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  1. so its Badobest again not working on the side panels and i use version 2
  2. so i loaded in no problem but saw i didn't have my Aslains loaded so i rebooted and now stuck on the load screen again. as this is usually the Badobest i'll try that first
  3. i'm in Massachusetts my clan mates in Texas and we both got the spikes at the same time in the same game jumped from 25 to 159 for me and 201 for him. i've had verizon check my connection and no issues all new equipment less than a year old
  4. Ocoda

    Hiding stats

    So i use it to focus on the weaker players all the time. Especially if i see anyone from PEED or Kraken. ETC. on the enemy team with there 60%+ win rates, and usually with great success i have been able to win more than i lost against them because no matter how good you are if you are out numbered 3 to 1 the odds change dramatically. A few days ago i saw 2 Kraken players on the enemy team but they also had 4 players with 34% win rates with less than 20 games in there ships. i seek these players out and lock onto them asap and we have switched the battle back to us quickly and eventually won it. I actually sent that to Lord Zath a few weeks ago but he couldn't get to it and i don't think you can play 9.6 replays anymore?
  5. Ocoda

    game not loading

    ok its the Badobest feature doing it as long as you don't install with Badobest Aslains will work. to bad Badobest is awesome
  6. ok its Badobest i can play with Aslains just as before. i love the Badobest too hope it gets fixed soon
  7. always do but i cant even get the game to load without the Aslains either so i'm reinstalling the Aslains and trying to remove it the way you said to on your attachment and if works ill try in without badobest
  8. so far i cant load without Aslains either still working on it
  9. so far i cant load without Aslains either still working on it
  10. Couldn't load after installing Wows trying again without ASlains. i did get a different kind of warning message when i uploaded Aslains saying file was incomplete which was new
  11. Ocoda

    Does Can be mean Has to be ?

    nope and that's why when i read the achievement i was questioning their meaning
  12. Ocoda

    Does Can be mean Has to be ?

    well it also shows 15 torp hits too
  13. Ocoda

    Does Can be mean Has to be ?

    Don't really care about the overall score on planes etc, and really not trying to be a Grammar Nazi, as being an author i'm constantly attacked on my improper use of any phrase or punctuation, now with that said if you read the description of the achievement what would you think?
  14. so if so wth so ? Not sure if i understand here, but it clearly says can be done in operations and it doesn't say has to be
  15. Is there anyway to get these to stop dropping since they rarely give anything good anymore. I feel like i get a half dozen every month ( i play a lot ) and i always get useless camo's or ramming flags. in my 3 years of playing i have gotten only 3 good super containers 2 steel 1500 back to back and 1 30k (i think that's what it was) in coal. it seems to be more of a crap drop then a reward.