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    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Haven't had a fun match since the update. Basically as a DD I get to hope that I get ignored, generally get murdered by a horde of rockets. Really has taken the fun out of it. makes me regret going premium in december. Probably will take the update off (I.E. not play until next update) until I see how the DDapocalypse is managed. in the higher tiers I am fending off rocket attacks before my first set of torpedos is even ready for launch. Far as I can tell, my sole job now is to hang back by a carrier or a BB and cower under their AA/fighter cover. Not really sure how that contributes anything. Might be manageable if a 1 carrier per match limit rather than 2 was set. Honestly, I suspect that if you had a toggle for "only carrier free battles" right now you would have matches with only carriers on one hand and everyone else back in carrier free fun games.