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  1. 6am MM horror

    Ummm, your team? You had an Okhotnik!! That ship rocks
  2. Public Test server question

    The arsenal.
  3. PT 0.7.6 - T10 needs 500K XP?

    They are forcing you to use the steel and coal and they’re handing it out like candy. Play a few battles and you’ll have enough to buy your choice in the arsenal. Blammo
  4. When you are 1xp off....

    I normally don’t spend FXP for upgrading but for this instance I might splurge and spend the 1 point.
  5. The reset time is early morning, around 7am EST
  6. What’s your #2 money maker?

    Asashio, love that boat.
  7. Asashio Useless IMO

    I love my Asashio and have numerous DD kills with her, she can cap and even gun battle cruisers but your team has to work with you. When used properly she can be a terror but then so can most ships, except my Pensacola ;(
  8. Public test US Cruisers

    They give 5 crates for every win in randoms, and lots of crates as you work though the Halsey missions. Finished the collection in no time. Should be straight forward for most people if a tater like me can do it. Blammo
  9. PTS 7.5 starts tomorrow

    Anyone else having issues with the server being unavailable? Says it’s supposed to be live now, was that a typo? I’ll try again later.
  10. What is up with World of Warships Servers?

    I’m jealous, when I downloaded WOW’s I was averaging 150kb/s. Took me almost 2 days... Count your blessings. Country living at its finest. Blammo
  11. Come on WG really 0.7.5/0.7.6?

    Chillax man, it’s all good. There will be lots of goodies and a new campaign along with the cruiser “arc” just like with the French BB release. They’re stretching it over two updates to get more mileage and the 7.5 won’t hit for a couple weeks. I expect the PTS to drop next week so we’ll get to see what it looks like. Blammo
  12. steam and premium shop

    I've paid for premium shop items with steam funds...in fact that's my preferred method. I convert my speedy rewards points into steam gift cards, then load the gift cards into steam. I then purchase items in the in game premium shop ( such as the recent Asashio bundle) and it deducts from the steam account. The only issue is if something is not available in the in-game shop such as the recent heavily discounted bundles like the $5 Isizuchi hope that helps
  13. I didn’t lose any doubloons but was gonna do my final respec on a bunch of commanders today and now I can’t without spending a bunch of doubloons which I won’t do because I don’t trust WG to refund them. It would be nice if they gave us the last day.
  14. May missions

    It’s not bad design, it’s designed to be challenging and if it’s too challenging for you then no one is forcing you to participate. There have been several people who have given useful suggestions on how to complete the mission but instead of being gracious and accepting their help you continue to whine. WG is offering these rewards for free to any willing to accept the challenge. Personally I will enjoy my new 10pt captain towards the end of May. Blammo
  15. Tried it with my Gallant, no hits. Went out with my Okhotnik aka Viking long boat aka party boat and blammo 15 torp hits. Went to C cap and got spotted, two cruisers charged me so I unloaded 9 at one and 3 at the other. Sank the 1st and got a hit or two on the 2nd which a team mate finished off. Just as my torps finished reloading, a NM and Colorado came charging in and unloaded 12 more torps and then ran. The torp hit indicator just kept dinging, it was hilarious.