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    Why American Carriers are so Bad

    The issue wasn't Hakaryu getting it's but kicked, Hakaryu players suddenly were not guaranteed air superiority when using the strike load out. They didn't like this. WG's "balance" essentially was done because people complained they had to play air superiority Hakaryu if they wanted to have a high chance of ensuring air superiority
  2. ReturnOfThePleb

    Time To Shelve My Carriers Until The USN Cruiser Craze Dies Down

    I'll admit it, I'm a filthy USN cruiser player. CV's don't bother me, even when I play German DD's or IJN DD's. What bothers me is the massive difference between certain carriers, i.e Essex being way worse then Taiho or Kaga being significantly better then her contemporaries. I don't care about historical relevance, I just would like some more balance between IJN and USN CV's, especially at high tiers. The only high tier USN CV that is superior, IMO, is Enterprise. CV is the one role where skill disparity is exploited to an exponential degree. A poor BB player can still do well and benefit his/her team without altering the balance of the game. However even if an above average CV player meets a little bit better player, odds are the the better one will win and their CV will eventually run rampant. I have 0 games with or against GZ so I can't comment on her