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  1. Ocoda

    suicide stole a kill but how ?

    ok i'm aware that happens, so your saying he tried to team kill a friendly player and was already pink at the time ? but how do you explain away the additional damage i did to him when he was down to 400 pts of dmg and i clearly did that to him in the 5 seconds between pictures?
  2. Ocoda

    suicide stole a kill but how ?

    regardless how does one kill oneself??? in the year and few months I've played other than carriers i cant see how you can do it.
  3. Ocoda

    suicide stole a kill but how ?

    ok sent a support ticket but i usually get the standard remove your mods crap and the problem will be ok. ... is that like the standard greeting you guys have there Hello good morning oh your running mods remove them and its fixed. i stopped believing in the support system here because this crap only happens to me such as this
  4. Ocoda

    suicide stole a kill but how ?

    uhmm video is working there so not sure why you cant see it. i can send you the entire game play we won that game but the game was very odd
  5. Ocoda

    suicide stole a kill but how ?

    well that's the thing i have on my twitch feed, there was no other shells that i could see and i was all over it on replay. You can see i did the dmg to kill it in the 5 seconds between the shots i took as my fire was burning it down... this is an odd bug and to my knowledge he did not go pink.
  6. Ocoda

    suicide stole a kill but how ?

    So playing my Salem and burning down an Alaska as i watch the last few ticks of health pass by it blows up and says it killed itself ???? how the hell does that happen. video is on my twitch https://www.twitch.tv/videos/397897620
  7. Hopefully they listen to the paying consumers here and fix her
  8. I saw the tier 10 version and was utterly impressed at how well it played against 2 musashis, I was getting excited to get her, but then the drop to tier 9 happen and I was concerned it would be vastly less effective. So I finally saw her in game today at tier 9, being played by a player whom i know is a super unicom player and is also well know to be a great player, and I was shocked at how useless the ship was, its was absolute trash. I know the ship is still a work in process but jezuss how can you totally destroy a ship like that. ( i guess I'll wait on that tier 10 version you decided to replace it with... it took you almost a year to get the Mass out so I know its gonna be a long summer till thats out.) and as always the tester did not comment on how he though the ship was as he is not allowed to but i bet he was not to happy.
  9. So i used the [edited] florins and whatever the other silly thing is to get the Aircraft Hermes ship for the flags and other goodies(yes i'm one of those that hates the CV's) and i cant find a way to get rid of the useless thing, does anyone know how i can get rid of it? it does not give the option to sell it like the other ships ?
  10. This was just a trial run to see what would be and everyone's personal expectations are just that. I did not expect much and was pleasantly surprised that I received free admission for me and my family. the people at the cashier directed me where to go and asked for a donation to the ship which we did . Radar and Bted were gracious and polite answering everyone's questions and spending time with everyone but as they did not expect so many people they may have been a bit overwhelmed. regardless it was a great event and hope that a few sour expectations don't discourage additional visits in the future.
  11. so basically if i have a 1500 base score XP we lose out on the 300 the 900 etc.
  12. Ocoda

    Azuma vs the Alaska pt 2

    you'd think that with a Tier 9 Rank battle system in current play that they would be hot to trot these 2 ships out to be purchased but i guess their business sense on how to get us to spend our money must far exceed ours.
  13. Ocoda

    Azuma vs the Alaska pt 2

    ya i was thinking the Yoshino but Haven't seen a trace or even a whisper of how she performs. plus i waited almost a year for the MASS so god only knows how long till that one shows up
  14. Ocoda

    Azuma vs the Alaska pt 2

    Given their track record of closing the barn door after the horses have left how long would you expect a fix for this?