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  1. ZachPees2Much

    Playing through Steam and directly...?

    You can link your steam account to actual wg email, and then they are linked. So you can log into the client version with your steam account. But it does not work the other way around, as you are tying a WG email account to that particular steam account. And the test server is different. Its a server meant to publicy test ships, game mechanics, etc. You get rewards for playing on the PTS to your main Server account, but if you want it applied to the steam account, make sure youve linked a wg account with the steam acct.
  2. i second PWR supply, try another more demanding(and potentially less optimized game) during the same time of day and ambient room temps...
  3. So the other night, me and some clan mates were rewatching replays. I had ran quite a few fine, as did they. NOW... our replays are buggy af. When I launch, after loading screen, i get a black screen instead of seeing the ships and sides. The game will load in, but without any HUD. No map, no names, alt does not show names or anything. I have tried alt+z, and ctrl+g, during, and before battles. No change. Also, the esc key does not work, the replay registers it as the cursor flickers, but no menu pops up. Any one have any idea? At all? This is veeery annoying.
  4. ZachPees2Much

    Premium Ship Review - Ise

    i believe the same cranes can be used to recover the float planes
  5. ZachPees2Much

    Modstation for Steam version?

    okay. thank you! And does it matter where I install the mod station?
  6. First I am actually kind of confused where and how to install this... if i need to get the WG client I can, but id rather not too at this point. But if i dont need too, how and where should i install this, to my steam wows directory, or???