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  1. Ocoda


    After having 4 games in a row where i'm first killed by CV's while in a DD I'll just leave this here. By the way i have over 4000 games in DD's
  2. Ocoda

    Retiring my GK

    it will never happen unless there is enough of these threads that makes them see it. i retired mine a few months ago same story as the OP. i miss her but its dead to me even with the buff
  3. All we ask is that you use teamspeak or discord and play in naval or clan battles
  4. Ocoda

    what just happened ?

    WE DISCONTINUED CLAN BATTLES TONIGHT. thanks for wasting 11 guys night
  5. Was in a game and all of a sudden the game reset like i was never in battle my Clan mates had a similar issue just happened whats going on ?
  6. Aslain, first off i love the mod's, but i believe there is a bug with it. I recently deleted the entire game to try and get my replays to start to store again and it worked did 5 games and they stored all 5, however, after reinstalling the Aslain mod packs it no longer records them any idea's ? P.S. I've been trying to get them to work since June so deleting everything and doing this was the last try.
  7. well your both Wolf clan so i see your opinion as Democrat versus Republican so trying to see one's point is meaningless as your taking this into an name baiting troll fest, but i discovered a new feature i can block you on the forums, love this option. welcome to the ignore file
  8. all reasons are stupid to some, you'll excuse me if i don't take your troll bait, and try and play your game your way. Gunther here does not have the special abilities at Halsey and the others have will he ?
  9. Your obviously not hearing me THERE NEEDS TO BE A GERMAN SPECIALTY CAPTAIN JUST LIKE ALL THE REST. There is absolutely no excuse for the Italian line to get one before the German line, let alone the Russian and French Lines.
  10. imagine if you could, getting a Kraken on a Harugumo, and then heal up 25% of your hit points, and then start to shoot 34% faster and that's on a Harugumo. i deleted a Zao at full health in 20 seconds ... so what German commander does this? where is the special captain like the American Halsey or the French Auboyneau. Hell they already have an Italian premium captain and that line isn't even close to being what the German line is, and here comes Luigi Sansonetti??? how is this not Bias towards one of the oldest ship lines in the game
  11. Agreed, but the Mass was designed as an X class ship in the 30's and it was one of the most advanced warships ever designed at that time. However the Germans never built the GK at best it was a conceived idea that never saw fruition, ya think it might have just a little bit more advancements than a ship from the 30's especially since Germany was rocking the world with its military tech.
  12. And i play the Mass in tier 10 matches a lot and up until this last patch i was in a lot of tier 10 matches.
  13. had the fire reduction always carried the india yankee flags too, still a Bonfire before 10 minutes into the battle. i cannot play that ship like i do my Mass and i cant explain why the Mass can survive and the GK is fish bait
  14. Agreed but they can make up one. Yamamoto was the main architect of Pearl harbor and he's here. not every person of the Kriegsmarine were supporters of the Nazi Regime they just supported there country.
  15. and yet still no great premium captains for them ? i have Halsey in my Alaska and had Yamamoto in my Musashi but recently switched it to my Haru and OMG when i got the Kraken in her the laser show was out of this world... it was a blanket of red. i deleted a Zao in under 20 seconds. why cant get the Germans get any great premium captains?? . let alone a buff to these ships. I hsve the Scharn and love her but she is probably one of the best premium ships but i think the Mass is by far the best for the buck