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  1. I've had a blast playing the Amagi recently, but starting the Izumo was like running into a brick wall. It isn't a bad ship since I've had some great games on it, but I've been struggling to do well in it consistently. I've found the guns on the Izumo to be really trolly. Despite its supposed 2.0 sigma, I struggle to do big damage numbers (let alone cits) on ships showing broadside within 17km. On some games I'll find the citadel on everything with big salvos, others I struggle to hit anything and end up burning to death by overconfident broadside cruisers. Concerning the tankyness of these ships, I've found the Izumo to be far tougher, but clumsier than the Amagi. Sometimes I wish for the Amagi's hardy rear coupled with its speed to let me kite out of a collapsing flank, since I usually just get burned trying to make a fighting retreat in my Izumo. So here are my questions: What are the differences between the Amagis playstyle and the Izumos playstyle? How should I change my gunnery with the Izumo (should I lead more or less than compared to the Amagi)?
  2. I'm having trouble watching replays that I want to review. I've already set up the replays to use WoWs to open it, but after it opens it just gets stuck at the loading screen. I'm accessing the replays from Program Files(x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > World of Warships > replays I click on a replay, steam opens up and requests if WoWs can open with said replay file -> accept. Loading screen pops up, then just stays there. Here's where it's at: Am I missing something in the process?
  3. KatanaWeeb

    Sabaton Pays Tribute to Bismarck

    God I really ought to get the Bismarck now, just to blare this song every time I play a game in it.
  4. KatanaWeeb

    So, Mogami

    With a stealth build, the Mogami has a 9.3 detection radius. Use that to your advantage on getting the jump on ships. Know when to hold your fire, don't be the first spotted (especially in a bottom tier match). If you note a lot of ships focusing you, then stop firing, assuming that you have nothing within range to detect you. If you are detected and fired upon, then use the ship's maneuverability to dodge the shells. For instance, you're sailing full speed broadside to a BB that has just launched a salvo at you from say, 18 km away. That's plenty of time to dodge for the Mogami. Immediately slow down and turn so that the shells land short of the ship. If you do get caught with a broadside, then pray it isn't a citadel (it will be though). The transition from the Myoko to the Mogami is drastic. In the Myoko you can angle and tank the damage, Mogami... not against the ships you'll be going against (Yamato ;-;). Make the best use of your camo and agility, avoid that instinct to constantly sling HE at ships, only do so when you're confident you can avoid incoming fire. I only have 50~ games in the ship though, so I'm still getting the hang of it myself. :)
  5. KatanaWeeb

    Any one got ship from in game FREE black boxes?

    250 doubloons, some black lurker's camo, and a day of premium. I've been seeing a LOT of B ships recently though, so I'm guessing some people are more fortunate with their boxes lol.