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  1. irish8644

    Armada: Dido

    Was named for Elissa, the legendary founder and first queen of Carthage NA
  2. Is WOW nuts? I can't believe they want $307 worth of gold for this Armada.
  3. irish8644

    Resource Containers Nerfed?

    I got 3 today. They don't come very often.
  4. irish8644

    campaign question

    I got it now. Thanks
  5. irish8644

    campaign question

    Screen shot
  6. irish8644

    campaign question

    I usually do not do campaigns. I just got 2 tasks done received the rewards 2 crates but didn't receive any stars and the tasks say not done. What am I missing?
  7. irish8644

    Yep! Kansas sucks alright. ROFL :)

    Sorry the Kansas is a POS. I don't know why they think it is a tier 8. It is worst than a tier 6.
  8. irish8644

    Can anyone confirm a theory...

    I also keep track of the numbers and they are not even close to yours. At best they even but most of the time they are 60% bottom tier and 35% even tier and 5% top tier. I don't know if jumping around between tiers and type has an effect on this but it seems that it might.
  9. irish8644

    Cv post again....

    CVs need to be nerfed. When caught on fire the second time it needs to burn out as long as BB's and AA reduced to normal BB levels. There is a reason other CV's don't attack each other. CV's need to one of the first class to be taken out. Then they can dodge just like everyone else.Their range spotting needs to be reduced. When in PVE they need to have search for DD's or other ships instead of going straight to the closest DD and harass it until it is dead. If you are the only DD you can count on the CV coming directly to you and shooting rockets at you. Yes you can dodge and hid behind BB's but than you are forced to give up game play. Yes there is more players playing on the server because there just happens to be the flu and people are staying home and are out of work. I think it is interesting that KOTS tournaments banned CV's and OP ships. I guess they want to see good strategy being used instead of just reactive play.
  10. He is just pointing out my main complaint about this game being up tiered 2 levels. There is no good reason why tier 8 should be playing against tier 6 or 10 against 8. It is just a way for WOW to get people to grind the tiers. I just finished a game on Ocean with 7 tier 9 & 10 tier ships with a 10 tier 3 ship division. If I wanted to play tier 10 ships I would have played a Thunderer instead my Mass. People complain all the time about people playing tier 10 whom are not skilled enough but they might as well since they have to play against them anyway. Also the 60/40 rule is a bunch of propaganda. I have been keeping tract and some tiers are way off that ratio. Very rarely are you top tier most of the time the best you can do is even. People want to have fun not stress. Even tiered games are fun. My suggestion is don't spend any money on this game because it just gets worse every year with OP ships coming out and the ones you have get nerfed.
  11. The first thing I noticed about patch is that you can no longer just logoff the server you have to get out of the game completely. This means you have to load the game again wasting your time and putting additional wear on your drives. I like to take breaks and logoff and reconnect often during the day.
  12. irish8644

    Help with aiming

    Try the Shchors. It has fast reload and is very accurate. It also seems to take a lot of hits for a cruiser. I always do well with her and enjoy the play.
  13. irish8644

    Economic signals

    What does the associated Achievement to the Economic signals mean. Do you have to achieve the achievement to get the benefits?
  14. irish8644

    Asymmetrical Battles - Almost really fun?

    My first game today had all DDs on the low team except me in a cruiser. The all bot high team had 2 carriers and a BB and a CA. It wasn't much of a game except it was fun seeing 2 carriers trying to attack a swarm of DDs flak a flying.