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  1. DenisGLabrecque

    I see all this hate for Submarines

    Agree with you there. No one expects their recreation to be historically accurate, but when they are faster underwater, players just think, "come ooon..." Why make underwater lurking so powerful? Wouldn't it be a balance opportunity for subs to go faster above water, where they have a longer spotting range but more speed? Smh. Design by committee.
  2. DenisGLabrecque

    Modding Ship Model Tool: COMPLETE!

    Believe it was when enabling the addon, can't quite remember now. Unfortunately, I uninstalled the game again because of classes. I'm still interested in ship meshes though.
  3. DenisGLabrecque

    Modding Ship Model Tool: COMPLETE!

    @ShadowyBandit Very interesting in working with this, and have attempting installing this with various versions of Blender, but cannot make it work: Perhaps this requires looking into, or a Wiki page on GitHub? Ideally, it would be great if it worked with the most recent version of Blender.
  4. DenisGLabrecque

    When Are Submarines Coming Out?

    No official news for about a year now?
  5. DenisGLabrecque

    Why is armored deck a thing?

    Unicum carriers end the match immediately by killing all the DDs. I've experienced that firsthand, not anecdotally. And there is no way for a DD to overcome this problem, except for retreating near his friendly carrier. As a BB, however, I can definitely affect a match's outcome, seeing better win rates in certain ships. So I don't think carriers really mitigate unicum players. IMHO, carriers should spot general minimap location, but not cause ships to be properly spotted (like what happens in storms when friendlies are far apart). If the carrier were close enough to its own airplanes, then sure, share the location. This would encourage carriers to get closer to danger, making them more vulnerable, but rewarding them for taking risks. Right now carriers are super unbalanced because they continuously spot. Because spotting damage only happens after a certain time of not being spotted, and because much of the damage caused by CV spotting is shared by the team (eg. cruisers shooting down DDs), this excess is probably not noticed by carrier players or by Wargaming spreadsheets. Also, the rate of new airplanes is just abusive. Aircraft carriers in WWII won the war and made BBs obsolete and changed naval warfare. So of course they are overpowered in a BB game.
  6. DenisGLabrecque

    Henri IV — French Tier X cruiser.

    Sad to end the French grinds with non-competitive ships at tier X for clan battles.
  7. DenisGLabrecque

    Henri IV — French Tier X cruiser.

    Me too. Been grinding the French cruiser line since starting the game two years ago. Got annoyed with cruisers and got the battleship line first. Now finishing what I started and hoping the Henri is OK. After all what other tier X cruiser will I have, since it takes years to grind?
  8. DenisGLabrecque

    Modding Ship Model Tool: COMPLETE!

    So is there a way to quickly get hold of a hull? I'm looking for République, though the game client is uninstalled at the moment
  9. DenisGLabrecque

    model and visual files?

    Does the content SDK allow downloading OBJ files, like the République hull? I'm after it, thinking of a new 3D print project