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  1. blammo_2017

    Puerto Rico Grind

    Fake news, move along. Also, there just MIGHT be another thread covering this.
  2. blammo_2017

    Asashio time!

    And don’t forget the credit boosting flags! I can regularly get 1 million credit games in my asashio.
  3. Here here, and they neglected to even acknowledge it
  4. Is the NA server going to get screwed out of rewards again due to “technical problems “ that didn’t affect the other servers????
  5. Me too, will continue to play but no longer willing to spend any more money on this game.
  6. blammo_2017

    Hydro not picking up Hak torps

    I took torps in my Mino and had at least one that exploded before showing armed, the others that missed armed just after passing me. Full AA mino and shot down 3 planes after 7-8 attacks on me. He was just recalling after each attack. I sooooo hate this re work
  7. blammo_2017

    Musashi is such a beast in rank

    It’s a great boat but you are dependent on your dd’s to win the dd battle. I’m running Jutland and the games where my teams dd’s clean up the other teams, it’s then trivial to go around and sink any remaining bb’s
  8. Some of the campaigns offer them as rewards, take a look and see. I just added a task that rewards 25 of them
  9. Got beaten to death by 2 CV while in my Asashio so the next match I hopped into my Kidd and shot down 29 planes with full AA. The game has definitely changed, when there are 20 carriers in the que.
  10. blammo_2017

    Public Test

    That was a bit of tongue in cheek but that didn’t come through. To be fair though, since they went to the 4 week update cycle, the PTS was supposed to finish and then have a week or so for qc and then the next update gets released. When they do part 3 of the PTS that will finish 2 days before the release of 8.0
  11. blammo_2017

    Public Test

    Can’t wait for part 3 of the PTS Does that mean that 8.0 is being delayed?
  12. Some people like to do things the hard way though...
  13. blammo_2017

    PEF Credit Grind Over

    I was concerned about it as well which is why I wrote down my doubloons value before finishing the directive and then once it was done, a little math an badda bing...6800 dubs
  14. blammo_2017

    PEF Credit Grind Over

    I’ve seen this posted a couple times but it is inaccurate. I bought the $130 bundle and received 6800 doubloons when I finished directive 4 happy sailing