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  1. Asashio for the win. Those big lumbering BB’s and fast short detection torps are a match made in heaven. Lowest detection of any ship and decent guns, plus it’s getting a buff. Can’t count the number of times I’ve topped the charts on a win in my Asashio
  2. blammo_2017

    Veterans Day missions? Are they absent?

    Pathetic...WG has no respect?
  3. Dev striking a Yamato or Montana? Totally worth it.
  4. blammo_2017

    Dev Blog Changes - Japanese Cruisers

    Now they need to add a third torp launcher to the Asashio, that would be epic!
  5. blammo_2017

    Cross-Server Clan Battle - I give up

    Awesome. They dangled some nice rewards out there but the tier 6 CB was a draw in itself. They had it working soooo...wth?
  6. Look at your ping time when you are having issues, if you see a jump in the ping time it indicates that you are having internet service issues or something else in your household is hogging your bandwidth.
  7. blammo_2017

    All the Codes in One Place

    They all worked, Thank you!
  8. blammo_2017

    Clan Battles

    The hacks are real!
  9. Up to rank 5 and pretty much breezed there with the okhotnik, saw a few other ok's, but overall a lot of variety and a lot of poor play but a lot lower stress as well.
  10. blammo_2017

    questions about halloween operations

    Wait until the submarine op goes live on Oct 31?
  11. Okhotnik, find a nice thin skinned cruiser and get in a position off to their side, smoke up and rain cits. Got 9 in two salvoes a couple times.
  12. Curious minds want to know
  13. blammo_2017 Changes

    That was a 3GB download?!? Missed playing last night because 3GB on my slow internet takes about 6 hrs
  14. blammo_2017

    [edited] of the RN DD mission

    Well if you do get it, it's a REALLY fun boat....;) Good luck
  15. blammo_2017

    [edited] of the RN DD mission

    Definitely obtainable...and you dont need a premium