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  1. Completely understand but when a ranked battle I win just evaporates to the ether and I get no credit, it’s pretty aggravating. That’s twice I won a match that would have moved me to rank 11 and poof it’s gone. Ranked is hard enough and when you win you should receive the star. Hope they fix this soon and credit me my two stars but I doubt it
  2. Steam deals, Graf, Anshan, Ishizuchi

    Can anyone confirm the dubloon value you get if you already own the ships? Thanks
  3. They are doing a stealth free respec, it's free for me but I was in clan battles, wonder if it's different for people who didn't participate in CB?
  4. WH, we would really appreciate a response on this...
  5. I really enjoyed the event, relatively new to the game and only saw 1 corgi event and didn’t sink any. This time I went looking and the tier 3 matches were most fun. Sank 2 pirates in one battle with the Derzki and got 5 total. A lot of people in the matches were unaware of the event though so perhaps in the future there could be some sort of pop up that notifies people when they login
  6. Sudden jump in tier 1 difficulty?

    I believe there is protected match making up to a certain threshold of number of battles. This keeps you from meeting more experienced players. My guess is you ve crossed that threshold (maybe 300 battles?) and now you’ve jumped to a much larger and more difficult pool of people. Step back, don’t charge in and continue the learning.
  7. Turn on the historical ships in the settings on the bottom right, I had the same issue and that fixed it. Mount Camo and play one battle, bingo
  8. Had the same issue, go to the settings in the bottom right, just above vacant slots and turn historical on. That made it show up for me.

    Can’t login on NA server edit : all better now
  10. New Raptor Rescue with 2 DD's

    Played raptor rescue today in my La Gal today and we had 3 DD’s and no B.B. , needless to say it was a loss but we actually almost made it. Sigh
  11. Iowa/Missouri speed mistake?

    Both. Bsbr, since no one else has said it but everyone is thinking it, you sir are an idiot.
  12. Use the 25% coupon and the cost drops , well 25%
  13. Best Credit Machine

    Don't see the Asashio mentioned here, she's my go to for credit earning now and I have the Missouri. Asashio is ridiculously easy to rack up credits with, even a bad game on a loss and my base with premium is 200-440K credits, a win and with flags and 700K + easy.
  14. It wasn't there originally in the mission briefing, which is why so many like myself missed it.
  15. Need to mobilize the democratic get out the vote machine in CA to have players log on to WoWs. We’d have 20k in no time.