so it is better served on a low tech tree ship line that I am grinding. Being as I have a decent number of premiums, that is a nice way to “get an extra” XP bonus to use on a tech tree ship if I remember to remove it before pressing “Battle”.
  4. SuperComm4

    Please ban Weimer from Narai

    I’m all for expanding ops, getting more scenarios and more tiers in current scenarios, along with more that 1 “operation of the week” being playable. Better AI would be nice too. I believe WG has promised some meaningful work on Operations this year. I am not in favor of anything more restrictive, such as banning a ship from ops. Terrible idea and no “solution” at all.
  5. Really solid suggestions. +1 All logical and I believe would improve the overall experience. Re: the BB ASW strikes - I look at those basically like a ship calling in a land based ASW strike support, with BBs getting more “attention” or “urgency” from the support channel than a cruiser would get. Seems to make sense in my mind. I love the idea of making CVs more potent vs other CVs - that should be priority #1. However the caveat is that this game is certainly not historical by any means.
  6. SuperComm4

    Do you shoot anyway? FISA!

    There is no debate here, if the count is less than 5 seconds of reset I might switch, but every second counts and if I can reload AP in 24 seconds vs HE in 30 seconds, I am taking The shot with AP. It is highly likely the enemy disappears before the HE is loaded. Plus, it is highly likely that the offender is a DD. AP overpens still take a healthy chunk of their hp. This strategy has never let me down. Actual HE damage vs potential generally is underwhelming.
  7. SuperComm4

    What are your "favorite" ships?

    Honestly once you figure out the different playstyles there are so many ships that can be great fun, For example I hated the Euro DD line and their pin-prick torpedoes, yet I am having the most fun with that line at T7-T8 that I have had in a long time. They are so much fun! Izmail is a consistent favorite, except for when in certain T8 matches. It doesn’t do bottom tier very well if the reds have BBs and CA/CLs with more than 17km range. Yamato is one that I just got that is ridiculous fun. Marlborough and Florida are also a lot of fun. Iowa is fantastic. Lastly Kagero and the IJN torp line is a consistent fun experience for me.
  8. SuperComm4

    The most toxic players.

    And the main thing I was pointing out, with the line “ is the fact that we are now being drawn into the infamous real life vs arcade comparisons, and all the nonsense that follows. ” was that it is fruitless to try and bring realism into the debate, which the previous poster and you were attempting. That is the point. The only point I am making with regards to your post. I would have thought that was obvious the way it was written originally…I hope this clarification helps you understand the actual point and that I am not interested in proving or disproving your “historical accuracy” stat line. It is completely irrelevant whether proven true or not. But, as you seem motivated: let’s ignore Zuikaku’s experience explained above, and agree that “It never happened”. What is your point now? Where do we carry this information with regards to WoWS and the toxic behaviors associated with player friction between the CV & anti-CV crowds? Side note: I am genuinely curious, and any harsh tones are not intended.
  9. SuperComm4

    USS Prinz Eugen?

    Ha - a US T8 “Prince Eugene” - gets radar and better AA.
  10. SuperComm4

    As a CV Let me suggest

    I should have played back then. I watched the game develop for a long time before joining. I heard you could take a T2 DD into T10 matches!
  11. SuperComm4

    Auto doubloon conversion for free XP ??

    This is what I want to know. Nowhere on that screen does it show he is short.
  12. SuperComm4

    The most toxic players.

    1.) The point you are attempting to make is utterly worthless: It is of no bearing to World of Warships whether or not there was a fully loaded CV that ran out of airplanes on a single battle in WWII. It’s like asking if there was a single battle that had multiple fleet carriers operating with battleships and submarines on both sides, all within a single 50km square. This is the type of “nonsense” I was referring to. It’s like asking “Name a single instance of a CV launching planes with it’s deck on fire?” - no bearing on the game. WoWS has done it both ways, and one way was popular with some, the other way is popular with others. 2.) I need to provide evidence for a claim(s) I did not make?!!?
  13. SuperComm4

    The most toxic players.

    ~Major thread drift in progress~ I believe the IJN can provide several compelling examples of what a CV with no planes left is like. But more important than debating that point is the fact that we are now being drawn into the infamous real life vs arcade comparisons, and all the nonsense that follows. This game is a game based on, in Wargaming’s own words, “historical ships and designs that we poured hours of research into recreating, and allow them to battle…” - To battle with all classes of ships on a postage stamp with cartoon mechanics and tank armor (oh I’ve been told that technically this is not the case….allow me to slowly back my fast battleship away from the enemy, “bow-tanking” and listen to that explanation again). WG made a key mistake with their core philosophy of thinking they can lump, successfully, all warships into their cheap multiplayer “random battles” mode and somehow keep everyone happy. Whether anyone wishes to admit it or not, the game’s draw and niche is naval warfare. What it does better than almost any other game in recent memory is arcade level naval surface combat, including the DD interplay. That is simply not available anywhere else. CVs and subs are indeed warships (unless you are BBC/CNN: then they are battleships). The issue is that those classes ruin that dynamic for the sake of shoving them into a single game mode instead of making them work the way they should. Those classes ended Battleships and Cruisers as viable warships because of how they fight. Even dumbed down arcade style their superiority makes the other classes just targets.
  14. SuperComm4

    1MM XP: Gronigen or Aigir? Or grind a Tier 10?

    First: if you have enough T10s to have Research Bureau unlocked, consider using Free XP for a line reset. We are right at the end of one RB season and the start of another, so one could technically get 4X RB points doing a line reset now, FreeXP the line and then when the season turns next week grind/FreeXP the line again. Any RB ship will likely be superior to Gröningen or Ägir. That being said I would take either free premium ship over a T10 ship that you could grind out thru T9 ship XP. Remember premium ships get more coins and XP than tech tree ships. Items to consider between Gröningen and Ägir: Do you like DD play or Super Cruiser play better? use as captain trainer: which navy do you have the need to train captains more in? Personally I have Friesland and Ägir. I hardly play either. But I find Ägir more “playable” due to the large volume of radar cruisers and light cruisers-in-a-DD-class ships that have come out. It has great AP and decent armor and secondaries, though it plays better at range it can brawl as needed. The aforementioned threats to Gröningen are just targets for Ägir.
  15. SuperComm4

    As a CV Let me suggest

    Sounds like it was quite the game before everything was “removed”.