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  1. Stupidity

    I appreciate this post both for the comment's accuracy and for the clever use of words.
  2. Best or Most fun gun boats?

    Can second this, meeting any other DD in a cap circle and then taking them to half health with your godly alpha in a single salvo and watching them squirm is amazing. Not to mention your inordinate amount of short-range torps like a giant Trump-Wall of skill.
  3. Best DD's Ever..

    Got a replay so that us DD drivers can take your advice and use it to learn from? :P
  4. DD Question

    Yeah the KM DDs don't get the Hydro until tier 6 at least. Right now still grinding the T5 and getting comfortable with it, seems a lot like a torp boat right now. From what I've heard the T6 to maybe T8 KM DDs use the hydro more defensively (avoiding obvious torp situations, and brawling with a DD in smoke nearby) than as a DD hunter. I have heard at least T9 and T10 though become more like what you sound like you want.
  5. T10!

    Hey Congrats! What an exciting moment!
  6. REVY is recruiting Casual only Captains

    Hey there :) I am pretty new, looking to put in some time with T5 ships to improve and not looking for commitment but would like some people to play with, let me know! :)
  7. Is HSF collection still working?

    You're killin me
  8. Is HSF collection still working?

    I might give this a try, I only do flag containers so I'll try anything to finish it off at this point.
  9. Cv beginner asking for help

    I actually have a problem where the game sometimes won't respond to my clicks and it takes 2 or 3 clicks to have a plane respond. It is incredibly frustrating. I didn't notice it happening in specific moments, seemed it happened any time. Don't have any other mouse issues so this bugged me because sometimes it would lose me planes :/
  10. Cv beginner asking for help

    I really hated the map while using a CV, and was the main reason I pretty much gave up, this is a great tip, so although I'm not the OP, thanks :P
  11. Is HSF collection still working?

    I thought the same, and I was pretty sad. But last night (around... maybe 8pm my time) my 3rd daily XP container finally pulled a HSF dupe. So they are still there, but think the drop rate got harshly reduced.
  12. Yeah I am not really sure what all I want in a BB, but I know faster BB's are my preference so far, so I am thinking US BBs might not be the right fit either way. I will do the Kongo for a while, then maybe try the KM T5 out after a few dozen games.
  13. I literally bought a pack of 5 and all I wanted was the T5 (so I could later grind the T6 and T7 without starting the line over and the T8... I literally got both missions from those five crates. I am usually the most unlucky person in the world... so pretty sure I just blew my only chance in life at a home-run jackpot on getting a couple ships early that will eventually be free... Still have to admit I lost my s*** when it happened. But yeah... can confirm Richelieu mission is in there. (Even if your post was sarcasm :P)
  14. Interestingly when I play DD/CA I am aggressive, as a BB I tend to be rather passive. Likely this is why my BB stats look better on paper (low sample, but nonetheless). I have really enjoyed the Ishizuchi and I just unlocked the Kongo, so I am planning to spend some time with her to see if I have a similar fit there for now.