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  1. Ocoda

    Enable Replays what the @#$@$%

    i have it but this is what it looks like. By the way thanks a lot you're doing way more than support did.
  2. Ocoda

    Enable Replays what the @#$@$%

    thanks very much but i have this and still replays wont work -<replays> <dirPath>replays</dirPath> <pathBase>CWD</pathBase> <versioned>false</versioned> <maxReplaysToSave>30</maxReplaysToSave> </replays>
  3. Ocoda

    Enable Replays what the @#$@$%

    well the last replay recorded was 5/5/2019 since then nothing. i deleted ASLains as that is the default answer that the devs give to every issue and still wont record any games. I deleted the replay file and still nothing I went into the preference XML using note pad and added the replay line that was told to do by another person and still nothing.
  4. Ocoda

    Enable Replays what the @#$@$%

    why doesn't anyone of the Dev's or the rest of the community address the issue ?
  5. Ocoda

    Enable Replays what the @#$@$%

    Fem i've had support tickets galore on this and gotten nothing.
  6. Ocoda

    Enable Replays what the @#$@$%

    Ok i've always had Replays and i watch them religiously to learn from my mistakes but since May 5th it hasn't worked and I've had multiple support tickets which was useless as no one in support team could help. i did find a thread from 2017 that explained going into the Preference XML file and adding a line..... why the hell do i need to be a computer programmer to use something i used since day one????
  7. Ocoda

    Your Win Rate Sucks!

    and then that's your opinion, which is incorrect and considering the minimal amount of games you play and the lower tiers that you play in it makes sense
  8. Ocoda

    Your Win Rate Sucks!

    Not sure if you pay attention in your matches or maybe you just don't care what your team is calling out over those quick Macro messages but in virtually every match i'm in i get the macro team message for everyone to target this or that ship without fail. It was a player on this forum that shared with me why i was getting targeted so early in every match while in my Mass and that i should hide my stats
  9. Ocoda

    Your Win Rate Sucks!

    Well as i stated early on i was often targeted as soon as i fired or was detected and then quickly targeted by multiple ships, which is usually at the beginning of the match. Now with my stats hidden that rarely occurs as it did before as they don't know my win rate.
  10. Ocoda

    Your Win Rate Sucks!

    Yup in my Mass I was often targeted early as I had a low win rate, which was as low as 43% but after discovering this tactic early on I switched to hiding my stats and now have a very high win rate with over 1000 battles in her alone, and as i said I was often targeted by multiple ships as soon as I became detected before switching this up. Nevertheless, now that I hide my stats and i'm treated like almost any other player. I notice that most people that call you out for hiding your stats are often those that need the MM monitor to win thier battles.
  11. Ocoda

    Your Win Rate Sucks!

    MM monitor is why i hid my stats, found out an evil but well places tactic used by a lot of players including those on this thread. What most players do is target the weaker players (less win rate) which then leaves the unicom and better players often up against 3 or 4 to 1. not good odds for the good players. My entire Clan now mostly hides our stats because of this tactic.
  12. Now before you read this this is not a moan and groan post just a curious play on ships question as we the players learn a ship and then the game changes to add new ships or add buffs or nerfs for older ships and the play style you learned in your ship is now useless. So do you mothball your ship or do you start over relearning the ship? My very first tier 10 was the GK it was a awesome to play it and although it was bulky and slow and easily detectable it could take a lot of punishment. Nonetheless i lost a lot in her and i mean a lot but i was determined to get good with it and i turned it around with the help of an old unicom player X15 who helped me refine my playing skill in her.... that was until the invention of the HE spammers like the Harugumo entered the game. I was just dumbfounded at how this ship easily destroyed all the love out playing the GK, so i did what any reasonable person would do i learned how to play the Haru and have never looked back. Now my second Tier 10 is a different story, I use to love my Hindi also but when they nerfed her i noticed she was a liability instead of an asset and lost so much in her i stopped playing her, but i'm told she was buffed back and i'm trying to relearn her again. I understand that the game is always going under balance checks and Nerfs and Buffs are part of the game but i do miss playing my GK like i use to. just took it out today and lost 3 games in a row with it so back to mothballs for her. So what tier 10 ship have you had to mothball and why ?
  13. I cant ask support for help as i run Aslains and there go to answer is always Aslains is at fault so often i get my answers here and am hoping someone can help. Currently i have 2 AFK games in a row because i cant load into a battle i can see the ships moving on my team can hear my ship getting blasted but cant load in. So after the first game I though maybe just a bug and loaded into a training room and no issue so i tried again to load into a game and it did it again. what do i do here as i know if it happens enough the penalty is sever
  14. Ocoda

    Cruiser was BLOWN out of the water video

    no i wasn't given a dime but it is a game function and not a bug
  15. well it wasnt my clan i did report it to his clan commander but no response