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  1. I have the Gearing, but am looking for a gunboat that hits at distance. Is the Grozovoi worthwhile or should I just settle for the Z-52? As far as I can tell on paper, the Grozovoi should be the better distance boat. But the Z-52 has hydro... Is the Grozovoi worthwhile? I really REALLY want to try a gunboat with low trajectory arcs!!!
  2. I am a dd player. But with the new meta in clan battles (1 dd, 1 bb, the rest cruisers) I have to start a cruiser line. Which cruiser line has the maneuverability and gameplay close to a dd, but won't get one shot by bb's? Is there such a thing? Is there a cruiser that plays like the Khaba? I am a very aggressive dd player, but don't want to get insta deleted by bb's!
  3. Clan Battles DD comparison

    The "Play Like a Pro" article highlighting 4 of the top teams says that you are incorrect. It is Z-52, Gearing, and Shimi being played by the Typhoon clans. Let me direct you to the article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/how-to-clans-1/
  4. Clan Battles DD comparison

    Z-52 and Gearing are what the top teams are playing- as predicted :) Nice to see the top teams from "Play Like A Pro" going Z-52/Gearing and sometimes Shimi.
  5. Severe framerate drops since recent update

    The red tracker on another site says they are still trying to determine the cause and are asking all that experience the problem to submit tickets that include specs, how long they were in the game session, and what mods they are using. I personally think it is a memory leak. The red tracker article mentioned is: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/97352-update-072-general-feedback/?page=8&tab=comments#comment-2355715
  6. Just Got Akizuki, Need Advice

    If you love the boat and plan on using it a LOT then the premium camo pays out in the end. Just spent 5k doubloons on the premium for my Gearing (for use during Clan Battles) and in the end it is saving me a lot of money by not burning through my regular camos.
  7. frame drop and dancing ping

    Micro freezes describes it perfectly, very jittery gameplay this weekend.
  8. Upper-Tier Skill Wall

    I agree with practice- but would limit it to the same style of DD. Pan Asian and USA are a good combo to grind together with similar guns. If you play all the different styles of dd's at the same time it is just going to be frustrating.
  9. Tips for torps?

    I would add that it pays off to zoom in on the smoke stack of your target to make sure they are running full speed before you gauge your shot. If they are running 2/3rds and you shoot at the predictor line, they will sometimes speed up and outrun your torps.
  10. Descisions... descisions...

    Loyang is a fun boat, and the hydro helps me more with spotting incoming torps then pushing smokes (a good player will just charge you out of his smoke when he sees it's a Loyang- or flee). I WISH I had purchased the Kidd, and will buy it as soon as it becomes available again- I love my Sims for it's AA, and the Kidd has a HEAL!!! Go with the Kidd!!!
  11. I have buyers remorse with my Shimi- the Yugumo imho is just SOOO much better!!! The concealment on the Yugumo allows me to contest caps better, and get closer to my targets. Even with only 2 groups of torps instead of 3, I find I hit better with the Yugomo's then the Shimi 12 km's. The Shimi really needs some WG love to be the top tier ship... :( The Gearing is just a better all around performer at tier 10 with defensive AA and 16 km torps.
  12. Shimi or YueYang for Clan Battles?

    So far it has been all Gearing for me. I have the Shimi, but I like to fight for the caps and Gearing vs Grozovoi is a clear win for me :) Still grinding the Pan Asian up because I really want to try it out- those torps are extremely hard to dodge!
  13. Agreed. You click on the news, even click on the links within the news and the notification still exists.
  14. Last night I had extreme lag spikes not normal to this game. And I heard other people complaining about it as well. Not sure if it was net traffic, or something with the servers, but something was definitely up!
  15. Which mods are you talking about? I have checked the current version of Aslain's and have looked at the side panels- I didn't see anything that made it obvious for the types that can use radar. Do you know the name of the mod? I would love to see a mod that shows a change in the ship icon on the mini map, because I am constantly checking the mini map for detection ranges as it is.