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  1. That doesn't hold true for every team. I know of a few groups that choose to stick with the BB against CV and still made it to Gale within few nights of clan battles. Its not that MM needs to be fixed but players attitudes that is the problem. Most people / player's opinions are often influenced by people they know. Leaders learn to adapt and overcome most situations. I don't see a problem with every class being a part of clan battles. Changing things up keeps a game fresh. Its get boring watching the same ending every season as it has been since day one. Maybe WG is finding out that repeating seasons( Same results) in WOT that brought the death to Clan Wars.
  2. CaptLongline

    The multiple cv games need to stop

    If you want limit to a class , then limit all classes across the board. Lower tier dds can have as much as 5+ in games too. Treat all classes in the same manner.
  3. CaptLongline

    Ranked Battles

    Then simply don't play them.
  4. CaptLongline

    CV counterplay was already in WoWs. They removed it.

    They just need to change name of the game to World of Diapers. Someone always crying how unfair this ship or that ship is unfair.
  5. CaptLongline

    Any Reason For No CVs in Armory?

    Its not the ships that are the problem but player's attitudes. If you cant handle them, then maybe you shouldn't have downloaded the game? WOT, they cried about artillery. AW they cried about artillery and WOW they cried about CV's. See a pattern? Its not that ANY of ship's are bad for the game but the childish thinking of player's who cant handle being beat by those ships.
  6. CaptLongline

    Observations from a fresh account

    The only way to fix seal clubbing is simply through skilled base match making that would base team against each other within a reasonable range stat wise but we all know the skilled player will complain how unfair this would be. I don't see how since your fighting player's within your skill range? The game growth isn't booming here. How many have left due to either being clubbed or slammed about their stats over and over? They took out the counter awhile back for obvious reason's. I personally don't care what anyone say's about my stats. I just look at it as someone else suffers low self esteem if they have to say anything negative in the first place.
  7. CaptLongline

    the few outweigh the many

    CV's are far from OP. They serve the same purpose as any dd role. If you spot the whole game, then you're damage is low or if you play selfish like a lot of player's, then you can get some decent damage. DD player's complain because now they don't have that advantage they once had so it dumb down their torp damage which is far grater compared to torps from a CV. I remember when it was torpedo alley every match where BB couldn't get close. People whine about DD being so bad but yet every match was full of them till CV's came back into the picture and brought some balance back to the classes used. HE spam is worst thing in the game anymore.
  8. CaptLongline

    Player abuse

    Its not just a BB problem with sniping. You have cruisers and dd's out with them. Why push in when you are just going to deal with over HE spamming in the game today. The player base ( some not all) is so damn worried about stats, than team play but whine or [edited] when things don't go their way. So you cant just blame one class when it more involved.
  9. People complain way too much. WG put events out there and its up to the player/clans who want to participate in them. Nobody is holding you at gun point to do them. Personally, I find Clan battles to be boring with pretty much the same ending every time. I prefer random teams for events like ranked that come down to a player skill and ability to work with other's as a team than a group of strong player's controlling the board. Though I would like to see WG put coms in-game like Mech Warrior to help them communicate better in a match.
  10. The problem with most player's attitude's. If I'm not on top, then I'm taking my ball and going home. Cv's have their role in-game but those who cant except that will either whine or stop playing when the odds's are not in their favor. Also CV should just focus CV?? Obviously you haven't played them. Why would anyone waste the entire battle focused on one ship or spotting. You wouldn't get very much damage.
  11. CaptLongline

    Clan Battles Season: Crash Zone Alpha

    Since you're suggesting that and as well no CVs. Then why not exclude all steel. coal and premium ship's. This way everybody is running only in ships that can you had to grind up in. That way every ship should be close to even with no extra advantage like the Belfast etc:
  12. CaptLongline

    Clan Battles Season: Crash Zone Alpha

    I'm sure some have stopped playing due to not having enough player's to do them. I would rather have the clan brawls then clan battles since from what I read. It gave more player's the chance to be involved. Growing a clan is too much time for little rewards.
  13. CaptLongline

    Clan Battles Season: Crash Zone Alpha

    Clan battles are fine but it's like watching the same movie over and over with the same ending. Sooner or later the numbers will shrink as it did in WOT.
  14. CaptLongline

    Streaks and MM

    MM only has to do with what ships are matched up and the rest depend on how the team play's their game. Are the odd's stacked sometimes?Yes. You mention Skilled Based matchmaking and the cradle will rock using the excuse how unfair it is to skilled player's. In the end you have team player's and then you have those who solely play for their stat's. My point is that loses cant always be blamed on MM. Developers will not change. Hell, just play the game and have fun win or loose. Its just a game anyway.
  15. CaptLongline

    Altering your W/R

    And you wonder why game growth is slow as well clans themselves are so unbalanced.