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  1. SuperComm4

    Skip Bombers

    @SeaborneSumo - give it another go. Smolensk is a perfect boat for Great Battle mode. Turn in to the skip bombers and they have no chance. One harassed me exclusively, and I finished that match alive, 95% health, and over 300k damage. I also will point out that there was no excuse for the 3 red super BBs to not fire at me when they saw me - I should have been one-shotted several times, that CV had me permaspotted.
  2. I’ve been wondering about Ochakov. I finally took the leap on Lenin, and I’m really glad I did. It is a good fit for my playstyle: won the first 12 matches straight!
  3. SuperComm4

    Bourgogne HE spam?

    Yup, and if I see you DC: better believe HE spam with reload boost is on the way!
  4. SuperComm4

    What tech tree ships do you recommend?

    Good catch - I love those ships too! The early British BB line is powerful.
  5. SuperComm4

    What tech tree ships do you recommend?

    DDs: Wakatake Nicholas Kiev Akizuki Ognevoi Gaede Jervis BBs: Fuso Amagi Iowa Montana Izmail Sinop Friedrich der Grösse Lyon CAs: Hipper Roon CLs: Helena Emerald Omaha Königsberg Nürnberg Chapaev
  6. I, personally, care less about “kills”. I want damage, and I want wins. Thus, everything I try to do is usually towards that goal. Having been in that situation many times: I never take the shot with torpedoes. They are too slow, and would most likely be a total waste as by the time they get there the red would already be sunk. Alternatively, it is often the friendly who is in the way that is bent on a suicidal ram and will actually be dealt with before he gets his release...I still give him his chance, as my torpedoes would still be too slow to get there in time to save the suicidilac-rammer. If I can get the job done with guns, I take the shot. Eliminating the red and their ability to sink my teammates is always the right play. The friendly fire changes do not affect how I would approach either of the above scenarios.
  7. SuperComm4

    So was the idea to dumb down the game WG?

    I’ve never been bothered by grieving tactics or stupid plays in Operations, which have had Team Damage turned off for as long as I’ve been playing.
  8. SuperComm4

    Total N00B playing CV

    Good for OP! I have no such luck (lack of skill). Place me in a CV, and watch as futility reigns supreme. I can, however, circle red DDs until my teammates destroy them. But that is not fun at all, so I play CV slightly more than never.
  9. SuperComm4

    CVs make this game un-fun.

    I’ve hunted down DDs in BBs more times than I can remember. Their torpedoes give away their direction. It’s not like they are this invincible stealth-ninja people claim they are. A really good DD can certainly carry a game...But his skill becomes irrelevant when spotted by the meandering, bumbling CV’s planes toddling across the map in his naval themed version of Whack-a-Mole. CVs should have their own Battle Group mode, kind of like Grand Battles is. Crank up AA to realistic levels, and give CVs real torpedoes instead of the firecracker versions. Make the objective sinking the CV itself.
  10. SuperComm4

    Buy modules to test ships? wth?

    Exactly: I loaded both ships up quick, now I will be able to “bolt on” these modules on the next new ship I get easily.
  11. SuperComm4

    Why no first win bonus for Grand Battle?

    To each their own. I cared not for that bonus; I’m pulling half a million credits per match, and between 5k-10k XP per match. Had one at 13k. Great way to grind a T9.
  12. SuperComm4

    Top 3 mistakes new-to-medium players make.

    A lot of good advice already. I will add: sitting in smoke, and /or otherwise misusing smoke. Never sit in smoke as a DD or cruiser. It is a torpedo magnet. If you have Hydro, that is when you should use it, then you can stay hidden with a bit more time when torps appear. Do not pop smoke unless you are spotted. Newer players enter a cap, pop smoke, then sit. As a DD you are the eyes of the fleet. Your smoke blinds you and everyone behind you. Resist the newbie urge to follow BBs and cruisers offering to deploy smoke “for them”. In most cases, you are not doing them any favors by blinding them. Taking a forward position to spot after leaving smoke for a cruiser is fine; battleship’s gun bloom will make the smoke irrelevant most of the time.
  13. SuperComm4

    Grand Battle is just awful

    Like you are serious? A dude like this 2 match T8 guy would get 1 match in this mode and he’s out of points for the day. He would need at least a T9 to get more. And also think about this: stats don’t matter in this mode. The more 40%ers playing these kinds of modes, the less they will be found in Ranked and even Randoms where stats actually matter (or at least are tracked). You should be wishing they opened up this mode to more tiers!
  14. SuperComm4

    Grand Battle is just awful

    I love this mode, one of the best things from WeeGee in a while. Some of the reasons why are clearly visible in this thread! The ships are actually really fun. No stats are tracked, leading to much less toxicity; they apparently came here. Super-BBs have a TON of hp. Yugumo bags 230k. Smolensk: 310k. Every match has been nice rewards - nice way to grind up T9s. It was like a lot of what I liked about WoWS without the toxic grind Randoms and Ranked have become.