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  1. Acura_invader

    WG Never Learns

    WG only has two games alive now,WOWS and WOT. The warships game on consoles is dead now, even WG didn’t put CV in console game. They clearly know the CVs pissed players off a lot. The captain rework may lead this game to hell, who knows, let’s see.
  2. Acura_invader

    CV ideas

    Don’t waste your time. They never care about your idea. Since the 9.0 patch, many players were leaving the game. I think only profit decreased can make them listen to players’ ideas. To be honest, in the past, I played tierX battle a lot, but Cv makes this game boring, I can’t find any fun now. I have skipped Black Friday and Xmas events. If WG still don’t change CVS, I will delete this game and leave it forever.
  3. Acura_invader

    How WG Chooses Your Santa Gift Ship

    I don’t want to spend any cents on any events until they get the game balanced and improve the MM. The CVs are the cancer of the game.
  4. Acura_invader

    Shall we organize Player Strike?

    I don’t need strike. I have spent and played less. Because I can’t feel any fun from the game. The CVs like a god can detect any motion in the map, every player tend to stay as far as they can and shoot.
  5. Acura_invader

    WG: You need to pay attention to this video

    Cv is a cancer of the game, not because it’s powerful, but it ruin the other ship players’ fun in the game. I play much less than before this year. No fun, just play less.
  6. Acura_invader

    Official Discord Dev QnA #2 [Part II]

    We are balanced , no plan to change, you d better to accept it or get out. I learned almost the same idea from every QA from WG.
  7. Acura_invader

    savage mode is pathetic

    This is how their MM works. Not only savage mode but rank and random are all the same. Sometimes win all day sometimes loss constantly. They never improve MM. That’s why I only play several times a month now.
  8. Acura_invader

    No subs please.

    Only one thing I know is when WG release Sub, player base will decrease again. Before they making new content, they are short of test. A lot of players will be pissed off. Just like CV rework.
  9. Acura_invader

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    You also can ask WG if they are shamed of sell all the premium surface ships. You spent money on CVs, we also spent money on premium surface ships. Because of CVs, a lot of ships are not playable now. One more thing is you CV players mocked surface players ‘ you guys should adapt your way of playing, not whining all the time’ or ‘why do you want to sail alone, it’s your fault’ or ‘ you do players don’t know turn off the P’, it’s time to return these to you now. Learn how to adapt now.
  10. Acura_invader

    This rank season is a disaster

    Pls check the server data, the average damage and win rate of rentals are less than the normal ships. Most of time, rentals are die first in a battle.
  11. Win or loss does not depend on your skill, it depends on how many rentals in your team. WG, do you think you give new players high tier ship to play in a rank it will keep them staying playing? For experienced players, they complain beginners ‘ poor performance, both experienced players and beginners are frustrated. For me, I won’t play rank anymore. It makes me sick. But I am not going to complain new players. It’s your fault, WG. Sometimes you give me a survey after battle, I write it every time, but nothing changes or improves. The pics below are my last rank battle, I won’t play it anymore. I constantly loss 4 days. From r10 to r12 now. Most of rentals play like bots. I don’t want to waste my time. If you care players ‘ feelings, withdraw the rentals as soon as possible.
  12. Acura_invader

    What's your opinion on ranked this year?

    I like arms race, but this season is really piss me off. Because of this season, I decided to find another game to play.
  13. Acura_invader

    Stop complaining about CVs

    I agree. I am the 1st situation, I only play one or two battles every week if I can remember. Nowadays the threads about complain CVs are much less than before.
  14. Acura_invader

    WG. CV is your mess. Can you be fair and stop this?

    Not only CVs in rank, but they invite beginners to play rentals in rank which is a disaster. After 3 days losses in rank, I decided to have a long break now. It’s not worth playing.
  15. Acura_invader

    How to avoid horrible matchmaking?

    I decided to leave this game too. Playing rank constantly loss 3 days. MM matched me 3-4rent ships players, at first few minutes they died. I can not find any fun but frustrating. This is not the 1st time I complain MM, but WG doesn’t like whining, they want “constructive suggestions “.