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  1. blammo_2017

    Public Test

    That was a bit of tongue in cheek but that didn’t come through. To be fair though, since they went to the 4 week update cycle, the PTS was supposed to finish and then have a week or so for qc and then the next update gets released. When they do part 3 of the PTS that will finish 2 days before the release of 8.0
  2. blammo_2017

    Public Test

    Can’t wait for part 3 of the PTS Does that mean that 8.0 is being delayed?
  3. Some people like to do things the hard way though...
  4. blammo_2017

    PEF Credit Grind Over

    I was concerned about it as well which is why I wrote down my doubloons value before finishing the directive and then once it was done, a little math an badda bing...6800 dubs
  5. blammo_2017

    PEF Credit Grind Over

    I’ve seen this posted a couple times but it is inaccurate. I bought the $130 bundle and received 6800 doubloons when I finished directive 4 happy sailing
  6. blammo_2017

    Santa's Gift Boxes

    File a ticket. You shouldn’t be getting dupes yet.
  7. I seem to remember that they just increased the fire duration on the Stalin from 30 to 45 sec a couple patches ago, anyone else remember that?
  8. blammo_2017

    My plan to finish the last grinding of PEF directive

    The campaign is definitely the easier of the two, I’m starting to learn how to play the PEF. It’s a cruiser hunter and doesn’t do well fighting other BB’s. A ramming flag is good for lol’s when you get low on health
  9. blammo_2017

    My plan to finish the last grinding of PEF directive

    Then once you get the PEF the real pain begins. The Nerves of Steel mission chain and Mighty Prinz campaign are both very grindy. Anyone trying to complete those in a short period of time is going to generate some extra NaCl.
  10. blammo_2017

    What can you buy with a 30% coupon?

    25k doubloons for $70 is what I did
  11. blammo_2017

    Winter Ops Wednesday - The Snowflakes

    I’m only half done, can we extend it into the next Patch?
  12. It’s the after Xmas sale, going on now !
  13. blammo_2017

    When do Premium ships go on sale?

    I am waiting for the sale also to pull the trigger
  14. blammo_2017

    and done

    You also earned 8k coal, more if you have clan bonuses. Good job!