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  1. Ocoda

    Hindenburg nerfed

    Since the last nerf and even after the latest buff i still cant win on my Hindy. all my other ships have progressed upward but i barely play any of my German ships anymore and the Hindy is by far the least likely to bring home a victory. its win rate over 642 battles is 41% while my Salem and Zao have crept back up to the 48 to 49 win rates. I use to get Krakens in my Hindy (4 ) and that is not possible anymore. I recently removed the legendary mod and noticed a little improvement but still a loss more times than not. this is not a [edited] just a personal observation on my play style and how the game has changed the way i can play the German ships
  2. Ocoda

    Chill With Us at Naval Gaming Day

    well that sucks thought it was Free
  3. Ocoda

    Chill With Us at Naval Gaming Day

    looking forward to it and i see the tickets are free even better, since they're usually 20 a head
  4. I was really wanting the Azuma but after reading multiple threads on the difference from the Alaska to the Azuma i'm wondering is there really any advantage to getting the Azuma ?? 5 mm bigger guns doesn't seem to be enough. is threre anyone that sees an any advantage that the Azuma would have over the Alaska ???
  5. Ocoda

    replays are all gone ???

    So i went into my replay file to check on a game from last night and noticed that all i have are my replays from last night and all my previous replays for the past year are gone even my best ones that i renamed, any ideas where they may have gone ???
  6. Ocoda

    Upcoming Ship Notes WIP

    Yoshino ??????????????????????????????????????
  7. Ocoda

    rework sucks

    go into your inventory on the port screen
  8. Ocoda

    Lag spikes

    i run a direct connection to my router
  9. Ocoda

    Lag spikes

    so is everyone who is suffering from this is using Verizon ?
  10. Ocoda

    Lag spikes

    mine has been over the past 3 days and i almost cost my clan a clan battle because of it
  11. Ocoda

    Lag spikes

    was ok yesterday but today its back with a vengeance
  12. Ocoda

    Lag spikes

    i thought it was just my system but last game i was in several players both sides announced they were getting lag spikes. i was over 2100 at one point. this just started to happen last night and has continued up till now. i have rebooted my system my internet. i even called verizon my carrier who couldn't see any issue with my ping. I've also done several tests and my ping is fine except when playing this game. is anyone else suffering from this ?
  13. So this is an odd story but a true story of true comradeship. The name of my former clan is not being said per the forum rules. I've been in this clan for just a year and have basically been running the Clan as our commander is not very involved with the players. Over the year we grew into a very good clan as well as a good group of friends, however, our clan leader suffered from a misplaced power trip, kicking out players that he felt did not play the game enough. As i stated previously our clan leader is not very involved with players as many never really knew who he was but only knew who i was and as such some of these players came to me asking me please don't kick them from the clan as they were going away for the holidays. Our clan leader became upset that these players did not tell him as he is rarely involved with the clan members and decided to announce that everyone has to tell him instead of me if they are going away. Now the few players that told me had already left and had no way to tell him so yesterday our Clan Scrooge leader kicked 4 members from our clan. Needless to say i had enough and sent re-invites to all 4 members and told him publicly if he kicks any other member it better be me. So he finally came on and kicked me from the clan. 351 days in this clan over 14000 barrels of oil. Now as I stated earlier i pretty much ran this clan and my clan mates really only knew me and as such a clan that was 32 now stands at just 2 members as the second member is away for Christmas and has told us via social media that he will be leaving if he is not kicked the moment he returns. So that leaves my previous clan at 1 member. Sad as it is our clan mates have all found a new home and by Christmas we'll be able to return to clan battles.
  14. Ocoda

    map error

    Spent 14 minutes stuck here couldn't even get pushed off by my clan mates this needs to be fixed
  15. Ocoda

    Clan wars countdown

    several people adjusted there schedule to play this on my clan. this is unacceptable and no response from WG what the hell!!!!!!!!!!