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  1. What the auction house really needs is a 12 km radar module that can attach to rocket planes. Destroyers beware!
  2. FearTheBeef

    Has anyone looked at the Tier 10 Elbing yet?

    Spot on. The ship has no unique ability there's nothing special about it therefore it has no place in the game. It's not a cruiser killer it's not A dd hunter it excels at nothing.
  3. FearTheBeef

    Naval Legends: Submarine Seehund

    So when will we see them in game? A must have.
  4. FearTheBeef

    ST, changes to AA and detectability ranges by air

    I have no words for this madness.
  5. FearTheBeef

    Wg server or ISP?

    I'm having this issue again today only on wows. Not happing on any other game. USA ca .
  6. FearTheBeef

    Wg server or ISP?

    I had these issues all night as well as my fellow clan members on the west coast. Tho our members on the east coast had no issue.
  7. And to think I almost bought this this morning. Was really looking forward to it. Good thing I did some research 1st and found out that they made it into a steaming heap of scat.
  8. FearTheBeef

    ST, changes to test ships

    Might as well scrap Ludendorff at this point .
  9. FearTheBeef

    How do I get the Somers?

    Daring if you want to shred destroyers. Somers if you want to send battle ships to Davy jones locker. Halland if you hate life and want a boat that sucks at everything and excels at nothing.
  10. If your clan is inactive and ur having trouble getting a team together for C.B. have you considered merging with another one. I can take 5 more members which would give u access to more clan battles.i could prob free up 2 more spots for all 7 active players.
  11. This is a great suggestion adds more suspense and dynamic to the game. Keeps players on their toes and will add some excitement to the game. It seems that people complaining don't want to have a challenge they want to pre determine everything. Also maybe make it a feature that happens at random. Not every match but a % that you might get this mode.
  12. FearTheBeef

    Where the hell did Mainz go?

    It will be back next year as a steel ship ^^
  13. FearTheBeef

    Armada: Mainz

    The mainz could really use a heal to offset it's very poor armor and terrible mobility. Or an increase in speed plus rudder shift so it has the ability to dodge. It feels to sluggish to be a cl. Main bats are fine as they are along with its aa but this ship needs some more work.
  14. FearTheBeef

    ST, changes to test ships

    Yeah as if agir needed another nerf. After buying the mainz and realize what utter worthless piece of trash that ship is I cant see myself wanting agir. Or maybe its wg plan to discourage players from using german ships. Leave it to wg to hold onto bitter ww2 grudges against germans and make sure every ship is unplayable.