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  1. irish8644

    How does changing Mods work

    When I go to change the damage control Mod 1 with engine room protection it just asks to replace it, but when I try to change the concealment to torpedo lookout system or ship consumables it wants to charge 2,000,000 credits.
  2. I see this in the directives "During the preparation of Update 0.9.1, many upgrades underwent major overhauls. You can take the opportunity to dismount your old upgrades and replace them with the new ones for free!" Does this apply only to the doubloons? Do you sell the old one back at half the credits returned and than buy the new one with full cost credits? I am low on credits right now.
  3. irish8644

    New premium time rolls over???

    I looked around around on Wargaming.net and when I clicked on Premiom time I got the small box again and it said "You no longer have to renew your Premium Account once it expires. Just get a subscription that renews automatically." so I assume it applies only to those that are listed as renewing. No way too tell how to stop it. GOT IT!
  4. irish8644

    New premium time rolls over???

    I got a small box that said it was automatically renewing my 360 days premium account which would charge me $99.00
  5. irish8644

    New premium time rolls over???

    Today when I logged in a popup box notified me that my premium time yearly account will roll over automatically when it expires. This is not a good thing since I buy it at the once a year half price sale and with the extra days earned at the end of the year would be in late January. I definitely do not want it to roll over automatically. There was no option to cancel and I have on idea on where to find one. I guess I will have to remove my Paypal account association.
  6. irish8644

    Graphics settings.

    Go to this path on this site. Home General WoWs Discussion Game Guides and Tutorials The Complete Guide to Graphics Settings
  7. irish8644

    Directive 3 not unlocking

    Thanks. I got confused when it says "To unlock the following directive,complete 3 missions"
  8. I have 3 missions unlock and directive 3 is not unlocking. Am I missings something?
  9. irish8644

    Is the NA server down?

    Just came up
  10. irish8644

    Is the NA server down?

    Test server down also
  11. irish8644

    1 Year Premium Sale In RU Shop

    You can purchase 360 days of premium in the game premium shop for 47.99 cash. That is if you decide you want to commit for another year of the same .
  12. irish8644

    PVE, remove capping option

    I don't know why they thought going to 9 ships would be a great idea. All it does is add another bot on the green side. We are getting 4 to 8 bots on the green side before 4:00 which makes it a poor game since they are dumber than the red bots.
  13. irish8644

    Mod station issue

  14. irish8644

    Mod station issue

    I am trying to get the nomogram crosshair on the test server. When I try and select the test server I am getting a error message that the path to the client cannot be found. They both are in the same folder named games. The NA server client has no problem.
  15. irish8644

    Naked ships

    I have been having a lot of bots in the games today in coop which shouldn't happen unless early in the morning. The mm has been very erratic since the upgrade. The bots have a : in front of their name Frigate007 like :daniel