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  1. VorTex_Eagle875

    Is it me or is Match Making Broken?

    Games are mostly one sided romps, and pretending it’s not an issue is bad for the games. War gaming won’t spend a penny on any fixes though
  2. VorTex_Eagle875

    So, I bought the Schroder

    For the first time since they started dockyards, I’m not spending money. Can’t think of one I bought that I play, and I know I have several That have never left port
  3. VorTex_Eagle875

    Subs sealed it for us

    Just got my kids a PS5, hoping to find something new to obsess on.
  4. No money in changing the matchmaker or adding new maps
  5. VorTex_Eagle875

    WOWS/WG why are you allowing this?

    Not the same game you started playing 1000 games ago, the decision was made to sacrifice game play for profits. Their company, so they can do it if they want, short sighted imho
  6. VorTex_Eagle875


    Anyone else here have issue with the kots ship lineup? Why would I want to watch a matchup that I am no longer allowed to play? Add subs, cv’s and super ships and make them play the game we are forced to play, or admit your mistake and give the regular joes and surface ship only option too
  7. VorTex_Eagle875

    Please Change MM

    WG has taken a stance of like it or leave it, I expect it to get worse
  8. VorTex_Eagle875

    Ranked population?

    I know a lot of people taking a break right now, myself included. I hope these people come back, but I fear the reasons you mention above will keep veterans away. Noobies won’t know any better
  9. VorTex_Eagle875

    It's getting just LOL...

    I’m down from 20 games a day to 1-2 games a week, fun times
  10. VorTex_Eagle875

    WG: Pls invest more into balaced teams

    They own the patent on matchmaking, what you see is deliberate. Just accept that and move on
  11. VorTex_Eagle875

    WG, You have killed me (A little bit of Drama)

    They purposely are trying to kill this game Waterline: Development Plan Updates – Fall 2022 - YouTube the youtube comments kinda tell how people are feeling right now
  12. VorTex_Eagle875

    Ranked Battles 11.9

    looked around and couldn't find anything, but are subs going to allowed in ranked? superships, subs and cv's in ranked may push me out of this game, I already quit randoms.
  13. VorTex_Eagle875

    Ducky featured by Jingles

    The game we Love is being ruined by subs and cv’s, and it’s going to get worse. Shaming people by removing karma is the only way some people feel they can show their frustration, fortunately for the griefers karma is stupid and no one cares.
  14. I’m done with randoms, enough with subs, cv and super ships. please don’t touch ranked!!
  15. VorTex_Eagle875

    Some (Fair?) Criticism For WG.

    I’ve see nothing to ever suggest that war gaming is interested in improving game play. Quite the opposite actually