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  1. Distance? LOL If you are outside of 12km (or get outside of 12km) there is no ship in the game (currently) that can radar you.
  2. How would you like an average 30 second stock reload on your des moines, hindenburg, zao, khaba, shima, etc? :)
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    I'm not the idiot spewing drivel on how WG is equating 1+1 to 5 when talking about radar/hydro imbalance. You fail to recognize that the use of the consumables doesn't cause ships to spontaneously explode in a brilliant show of fireworks. Radar/Hydro imbalance only matters in a game where the skill level of EVERY player is equal. The only situations I can think of would be in clan battles, and each side looks almost identical in top tier games. In the cases of the teams where hydro/radar is heavy on the better team skill-wise, that team has a higher chance of winning anyway (even WITHOUT radar. GASP). Vice versa for the team with lower average skill having more radar/hydro.
  4. Possible Solution to Radar

    That explains the apparent lack of coherence in the [edited] I wasted part of my life reading. Thank you for the explanation.
  5. Some Numbers From Last Week!

    +1 Completely agree with this. Krakens be a many with the current "meta."
  6. Possible Solution to Radar

    I'm not the one saying concealment is binary. Please read the comment in context before replying to me with a tirade. I understand it is not binary already. Here is my original comment in context: For the sake of playing Devil's advocate, what about the RPF commander skill? The purpose of the above phrasing is to not come off as combative (such as yourself) and openly engage someone in conversation. Next time, spend a little more time reading what was written and less time going off on people. Please and thank you. :)
  7. So if I ever hear that RNG is determined by the waifu level of someone's ship, I'll know to look for a pikachu with a minigun. Roger.
  8. Possible Solution to Radar

    I was merely making a point on the comment of concealment being truly binary.
  9. Harekaze is worse =_=;
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

    For the sake of playing Devil's advocate, what about the RPF commander skill?
  11. I thought it was determined by the alignment of the planets at the specific time of clicking "ready" to join said match. On a more serious note, there would be no need for penetration/armor mechanics with a system that uses predetermination. You would just fire when you know the shells would land and do damage.
  12. Base XP

    And you get the benefits, all the time. Nowhere in those benefits does it say "applies to base xp missions." ;)