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  1. I currently have a British Dasha mounted on the temporary premium Lightning. She is specialized for the Black Swan, but I want to keep her on the Jervis. Since the Jervis will soon not be premium, is there any way to get the captain retraining done while it is still premium (so I don't have to deal with skills not working during retraining). I can't figure out how to start the retraining process on a premium. How do I do this?
  2. Det_Flag_Farmer

    Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    Still isn't it still worthwhile to change it? It doesnt effect the gameplay, if you look for it elsewhere the info is available. I almost didn't buy the Salem because of this, because I thought it was hopelessly bad economy-wise
  3. Det_Flag_Farmer

    Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    @LittleWhiteMouse great review, but doesn't Salem have Type 20 camo, with regular T10 bonuses? I think your review of the Salem's economy game is slightly inaccurate. I think this is worth editing, as it is a major selling point of premiums, for me at least.
  4. Det_Flag_Farmer

    [ALL] Improved Maid of Orleans Camouflages

    Looks great! Sorry to keep bothering you, but noticed a few slight issues. One of gold sections on the side, pictured above, is not colored. Additionally, the interior of the "A" and "O" in the ships name is the original color, not the white. Otherwise, looks fantastic!
  5. Det_Flag_Farmer

    [ALL] Improved Maid of Orleans Camouflages

    Much thanks, looks great!
  6. Det_Flag_Farmer

    [ALL] Improved Maid of Orleans Camouflages

    @Avalon304 Here you go. Main and secondary turrets are all properly colored, but the hull skin seems to be unaltered. Sorry for bad lighting, it's more obvious on the rear section of the Gascogne.
  7. Det_Flag_Farmer

    [ALL] Improved Maid of Orleans Camouflages

    @Avalon304 is this supposed to color just the turrets or the entire ship? I only notice a change in the turrets. Great work, though.