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    Grozovoi or Z-52?

    Already have (and love) my Gearing, and am looking to grind my second dd line. I really want a more gunboat design and have decided to grind either the Russian or German line. The Russian line has very short range torpedoes but very good guns and defensive AA. The German line has decent guns (AP) and torps 10.5k with a very short reload, and HYDRO. I have been leaning towards the Z-52, but here lately I have seen a TON of Grozovoi's in randoms. Has the Grozovoi been buffed recently to where it would be a better choice? Is the hydro that important to make the Z-52 the obvious choice? Which would win in a 1v1? Why am I all of a sudden seeing a ton of Grozovoi's from top ranked players? I hardly ever see Z-52s. :( Thanks for your advice!!!