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  1. ArgosRising

    Kobayashi Camos Question

    So I am in the market to pick up one of the Kobayashi camos to help with my credit gain in the game. Also because I like their design. Does anyone know if the credits earned for the tier 8's is generally more than Yamatos? I have Kii, Roma, and Yamato. If Yamato can make as many credits with the Kobayashi camo as the Tier 8s, I'll get that one. Does anyone know how this would compare? Thanks in advance.
  2. ArgosRising

    Hope it was worth it, WeeGee.

    Yeah it's really sleezy that any time there's a ship you can buy to speed up these directives it's also a crappy ship you'd never buy otherwise.
  3. They should just rename Santa Crates to "Gamble for a 0.1% chance at the Missouri!" because I feel like people only get them to try and get her. Pretty sure I'd never buy them again once I had her lol.
  4. That's why I never sell premium ships so I get better rolls in the future. I've gotten almost everything I want outside the Missouri and Belfast honestly. They have terrible value when you sell them anyway.
  5. I agree. If they removed the time limit I'm willing to bet 90% of players STILL never finish it, but those of us who want PR can complete it.
  6. False. I've gotten 10 times the stuff from santa crates than any other. By far best money I've spent in the game.
  7. ArgosRising

    Hope it was worth it, WeeGee.

    Missouri, but they removed it because it made too many credits. Can get from santa container right now if really lucky lol.
  8. Think this is a huge distinction! Even after Destiny (Warframe's main competitor) went free to play Warframe is still doing very well. They are generous to their playerbase and the players feel compelled to spend money to thank them for it.
  9. ArgosRising

    Hope it was worth it, WeeGee.

    It's not the grind for the PR that matters. It's that they intentionally misled us about it and then pulled the rug out from under us. What about the casuals who don't watch CCs or go to forums? They don't even realize that WG misled us all yet. It's messed up. If they said "$234 for Puerto Rico or a grind that practically no one can finish in 28 days" people would be mad, but most would roll their eyes and move on. It's the fact that they implied Puerto Rico would be reasonable to acquire for everyone which is not at all true.
  10. Exactly this. For those who don't understand why people are so upset, this is a HUGE part of it. It's very clearly designed to get you to invest, realize you can't finish it and then spend money to complete it so you didn't just waste several weeks grinding without the reward. It's underhanded and it's greedy to the highest degree.
  11. I think it's also important to note that they are directly selling a Tier 10 for money now. Which they promised they'd never do.
  12. He stated it like it was 700% difference to get Puerto Rico from the PEF, I was correcting him that it's 700% harder to get the Gorizia, NOT the Puerto Rico which is harder yet.
  13. Not sure if you're trying to be misleading or you misunderstood. It's 700% between the PEF and the Gorizia.... that's the first 3 directives. It's not 700% between PEF and Puerto Rico it's WAAAAAAAAAAAY more than that.
  14. ArgosRising

    Hope it was worth it, WeeGee.

    It's just stupid. They could have just done the Christmas containers like usual and then given out a new Free Tier 6 premium to everyone and the community would have been really happy! But they promised us a Tier 10 to work for and then slapped us in the face with it. I've seen a lot of crappy companies but this is another level of greed and shortsightedness.
  15. I play this game more than any other, I play it every day. I've spent over $700.00 on this game, Wargaming. I LOVE ships and I love playing this game! I just spent $30 on christmas containers and have $30 more in my Steam wallet ready to go for it. I love playing the Kronstadt and Alaska and was SO looking forward to getting a Tier X battlecruiser to bring to clan battles. I was SO happy and excited for all the amazing stuff you had planned for Christmas, WG! I was on cloud 9. Then I logged in and IMMEDIATELY spent my doubloons on the first 2 boosts because I was so excited. Then I looked at the directives, and did some math and my jaw dropped. After watching many of the CC's videos it seems the sentiment in the community is almost unanimous: anger and hurt. No one but the whales are going to even participate in this event. I am hurt. I am angry. And at this point you could GIVE us all the Puerto Rico and I don't think it would solve the damage you just did. You took advantage and insulted all of us. I've spent over $700 on this game with NO intention to slow down and I am active, love this game, and constantly interacting with the CCs of your community... but after this stunt I am honestly considering uninstalling the game and never looking back. (Again, this is my favorite game!) A company that will do something as nasty and cruel as this can be trusted to only do it again. Hope the money you farmed from the whales this event was worth the lost goodwill and players that populate your servers. I've got a lot of thinking to do. To my fellow captains, good luck in the future whether I'm there or not. o7