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  1. SuperComm4

    Match making broken?

    This problem (lopsided losses) has been getting worse lately. To me, it seems there are more people playing the game, and as such there are more bad players also playing the game. It used to be 7k-10k average when I play on the server, now it’s over 16k sometimes. The majority must be either new players or potatoes branching into new lines. Either way the usual ratio of 3-5 good to decent level players on a team is now down to 1-2 for the losing team, and many of the strategies inexplicable. The only reliable element is that your team will lose all DDs within the first 2-3 minutes. If indeed there is a overall increase in the player base, this is actually a good thing for the game, and surface naval warfare games in general; despite bringing bad game play elements.
  2. SuperComm4

    York does not suck?

    Good thread, Got me thinking to get Yorck again. To be honest though, I clicked thinking that the thread was about York, Exeter’s sister ship!
  3. I think it is a troll thread too...but I actually never put 2 and 2 together with regards to the small mini map circle and indirect fire. This is marvelous - thank you guys!
  4. SuperComm4

    The master list of Shipboard Easter Eggs

    I believe the link is found in the name Minotaur itself, as the mythical creature was inhabiting Crete, where King Minos (of the Minoans) kept it in the labyrinth. Not an expert on the subject, but that’s what jumps out at me. Nice find!
  5. SuperComm4

    would you play WoWS 2?

    It should be World of Warships: Surface Action: 1898 - 1941. T1 could have several classes and many more nations Protected and Armored cruisers would be present Early scenarios could include sail ships or steam ships, later ones would be WW1 Battlecruisers would be a viable branch. T8 & T9 paperships would be the designs before the naval treaty limitations. Armor and play dynamics would need to be appropriate for naval surface war and not land based tank armor/tactics. I would be interested in such a game. They can then freely complete the conversion of WoWS into a pay-to-win CV/Sub fest in which those classes can blast AI surface ships like zombies repeatedly for more and ever more glorious “loot boxes”.
  6. SuperComm4

    When is 0.9.3?

    Which update was supposed to have the 3 second spotting minimum when a ship is spotted by a friendly before it disappears?
  7. As pointed out, the loss of the DD battle is huge. I continue to be troubled that WG insists on flawed mechanics with these beautiful ship models when it comes to the actual combat. I get that it’s a “FPS” game, and they want a clear “sniper” type appeal, but their focus on frontal armor is ridiculous. They should rebalance the armor schemes and make speed more of a factor instead. A slow/no speed target bow or stern on would eat way more hits per salvo in a real engagement. So in a 9 gun salvo, make the bow in sniper take 4-6 hits where as the broadside target would take 2-3, and higher chance of overpen. Then add the coastal monitor class, with ludicrous guns (1 or 2) and a speed of 7-9kts (starts up front like DDs) to play the sniper role.
  8. SuperComm4

    What is going on

    I feel like this often. From the OP post pics, most of the different tricks I do the OP has tried. I think sometimes when on a losing streak one tends to “try too hard” and gets out of their normal skill set. Recommendations: Go to your best ships in each class. Pay attention to what is in the queue at each tier too. While CVs ruin the rock/paper/scissors concept, pick the class that is best suited to counter the over-represented class in the queue. That is where you will find the most potatoes and hence a “target rich” environment. Also, bad DD play is a huge cause for lost matches. Usually the last team with DDs wins, so when on a losing streak I often can end it by playing DD, so long as I can play better than the fools that are currently on. This is really sad, because I am not that skilled at DD, but have definitely been able to end streaks of losing by doing this and the above. Lastly, I also stepped away from the game until I wanted to play it again, and I have actually been a much better player since.
  9. SuperComm4

    opinions on the Richelieu

    Boy I am truly horrific in Richelieu. Stock it was my absolute worst ship, perhaps tied with Minekaze. I just couldn’t win with her. Now when I got the range upgrade I seem to do better, but still a rough time. I loved Bismarck and the entire KM line past T6. I think it could be having a speed boost makes me attempt to play a flawed style, but I steer clear of that ship. Lyon is still a blast though.
  10. Omaha: everyone trashes that ship, but I love it. Was one of my first “winning” ships. The best is splitting 2 BBs - they never expect me to survive but sinking both with torps and still sailing away is immense fun. Ibuki: Another ship I heard a lot of negative about. Then I learned how to kite, and that became the easiest T10 grind I’ve done.
  11. SuperComm4


    Yes - more Ocean in rotation please, and at more tiers. The current version of the game is balanced enough for it. It’s a silly expectation to think you can do the same thing in every battle, or use the exact same strategy every time you play a map. Like those that would cross the entire map to get to that one perfect island hideout they had a dominant game from 70 losses ago. Ocean is a better map than to only be in rotation once or twice every thousand matches. I’ve played exactly 6 matches on Ocean.
  12. SuperComm4

    I just can't handle the... whatever... anymore.

    I have to agree with this. I have seen many games where one team is down to 1 DD and 1-2 other ships. The other team has lost all DDs but has 3-4 BBs and maybe a CL. The outnumbered DD always wins. They can shadow the BBs while their lone BB or CAs whittle them down. More commonly they 1 x 1 torp the BBs to death. Crap DD play is the biggest cause of lost matches. A good DD makes a potato team win.
  13. SuperComm4

    The FDG

    I enjoy my German BBs; I often turn to them in a potential losing streak to stall the damage. Between Bismarck, Tirpitz, FdG and GK I get wins going and their similar playstyle and survivability ensure I get my game skill back in focus. These were not the easiest ships to learn, and my WR in them shows this learning curve. Further, they, when played right, carry the team. When I was not playing them right my teams lost the majority of times. Mainly I use secondary builds, Tirpitz has an accuracy build and I can play the long range game in it if needed. The book is still out on if I like that. Most of the time these ships have to be angled. I use islands to avoid line of sight to mitigate the horrible detection range. This allows you to maximize the opportunities to surprise the enemy at closer range. This also ensures they are already engaged at a long range target by the time they detect you, and you can then effectively end a red three ship push: target CA/CL first while DD gets the secondaries. Then the BBs get full attention. Full speed is important here otherwise friendlies are getting pummeled. Occasionally with Bismarck I can lead a 4 ship charge with 1 other BB involved and those break the red team. Also occasionally with FdG I can ensure a green victory by charging in (bow in to all BBs) and “disrupting” the red strategy as they all want to focus on me. It makes most of the red team visible for a long period of time as they whittle me down. If I can also cause enough damage in the 3 min suicide charge (high risk here) we almost always can win. You need to get over 60k here. Since red is all visible and in disarray, your team will clean them up. Good line.
  14. I think when you realize you are out of line, like the OP did, it is important to reach out and acknowledge it for your own catharsis as well as letting the other player know the game community isn’t as toxic as it appears. I’ve reached out from the team score screen after the match and used port chat to apologize. It makes me a better and more successful player because I remember my mistakes more clearly; when I put myself out there first in the rant, but really it’s the apologizing part that forces me to remember more. Most commonly had I communicated my intended actions ahead of time, the others could have positioned themselves or supported better as a team. Chat is used to reactively.
  15. SuperComm4

    Wanted to play with Friends in the EU and now my account is gone

    Don’t worry, try this: The Steam client records login info which persists even if you uninstall the game. What you need to do is a “Clean Install”. 1.) uninstall WoWS. 2.) go into your file manager where the Steam folder/WoWS is saved: the file is still there - delete the WoWS folder. 3.) go into steam and download WoWS. 4.) when you launch it this time, it will no longer have record of your EU account to preload, so it will ask you to login again: just use your original account name and password instead of your EU info. This works because all the info for your account is actually on the respective Server, so you can always log into either account as you left it, it’s just the Steam client that stores local content (login username and password + settings) to speed up re-installs. Since you are switching servers, you just have to delete that local content. You pick up exactly where you left off on your original account.