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  1. VorTex_Eagle875


    Lots of people on this forum loved getting rolled over by bad teams, not sure why
  2. VorTex_Eagle875

    Angry Animal in ranked

    Dude should be banned, the fact he is so well known for this behavior is nuts
  3. VorTex_Eagle875

    Divisions in Ranked

    Any truth to this rumor?
  4. VorTex_Eagle875

    CC Wargaming Official Apology

    I guess its time to reevaluate how I spend my free time , sucks because I really do love playing this game
  5. VorTex_Eagle875

    Missouri's return to be in Random bundles for Doubloons

    time for lawyers and/or legislators to end this madness now
  6. VorTex_Eagle875

    New Maps

    At this point I would purchase a map pack, absolutely.
  7. VorTex_Eagle875

    New Maps

    Mods would it be possible to ask if there are any new maps in development? And also how long does it take to create a new map? I would assume a year or more but genuinely curious, especially with the complexity due to subs
  8. VorTex_Eagle875

    Napoli is mediocre, save your money.

    I was ready to open my wallet this morning, but watching the streamers play it will pass for now. Initially very disappointed in performance of secondary's. The bright side I guess is we won't have the game full of 1000 games or less new players running around T10 with an OP ship they bought
  9. VorTex_Eagle875

    Possible legal action

    https://dodofinance.com/all-financial-operations-of-wargaming-llc-in-the-eu-can-be-seized-as-a-result-of-close-cooperation-with-b-efekt-a-s-and-globalmoney-companies/ saw this on the eu forum. my question is, are the na servers actually in North America ? If there is actual criminal investigations in the eu, would it effect us on the na servers?
  10. VorTex_Eagle875

    high tier problem

    With less than 142 and 195 games my teams DD's should be learning in T4-5 and not ruining my chances in a Tier X game. Of course they yolo'd the cap and died 2 minutes in, while their dd rushed my Elbing for a quick death. 3 or 4 years ago this wasn't even possible, now its almost a given. I understand its a business and they need money to survive, I just wish they could do it and not ruin the game. With the constant flow of not ready players at high tiers, Is this a fixable problem? can the game survive with such terrible game play?
  11. VorTex_Eagle875

    Will you buy premium ships in the future with high confidence?

    They knew when they released it, this is the plan all along, ie the disclaimer. Smart business plan if they can get away with it
  12. VorTex_Eagle875

    Finally rank 1!!!! Now the dumb part qualifying

    Qualifying is a revenue generator, that’s all it is. Keep playing and buying flags, gambling and grinding, rinse repeat
  13. VorTex_Eagle875

    Abuse Of The Testing Privilege

    Just imagine if Smolensk or petro or thunderer had been released, oh wait...
  14. VorTex_Eagle875

    Abuse Of The Testing Privilege

    At a minimum that guy needs to be reimbursed his flags and it shouldn’t be counted as a lose on his stats. Just my opinion
  15. VorTex_Eagle875

    So WG wth is this?

    And cv’s, dead eye, petro, and on and on