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  1. PoP_56_61

    Alot of Tension out there now.

    Yup this is the perfect course to lose your player base. I can agree on trying new things WOW is famous for their innovative game modes that they come up with such as space battles, halloween, arms race ect.. The trouble they are getting into now is major game breaking game changes that may potentially lose a lot of players very risky moves being made right now its got me really worried for the games future.
  2. PoP_56_61

    Alot of Tension out there now.

    Yup this is my worst fear losing a game I love so much to deaf and dumb exec's, and ignoring the player base.
  3. PoP_56_61

    Alot of Tension out there now.

    Not sure what is up, but I have noticed even worse match making horrors nearly all games end in a runaway early. I see players afraid to risk anything at all now due to I assume return of CV's. Even worse lack of teamwork with a lot of campers that never contribute anything. I mean why hide score nothing I would think its that way.See way too many players that don't want the paint scratched really if your that way why even start a game go somewhere else. I still attribute most of the trouble with the game is still the lack of a fare balanced match maker. I stated it before wow has the player stats why not use it to match players more equally based on more than tier. Jeeze they don't even balance games with tiers as it stands now.
  4. I agree being one that should not be there. In current MM in general is so bad in PvP modes games are so one sided the majority of the time it drives players away like me. I have played ranked some, and it is no fun being matched to teams I am a burden on same thing goes being matched to teams full of total potatoes with no hope for a win. Match Making is not getting the job done this is, and has been the main trouble with PvP the CV rework is just icing on the cake. I want to play with players at my skill level WOW has never shown any care in this regard, and probably never will. A need for equal teams is badly needed I only play random now just to finish up the Campaigns when they are finished I pray that WOW will have got the message by then to fix this FUBAR matching.
  5. PoP_56_61

    Premium Ships and Soviet Battleships WIP

    Well for me if they go through with it this is the final straw not one more dime will go to this game, or game company, and anything it has any connections too. Too many questionable tactics some blatant that they have pulled since I started playing. I love the game, but I can only take so much [edited], and I suspect the players of their games all are getting tired of this kind of tactics.
  6. This season of ranked using the Arms Race format is a total FUBAR. It is a fast mobile style suited to only DD's and Cruisers BB's are mainly good target practice along with most heavy Cruisers. Just my thought and if you care which I really don't think you do WOW my last game of ranked till this format is gone.
  7. PoP_56_61

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    One thing I have noticed playing WOW in random heck even co-op if you start getting lousy games such as bad RNG bad team match ups, logoff close steam restart and the majority of the time games drastically change maybe server related I don't know but it seems to work for me.
  8. PoP_56_61

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    Can someone rationally explain to me why matchmaking cannot be based on skill level, such as average damage done in ship they have the data yet use none of it tell me please WHY!
  9. PoP_56_61

    Harugumo — Japanese Tier X destroyer.

    I was wondering if anyone else would be honest and say it is OP!! I see now after playing on the PT server why I hate it so bad when its in a game. Its 17.5k guns melting everthing from smoke. Yes I was in Co-op I am not a good DD player, so just giving a go over. Who needs torps on the thing I never even used them much less does it need the reload booster it has. This is the the most powerful HE spewer I have ever seen, and yes I have the Wooscher, and other notable HE spammers myself they are pale in comparison. I can't wait to get this thing I might even spring for going with free xp conversion so I can enjoy it before its nerfed no way can this thing stay as is in the game. I mean really did they even test it? Maybe everyone giggled and said its just fine in order to get this thing left as is for this long I mean holy cow level OP!! I don't see even a need for any skill level to do good in the thing the way it is. Ok calmly I admit in the high tier radar wars its going to be different in PvP playing but still its got to much gun range at the least.
  10. Hope you enjoy your game for as long as it lasts enjoy hammering lower skill players its you god given right your highness..............Trolling perhaps?
  11. I took that post as it sounded after looking at later posts I see you are in the same line of thought, just taken litterly it sounded wrong. My apologies if I offended its just that matchmaking is so unbalanced sure they have worked on it , but it still isn't getting the job done. Like I replied in other posts as I see it the game desperately needs skill level included in match making. Can it be done surely. Will it. Not until enough complain, or start losing too many players is likely. Random is so frustrating now its just not playable for me I would venture 70% of games like I said either on a too high skilled team , or a hopelessly unskilled team.
  12. There we are beginning to see the real problem it is unbalanced match making not only should tiers be considered, but also the skill level of players. Maybe use average damage done in that mode of play should put players closer together in ability. I for one see a desperate need for it all you got to do is look at how bad random is now. A new player is not going to put up with being high tier high ability players fodder forever they are going to leave. To those that say good let them go just what do you think is going to go with game when the player base starts going down. Simple no profit no more servers soon no game.
  13. That type of thinking is what is going to kill off this game very fast what you going to do when you an your high experienced buddies run out of seal to clobber, and the the game is dropped due to no player base anymore. If there is no place for all levels of players to have fun at the game will fail miserably.
  14. That along with total mismatching of players regarding skill has got to be addressed. I have mainly being playing Co-op lately for the same reasons. I am tired of being the fodder for higher skilled players, and tired of being matched to teams that have skill less players versus teams of high skill players. It is so painfully obvious most games go down this way either my team wins so fast I get nearly no score, or we lose so fast its ridiculous. Only rarely do I get in a good match where its a really good to the wire game. HEY WOW! can you not set up match making to take in a players average damage done score to set up matches fairly. I for one am getting really fed up with Random mode it has become such a sad joke anymore. Only thing I saw some balance was in ranked, and it still is not that good either.
  15. PoP_56_61

    WOWS should be sued for POS Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Sorry you had a tough time in her I may just be lucky but I have had some great games in her for me playing ranked sprints. Now I will go down hard with her for talking about her.