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  1. Autospy I think It is in asain's mod pack
  2. cableguy2211

    Episode 012: Borla and Torino of KSC

  3. cableguy2211

    Update April Fools' Day

    Are the clan brawls legit or a joke?
  4. cableguy2211

    Indomitable Review - Impotent

    Ark Royal is the best CV, change my mind.
  5. cableguy2211

    Indomitable Review - Impotent

    Great write up- 100% agree with the review.
  6. cableguy2211

    WG Server Problem?

    Just tried connecting with a Verizon internet hotspot.... same issue.
  7. cableguy2211

    WG Server Problem?

    Yeah same here. Also, I'm running ping plotter and it looks like it is an issue with their server- not anything along the way.
  8. cableguy2211

    WG Server Problem?

    They are blaming spectrum/charter. Dear cableguy2211‍,I am really sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with our game.According to the information we have at the moment, game servers are working in the normal mode. However, we have received numerous reports with the similar description from other players. All of them are using the Internet connection provided by Charter Communications (also named as Spectrum): https://www.spectrum.com/In case your connection is provided by Charter Communications (Spectrum) as well, and the problem still relevant, we recommend you contact your ISP support and inform them about this issue. If you are using any other provider we also recommend contacting your ISP support but indicate that the problem may have occurred on the Charter Communications Internet backbones.When contacting your provider, you can indicate a problem with disconnections and login issues to the server login1.worldofwarships.com Please notify support that only Charter Communications users or users whose ISPs use Charter Communications Internet backbones experience this problem. You can also indicate the time when the issue begins.I would like to assure you that the issue also already escalated to our specialists to have a look if there anything we can do from our side to resolve the problem.We would be very grateful if you will inform us of the results of your request in ISP support.Looking forward to your understanding .
  9. cableguy2211

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    I'm glad we don't have the PR to grind or anything.
  10. cableguy2211

    WG Server Problem?

    Same issue here
  11. Free stuff is free stuff- stop complaining about not getting better stuff for your service. We didn't sign up for the military discounts and free pixel ships.
  12. cableguy2211

    Open challenge, CVs.

    It's possible if you have a good div and you're in a Midway. You just need your div to call out damage controls and then suicide in with 6 planes to get the permanent fire. Other than that it's probably only possible if you have a bunch of BBs sail by themselves and even then you get lucky.
  13. cableguy2211

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Regardless of your opinion on CVs, this patch pretty much killed them. I'm one of the better CV players out there (#8 Hak, #77 Midway), but I can't find a way to counter-play against the AA now. Realistically, CV players will need to drop a squad or two and just accept the alpha damage on most strikes. The good CV players will still be somewhat effective, but the average CV players will become near useless.
  14. I just sold my CVs. They aren't really hard to play, but they don't make a large game impact/the game-play is repetitive and boring. I can make a larger impact in a BB 9 out of 10 games.