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  1. ArgosRising

    Warship Wednesday - First Ship of the Day

    Well, I always start out with a Destroyer, focusing on not dying and getting used to leading targets again. Right now that generally means the Z-23, which I am grinding. Then I do a match with a Battleship because they are low-stress but require planning ahead. Always my Alabama, never have a bad time in her. Then I do a match in a Cruiser to see if I'm warmed up and ready or not. Normally the Emile Bertin because she is my only Kraken and her slow-moving turrets and light armor aren't very forgiving to mistakes.
  2. ArgosRising

    Next Free Experience Ship

    Yeah when I come back to the game in 60 days just gunna play my premiums non-stop and buy doubloons so I can unlock the Alaska. I don't even care if it's bad, I've wanted it so bad to come to the game that I'm gunna get it either way XD
  3. ArgosRising

    If you could only play one ship from now on...

    Hmmm.... tough question. I'll cheat and pick one ship from every class (except CV). DD: My beautiful and deadly Asashio!!!! CL: Emile Bertin because she has my first and only Kraken (6 piece, actually) CA: Graf Spee (if we just look at gun caliber) BB: Probably Alabama because she's my most profitable ship outside maybe Asashio and I had an amazing game as soon as I got her. ...but if I had to only pick one, it'd be Asashio