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  1. Aslains. You probably are using the mod with the over target information.
  2. lubedfeet

    CV PSA: Don't take Hidden Menace

    Why though? You're putting in 4 points for a small amount on concealment and limiting your flexibility.
  3. lubedfeet

    CV PSA: Don't take Hidden Menace

    I say this in the most respectable way possible, but no one should take the skill as it results in 1) more plane losses and 2) limits your flexibility. If any of your German CVs are fully secondary spec minus the GZ then you're doing yourself and your team a disservice.
  4. lubedfeet

    CV PSA: Don't take Hidden Menace

    Even if you are dropping 2 ships next to eachother with crap AA then you will most likely be in someone's flak. Furthermore, you should always be dropping in flak for skip bombing CVs without ever touching their close range AA so no way of avoiding that.
  5. lubedfeet

    CV PSA: Don't take Hidden Menace

    That's the point though, you lose more. They are dying to flak not continuous.
  6. lubedfeet

    CV PSA: Don't take Hidden Menace

    Essentially yeah. Slower planes eat more flak, which is why the FDR planes eat so much flak when recalled.
  7. lubedfeet

    CV PSA: Don't take Hidden Menace

    Yeah that's exactly right. So you lose more planes and they get back slower. It is a skill that hurts and is a trap for not as experienced CVs.
  8. lubedfeet

    CV PSA: Don't take Hidden Menace

    It definitely costs you planes. I tested today. In theory, it should let you recall planes in AA and get you more planes back once they finally return. It does the opposite on top of limiting your flexibility.
  9. I've done quite a bit of testing in randoms and training battles. You actually lose more planes than normal. Forget about saving any. I have also confirmed this with a number of my filthy unicum CV mains.
  10. You could do a lot more with RTS CVs, but you I still do disgusting things post rework. I think I average 170k or so in my MVR.
  11. lubedfeet

    Allied Cruisers = Thieves

    The mindset of "kill stealing" is one of many reasons bad players are bad. Always confirm a kill when you have the chance. If that ship gets away and heals then you have an issue. Furthermore, every additional salvo it gets off is more damage that your team is taking for zero reason.
  12. I don't do this with any CV. I typically pick a flank to try to win. That at least means that we have one side of the map mid game which gives me a chance to carry the mid/late game. Time spent flying is time not striking/spotting/getting kills. Certain maps you can get a nice forward/center position, but most maps it is better to move up on a flank and constantly run strikes.
  13. lubedfeet

    Hypocrisy of the elite teams

    We thought the Venezia was unfun so we ran Salems and still got to hurricane. If you don't like the meta then be good and run something else.