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  1. FearTheBeef


    Didnt mean to quote. But sad to see someone go with so many games under thier belt. None the less subs will be great for the game. The constant evolution of the game keeps it interesting. Changing dynamics of game play keeps it from being boring.
  2. FearTheBeef

    How do I get the Somers?

    Daring if you want to shred destroyers. Somers if you want to send battle ships to Davy jones locker. Halland if you hate life and want a boat that sucks at everything and excels at nothing.
  3. FearTheBeef

    Where the hell did Mainz go?

    It will be back next year as a steel ship ^^
  4. FearTheBeef

    Armada: Mainz

    The mainz could really use a heal to offset it's very poor armor and terrible mobility. Or an increase in speed plus rudder shift so it has the ability to dodge. It feels to sluggish to be a cl. Main bats are fine as they are along with its aa but this ship needs some more work.
  5. FearTheBeef

    ST, changes to test ships

    Yeah as if agir needed another nerf. After buying the mainz and realize what utter worthless piece of trash that ship is I cant see myself wanting agir. Or maybe its wg plan to discourage players from using german ships. Leave it to wg to hold onto bitter ww2 grudges against germans and make sure every ship is unplayable.
  6. FearTheBeef

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    I would love to be excited about this but with how poor the mainz is and the butchering of odin/agir I dought these ships will be worth a grain of salt.
  7. FearTheBeef

    Odin is nerfed. I'm depressed

    What did you think was going to happen from a Russian based game that hates Germans.
  8. FearTheBeef

    Anyone else getting epicly high pings lately?

    I'm on the West Coast and I've been getting lag all day. It only happens when I play world of worships and it just started for me today and hasn't happened in the past.
  9. FearTheBeef

    Naval Legends: Destroyer HSwMS Småland

    When do we get tactical nuclear Submarines. When you score a kraken you get The option to deploy a nuke that ends the game and you have one minute to stop the sub before launch.
  10. FearTheBeef

    Colbert -- What am I doing wrong?

    I have the colbert as well and it doesn't excel at anything really and even less so after Ifhe rework. No practical application for it and has never at any point been OP. Just a fun spammer to mess around with if your not interested in winning ^.-.
  11. I would like to see a lot of these newer ships put into a tr 11 group. Colbert, smolensk, yashima, h44, stalingrad . There's plenty of concept super ships that could fill tr 11.
  12. FearTheBeef

    Update 0.9.0 - Feedback

    The directives are way too easy. Easily completed in one day. A challenge would be nice not to Puerto Rico standards but something that takes a little bit of effort to achieve.
  13. The pay off is you get the worst battle cruiser in game. Horrid dispersion and terrible Sigma in comparison to Alaska. But the one good thing Puerto Rico is good at is providing a target for the enemy to farm.
  14. FearTheBeef

    PR over Stalingrad, steel for Bourgogne?

    The issue with Stalingrad and its play style that you have to take in account is its battleship burn time. While it has excellent bow armor for forward tanking and stalinium rail guns it is easily burned down by he spamming stealth cruisers. If you play it mobile be aware of it's super exposed citadel and horrible turn radius.
  15. Getting the Puerto Rico is so easy with 2 Premium boosters and super easy with 3. Why Anyone would ask for a refund is beyond me.