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  1. FlyingLoafOfToast

    Exhaust smoke generator - Gorizia and IT cruisers

    Hey Stinkweed, Your detectability after firing in smoke is very high for these ships. Something like 9.7km in Brindisi if I recall. I am not a hundred percent clear on the mechanics, but usually, it seems that if I smoke after I fire, I am still visible until I have been silent for twenty seconds. Best, FLOT
  2. Thanks. Right there with ya. Weird...
  3. You could be the worst of the Wurst! ;)
  4. The WURST clan is looking for a few new players! We are an informal, laid-back group which likes to not be imposing. We leave it up to each individual to decide how he or she wishes to play; there is never any pressure to div up, play a certain mode, or to use Discord. We look for people who are above all nice and genuine, and who like to have fun. Our base is largely developed, so we can certainly help you if you are grinding a line or five of new ships. At this point, we are in the hunt for people who have a variety of ships at all (or at least most) tiers. We lack a dedicated (or at least experienced) CV player and would be happy to have one or two. Folks who have some sort of flexibility in fielding vessels at any tier are valuable for clan engagements. If you are interested, reply here, or find us in the game! :) FlyingLoafOfToast, CO
  5. FlyingLoafOfToast

    clan disappeared

    It's back up now, thank you. I / we had logged in several times, and tried logging out of Steam and such, to no avail. For a few hours, that was the situation. If it happens again, I'll definitely make a screenshot. Thanks again for your reply!
  6. FlyingLoafOfToast

    clan disappeared

    Same thing has happened for me. I am the clan commander, and it's gone. One of my clanmates has logged in and confirmed that it is also gone for her. When I look through my contacts list, everyone in the clan still has a clan tag. Also, when I type a message, my clan tag is still ahead of my name in the message bar. Nothing on the ''Clans'' tab works, however, including searching for a few other clans which I know must still be in existence. No idea what on earth is going on. Maybe the sheer glory of the new Soviet BBs knocked the clan service offline.
  7. FlyingLoafOfToast

    Uhmmm... whaaat?

    Welp, Thanks to all who have shed light on this. In the spirit of transparency, I can and will fill in the rest of the story. Wargaming Support in fact replied to my ticket, citing a pair of instances approximately 42 minutes apart yesterday, so, in separate games. TLDR: I wrote two bad words, and one probably looked like a directed attack (it wasn't) to an automatic censor, which is probably why I got my first taste of disciplinary action. Either that or, less likely, a manual report, made its way to a human reviewer, who cited the rules to me and hit me with 72 hours of silence. The full nine yards: I was logged as typing "oh s--t" at one point in the early afternoon. This happened. For context, it was after I dropped torpedoes when my escort was going one way, and then began to go the other way. That's not an excuse, it's a corroboration - yes, I recall this instance. It was my "communicate quickly that something was dreadfully wrong" reaction. My evaluation: at the end of the day, well, it's a profanity, and the rules say "excessive profanity and inappropriate language is not welcome". Malice content, or personal attack content? Zero. Good intent, actually. Bad word. Does WG have a point calling me out on this? Sure. I was also cited, nearly an hour later as pointed out, for an over-enthusiastic greeting of my acquaintance, who, weeks after we last divved up for a few battles, was suddenly my enemy. "[Name withheld!] You perfidious b-----d! :D " say I on open chat. Again, absent any malice, as is hopefully more than evident from the archaic adjective and the emoticon at the end. Again, technically, a profane word, which means if they choose to enforce a ban on me, well, they have a case. When I said there was nothing which wasn't innocuous in my chatting, I didn't think I was being misleading. While, on the one hand, I am not going to deny that I dropped two bad words yesterday, being drawn up for "insults and provocations" utterly confused me. I maintain that I have still never treated anyone on chat with malice, and while I do occasionally drop impure words (most often 'dammit'), well, I think it's fair to say we've all experienced the chat buffer. (Again, this is not a rationalization or an excuse. It's an explanation of why I was so ridiculously surprised by the sudden ban.) I suspect my activity triggered an automatic censor, which was perhaps doubly alerted by my use of "You...". I expect a bot would detect an insult from reading my second transgression, although a human should easily tell I was being chummy. With a bad word, fine, but absent all malice. Funny story: another player's immediate reply to that comment was something to the effect of "watch your language, f-kt--d". I could make a case in my own defense on a couple of premises, but, I won't. My primary concerns were: understanding *why* this happened (I do now, and in principle at least, I can't argue), and being reassured that no other player felt I had treated them with malice or other ill intent (that matters a bit more to me, honestly, than the fact that I had a potty mouth today) - content with the current standing of things, I wait another two and a half days to explain my apparent, sudden anti-social tendencies to the friend or two who have already dropped me messages. Mea maxima culpa. The ban was processed within four hours of the instances occurring. In short, I cannot shake an analogy to the laws surrounding and enforcement of speed limits in the United States of America. Regards, FLOT
  8. FlyingLoafOfToast

    Uhmmm... whaaat?

    That makes a lot of sense, and I'm sure it's the case, based on everything everyone has contributed. I just have no clue what on earth I said to offend someone to the point of submitting a ticket, and to also have a live reviewer agree and slap me with the ban. I'm looking into that now and hoping for an answer. Meanwhile, I guess I've gotten as far as I can here, and I thank everyone for their time and input. It's gone from a completely inexplicable quantity to something less than that, which helps. I shall see what comes of my request for information. Best, FLOT
  9. FlyingLoafOfToast

    Uhmmm... whaaat?

    I'm still stunned. If I triggered that somehow, I don't know how this isn't a raging ban of silence on players, given the profanities which regularly, casually, fly around the chat buffer. My goal right now is to have them at least give me the exact reason why this happened. I don't understand at all, and I feel like I've got a right to know what I said to invite a 72-hour chat ban for my first offense. FLOT
  10. FlyingLoafOfToast

    Uhmmm... whaaat?

    That sounds logical. I'm still astonished, though, knowing the care with which I generally - if not always - chat, and the fact that this has never happened before. I've opened a ticket, and we'll see what comes of it.
  11. FlyingLoafOfToast

    Uhmmm... whaaat?

    Yes, that seems the most logical thing. I just honestly don't know how it succeeded; there was nothing outside of civility. There was barely anything at all to begin with. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have any replays - it looks like one has to download a separate program to enable that in the first place. Maybe I should, to try to help to prevent this in the future. FLOT
  12. FlyingLoafOfToast

    Uhmmm... whaaat?

    Then I've never been reported more than once at a clip, because I haven't seen a report notification...ever? I have only one compliment tonight, and no karma change, and no report notification, which means I've basically been reported once at the most - and yet, a three-day ban. Hrhm. Weird.
  13. FlyingLoafOfToast

    Uhmmm... whaaat?

    Interesting. I've just had a very unusual string of six wins in random, involving 13 kills and at least two top fragger games while only getting sunk once. I still have the same game session open, and can see I only received one compliment in that time, which was from the very first match. So my karma, not having a net change from where it started, was logically docked either twice or thrice, and all that. I've had success at this level before - once in a while - and have never been the target of a ban. I don't get it.
  14. FlyingLoafOfToast

    Uhmmm... whaaat?

    I've definitely let the side down with CVs in more than one match. Not intentionally, just situationally. I've never had anything like this happen in 700+ hours and ~1500 games. --FLOT
  15. FlyingLoafOfToast

    Uhmmm... whaaat?

    From what I read about reports, any two ding your karma, and any one compliment boosts it. From tracking my numbers, it's impossible I've been reported more than three times in total in the last 24 hours. So, that seems unlikely. If it almost sounds like a manual report with a screenshot, then it also almost sounds like somebody went to the trouble of fabricating text. I barely chatted at all. Stunning. Anyways, I suppose it is what it is. Thanks for helping me understand a bit of what may have happened and what to do next. I'll look into whether I have those replays somewhere. Cheers, FLOT