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  1. Acura_invader

    Premium Shop in February: Wichita

    I won’t buy anything from WG. Who knows when they will “buff” it to a higher tier. And +-2 tiers match maker is suck. Many players have complained about it, WG don’t think this is a problem. So why do we need to buy a tier8 ship to be abused by tierX ships?
  2. Acura_invader

    This is a Freaking Disaster

    I have decided to change another game to play. The balance is bad, cv rework makes the game boring. In the past we have a lot of strategies to win. Now players are hiding behind the hill shooting 20km away.
  3. Acura_invader

    Making the PEF not suck

    I am glad to finish this event. PEF will stay in my port forever. I have no interest in this ship because of the main battery is a joke. Some say it is a BC, I cannot understand, if it is a BC, pls buff its reload time. 28s, are you kidding me?
  4. Acura_invader

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    Make random battles to a kind of rank battle. The same rank players are matched together in same tier. Now the logic of the MM is really coarser. The worst things are +-2 tier matching and veterans are bullying beginners in lower tier random battle. I have recommended this game to 3 friends, now they have given up. The real problem of this game is MM, it will stop new players to keep playing. If you search forum, many players complained MM in the past. Design a decent MM is WG’s duty, not ours. We just figure out this problem. For WG, they can learn from Blizzard how to build MM.
  5. Acura_invader

    P.E. Friedrick

    Play passively, watch TV when you are playing this trash. Just for finishing the mission for steel. After that forget about this ship in your port
  6. Acura_invader

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is utter garbage

    WG give us a garbage ship and force us to use only this one to finish a series missions. I am tired of this ship. Begin a battle, watch a movie and play it. Don’t care much about its performance, play passively. You waste your time to aiming, to try your best to win but It rewards you a lot of Ricochet and Over-penetrating.
  7. Acura_invader

    How many is your losing streak?

    In the past, I am as same as you. Now if I constantly lose 3 times. I stop playing this game. You can check your teammates ‘win rate. MM in this game is ridiculous. Sometimes you can win all day long, sometimes lose all the time. Play game for fun, if you can’t feel happy, just stop.
  8. PEF is totally a crapship. It’s a WG‘s bad joke. The ship’s gun is insanely weak. I can’t find any fun on this ship. Because of The nerve of steel, I have to play it. It’s really a torture. Sometimes I think if I need to stop playing this game.
  9. Acura_invader

    Yes another t8 mm ? Why buy prem t8?

    I agree with you. Although someone talks about skill problems, but tier 8 still not equal to be matched to tier10. For my part, I will not spend money on premium ships unless they change the mm logic.
  10. Acura_invader

    Suggestion about premium ship: Roma

    Oh, thank you very much! I will try it again...
  11. Do not buy it! I bought it this Christmas Day in tech tree. Now I am frustrated . Because its guns are very weird. Within 14km, it will give you over-pen, over-pen and over-pen. Between 18-14, it can penetrate other ships but its accuracy is bad. 1/9-2/9 hit target. I don't know why WG sell such ship in premium shop. You aiming accurately, nothing wrong, but 900 over-pen damage. By the way, tier 8 ships are still always matched to tier X room now. I won't buy any tier 8 premium ships.
  12. I will not spend any buck until the discount is coming.
  13. Acura_invader

    Almost every game is a blowout now?

    I agree with you. Just like the pic below.
  14. Acura_invader

    What currency(s) for Alaska?

    I guess they will sale crates. U have chance to get that ship or tons of flags and camo...