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  1. Never in 656 games in my Shima have I ever had this happen where i did so little DMG. this was a DD in smoke and he did not die.
  2. So after losing over 200 battles since 10.0 I stopped playing for almost a month but to help out my clan I came back to assist them with naval battles and in the 10 battles I was in I got 8 out of 10 stars but lost every game what exactly is the percentages of such a thing? How much bad luck teams can I possibly be put on???
  3. I've never been a great long-distance shooter so I opted for tough ships that can go in close and fight the good fight, I like to push it. I have tried for weeks to learn and accept the new captain skills, and I have 4 captains at 21 and 3 captains at 20 with the rest all 19. I had over 6 million elite commander xp set up for this and all I can say is that the play style that I can make any significant difference for my team is gone. long ago I gave up DD's because of CV's, and now I can’t get into this new BB play style of hiding so far out back and pray you can hit something at 22+ k out. Now as for the CA commander skills all I can say is that they are sorely lacking any wow factor whatsoever. I’ll admit I stopped playing every day as of the last week, having gotten so frustrated with the direction of the game, and I have over 16000 games since December 2017, so I played a lot before this, and I had a win rate as low as 38% at one time and worked it all the way back up to 47% with all my ship play style getting better with help from many players on this forum. Hell, most of my Brawlers are in the high 50%-win rate, but since the new commander skills I have well over 200+ battles and a win is all but a mystery. If I do win its not from much if any contribution on my part to my team. So, all I can say is I’m done for now. I pray they can fix the death of Brawling.
  4. Have and little to no luck
  5. Use to love my Brawlers. loved this game, but its move to keep everyone out back and disengaged has made this game senseless to play on virtually every level. I have well over 2000 battles in just Mass alone and loved being able to push into battle, but with the German CV's and the Thunderer not to even start on the FDR's contribution its made it totally unenjoyable to play. Long ago I gave up playing my DD's because of the CV's and the 10.0 CA skills are far from appealing. So, does anyone know any other games that want close action fighting? and the other game that you’re not allowed to type War T%%%% I tried it and found it very taxing to get into.
  6. Ocoda

    How would you fix CV's?

    Other than the few forums trolls here i pretty sure that most of us prefer a no CV game. the most fun games i have is when its all real ships and not the CV's
  7. It seems no matter how often i play with CV's in general they suck all the fun out of the Game anyways, but with the FDR and its 18+torpedoes attacks and average 12k on every strike its pretty assured your going to be playing a next round very soon. i understand fair and balance etc. etc. but really do you really enjoy playing games with CV's in them?
  8. I've already had confirmation that's its a known issue but how much longer will it take to fix. my weapons are ready i hit the fire button and nothing happens... well yeah something happens i get killed
  9. says in 1 game in a battle ship do 150k with main batteries??? I'm in a Thunderer and at 20k out so its all main battery. so do they want to say that fire damage from main batteries don't count ????
  10. i'll work on it, just for you though. don't like to disappoint my Forum trolls
  11. and in the past when they are overwhelmed with the player base screaming at them like the Graf Zeppelin and the CV's rework they did in fact pay back cash to players that bitched and complained. I've only paid for 2 ships cash that's the Mass and Scharn, so I'm waving my flag to pay us cash or leave the secondaries alone
  12. the statement was as written "I believe we as the players should be entitled to a cash refund" The phrase Should be is not a demand its a statement of my belief and want.
  13. so did I demand ? I'm pretty sure I asked can we get a cash refund... right ? the title of this post is Can we ? right?
  14. And the last time i posted something about a refund, which was the Santa crates guess what happened they gave in. Now I'm not conceded enough to think my post alone made them offer that olive branch but the majority of players agreed that it was the wrong thing to do and they recanted. So unless your in agreement with the Devs then why argue against this? if you want them to rethink the new Captains skills then hit em where it hurts the wallet.