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  1. 1750 base XP a bit...overboard?

    Did one this afternoon with over 2k exp, which is really good for me in my Richelieu and didn't get the reward either. Kinda pissed
  2. Awesome thanks. Some of the rewards are really good for these missions.
  3. Does anyone know if we can continue with the missions to get the rewards even after we earn the Aigle?
  4. PTS is already Part 2?

    Yes, it has its own rewards but most are just a duplicate of part 1 and it appears that it won't reward you for those objectives completed in part 1. You can get an extra day of premium for 8000 base Xp but that's about it.
  5. PTS is already Part 2?

    Can you repeat the campaign to get the flag rewards again?
  6. Didnt see this mentioned any where but there is currently a sale allowing you to redistribute commander points for free right now. Just went and cleared all mine out so I can start fresh, playing around with some new combos and trying new skills and then clearing them again after the battle. Blammo
  7. PTS rewards missing

    So I went back and forth with support and they have no record of me playing on the test server even though I played and completed most missions for 7.0 part 1 and 2. The only suggestion they had was that I was on the wrong server. When I asked how I could check they just kept giving me useless answers stating they were sorry they couldn't give me the rewards because there was no record of me on the test server and kept ignoring my questions. I looked in the scripts_config.xml file in the WOWS_PTS/res folder and it does say its a eu server but why would they have more than one PTS? Could someone check their file that has received rewards and see it its the same? Thanks Tom scripts_config.xml
  8. PTS rewards missing

    So I completed the 7.0 PTS missions (both parts with the exception of the 5 wins on part 2) and was patiently waiting for my rewards and since I am relatively new to this game didn't know how it works. When I opened a ticket with support they told me I was not on the list eligible for any rewards? I check the website and it says there are no bonuses available at this time. Is there something I am missing, registered using the same email as on my steam account, download the PTS, play the latest version. Do I have to take screenshots to prove Im playing on the PTS? Thanks for any help