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  1. Next Free Experience Ship

    Yeah when I come back to the game in 60 days just gunna play my premiums non-stop and buy doubloons so I can unlock the Alaska. I don't even care if it's bad, I've wanted it so bad to come to the game that I'm gunna get it either way XD
  2. Hmmm.... tough question. I'll cheat and pick one ship from every class (except CV). DD: My beautiful and deadly Asashio!!!! CL: Emile Bertin because she has my first and only Kraken (6 piece, actually) CA: Graf Spee (if we just look at gun caliber) BB: Probably Alabama because she's my most profitable ship outside maybe Asashio and I had an amazing game as soon as I got her. ...but if I had to only pick one, it'd be Asashio
  3. Just got through season 3, waiting for season 4 to come to hulu. Love it so much! You have good taste, sir.
  4. Thank you very much, sir!
  5. This won't be of much use after a day when this leaves the front page and anyone looking for info searches the topic. If they don't see their answer they'll make a post like I do. Good effort though.
  6. Pan-Asian: To Radar or not to Radar?

    I've always been a very "lead the charge" kind of guy.. but this is an interesting angle I hadn't even considered before.
  7. Pan-Asian: To Radar or not to Radar?

    Okay, cool. I'll check out his stream of it when I get home. Thanks. I was kinda thinking this might be the case. Will need coordination to really get the value out of radar, and can't rely on randoms for that generally.
  8. Again I ask, how do you block someone on this forum?
  9. Pan-Asian: To Radar or not to Radar?

    This is what I wondered about. Amazing when it works, but probably few and far between when you want Radar over Smoke. Very interesting perspective. Do you have names for some of these streamers so that I might check them out? @Binx_Lucky apparently I am supposed to summon you
  10. So, this is probably a stupid question. (I am full of those.) But when one gets to the Hsienyang-Yueyang in the Pan-Asian line and gets access to radar, is there really any case to make to sacrificing smoke for it? I ask this because I love to be a cap bully, and most of all I love killing Destroyers. Obviously the DWT aren't any good against DDs in cap, but the guns should be enough to take care of business on that side. The reason I ask is because I would love to move into a cap, spot a DD and kill it even if it's hiding in smoke. Now the german DDs have hydro, but they get out-spotted by everything, so I feel like you're always sacrificing health to get into a position to attack this way. With the Radar you might be able to engage a destroyer, bait smoke and then radar them for a kill secure. So I am just curious, is radar a viable option (even for surprise utility value?) or is it just asking to die early? I am especially interested in hearing from anyone who's had a fair bit of experience in both. Thanks! o7 Argos
  11. COWARDLINESS players

    Lol how did this comment make it 32 minutes? XD
  12. You know that You can quote multiple posts in one, right?
  13. No idea at all. I mean the HMS Ajax and HMS Achilles scared the Spee into scuttling herself... maybe the trick is you need two Leanders.
  14. Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    Dude... all coordinate to launch 4 spreads at once. They could cover half the battlefield in death-bringing torps. Rip deep-draught ships.