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  1. query, the mod no longer brings sound pack at the beginning of the loading screen for the 0.11.3?
  2. Bismarck need Buff is trash Battleship now
  3. I want special Camos for German Ships or Azur Lane Special Camos (WoWs Blitz)
  4. I really have the same problem and it is only affecting the World of Warships, it is really frustrating.
  5. I'm bored, really bored that every time I am in a battle there is a 50% chance that I will disconnect from the game, just because the server want. It is no longer a problem with my internet, it does not happen to me in other games such as Dota 2, Horizon 4, Halo Infinity, New World, Tarkov ... I have been with the same problem for 4 days that is not solved, they really invest in your company or like everyone the above problems do not matter to them?
  6. All time in this [edited]game need to reconnect, what is the problem? IS HARD DO A GOOD JOB FOR YOUR GAME? This game need a rename "World of Reconnects"
  7. I earn rewards for watching the WoWs stream, but when I claim my rewards they do not appear nor are they "affirmed" that they were linked to the game, which I have linked my twitch account for a long time as you can see Sorry for my bad english
  8. _Shiin

    Update 0.10.7 - Bug Reports

    We have a Gigant Bug: "The Russian Ship and American Ships are OVERPOWER" Why you nerf other nations and never this ships? this bug never end
  9. Well what can be expected of this company, if how they treated the German Ships trying to render them useless ... My hatred increases more and more
  10. _Shiin

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Now that the news is spreading through social networks, WG must be like this without knowing what to do
  11. _Shiin

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Obviously they have to send the member that nobody cares (Czevak), total, this moderator can be easily changed Personally, I would like fired her because she is a very ironic and intact person to do something that she does not really do. HE HAS!
  12. _Shiin

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    When you do not know how to fix a problem, send Shonai to make it worse, now I will not contribute more money to this game, since they already scammed me with AL Rossiya and now they do not care in the least about their community through the CC
  13. _Shiin

    Matchmaking in the great 2020

    Playing Tier VI, VII, VIII and IX is balanced?
  14. "Literally all the games since I started the American branch and I'm already in Tier VII, the matchmaking is always unbalanced, making it impossible to finish the fighting in a good way". Battle 1 Battle 2 I just want to mention is that the developers have already mentioned 2 times between 2019-2020 that the matchmaking has been fixed but how is it possible that we still have the same problem that they always "fix"? The worst thing is that you demand to restart the branches for the fact of obtaining the "legendary modifications" of the Tier X ships. PD: Buff AL Rossiya, wth do something from this ship
  15. It is understood that Wargaming is not interested in anything about the ships it is creating and only sells without testing the effectiveness of this Battleship. Rossiya is simply a Heavy Cruiserwithout hydro and extremely slow