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  1. Lord_Krobekishnuv

    Ranty complaints, beware.

    Yeah I was, I was furious, not really acceptable, was also pretty upset when I wrote this, was the Xth cv game in a row, and I didn't think that was fair, etc. etc. I'm not really upset about it anymore, I don't like auto chat bans from user complaints, but I'll have to deal with them, because I doubt WG would ever take them out,
  2. Lord_Krobekishnuv

    Ranty complaints, beware.

    This is the most infuriating thing ever, why would WG include cvs, the most influential and least risk taking class of ship in the game in competitive, it makes no sense, and why for the love of god are there autobans just if a player gets enough complaints, it makes no sense, and seems very lazy, they should be moderating their own game, or just include a chat filter to prevent anything they don't want being said... from being said.... it's not that complicated, for one game of ranting, i now can;t communicate with my team to relay pertinent information concerning the battle, I rant a bit which isn't the best thing to do in a game, but a small rant about why cvs shouldn't be in ranked shouldn't cause you to receive a chat ban for crying out loud, just mute me and be on your way.
  3. Lord_Krobekishnuv

    Stop It

    Sadly in their eyes it is fixed, thy did something and won't be bothered to do anything again, it won't make them money.
  4. Lord_Krobekishnuv

    CVS Still deleting DDs ( Rant/rage)

    Awesome thanks for the advice!
  5. Lord_Krobekishnuv

    CVS Still deleting DDs ( Rant/rage)

    Nah, I exaggerated a bit because of how frustrated I was. Two friendly ships nearby ( Aoba and QE, not really AA ships, others were within 10km, but not really able to help with AA) and I died at 16:28. At 18:30 i was at a 3rd hp not super low. This was more of a rant to vent anger than anything, but any advice for combating cvs in dds, and tips for the japanese gunboats would be really appreciated.
  6. Lord_Krobekishnuv

    CVS Still deleting DDs ( Rant/rage)

    Heyo! I actually don't really want to share the replay, Not proud of what I said in the chat, complaining/whining. I can answer any questions though some advice would be super appreciated. I'm new to dd gunboats ( and not used to handling the new cvs in dds in general) thanks!
  7. Lord_Krobekishnuv

    CVS Still deleting DDs ( Rant/rage)

    Let me Go watch the replay, I was pretty upset when I posted this, haven't touched it since....... There were 2 CVs, I was in my Akizuki, the two enemy cvs were Lexington and Ranger. The friendly ships I had nearby (Let's say within 7km) were Aoba and Queen Elizabeth ( thought there were more) by 18:30 I was down to 5k so 33% HP, I smoked up around 18:30 Planes still kept going for me in smoke though, was on fire and got me down to 2600 I sat in that smoke until it ran out around 16:45 or so, and was immediately plane spotted when it happened ( was complaining in chat while in smoke, shoulda done something useful) and I was killed by attack aircraft at 16:28. Yep did exaggerate, was pretty frustrated, Near my death both aoba and QE were within 2km, not that it really matters, anyway, this was more of a rant, Advice would be super appreciated.
  8. Yeah this still isn't fun, Dead within the first three minutes of the game, lost almost all my health in the first minute and thirty seconds, to same tier cvs, that's ridiculous, I couldn't do crapto counter it, even when I was surrounded by teammates and furiously swapping my aa sector, hiding in smoke ETC. Akizuki is suppose to have decent AA, and yet, I'm helpless, when surrounded by teammates? WG needs to bite the bullet, and just remove CVS or confine them to a specific playlist because this is getting ridiculous.
  9. Truly, enlighten me good sir, as to how I might be able to mitigate said damage, without fire prevention, without being ultra passive, not contributing to the team?
  10. Lord_Krobekishnuv

    Why are detonation's still a thing?

    Congrats, I'm glad you dwell the forums constantly, but if nobody enjoys it, and people ask for it to be removed or changed, why not do so? Deeming other people's arguments and concerns as "whining/whine posts" is arrogant and only devalues your own opinions, if these posts are as common and tired as people say, maybe the people making the posts are on to something.
  11. Lord_Krobekishnuv

    Why are detonation's still a thing?

    Except no... I was basically full hp. one torp got me below 75 the other detonated me it's not much different, in this circumstance.
  12. Lord_Krobekishnuv

    Why are detonation's still a thing?

    You know, it'd be really cool ( still want it removed) if it had like, a blast radius that inflicted damage, or a different, larger explosion.
  13. Lord_Krobekishnuv

    Why are detonation's still a thing?

    He apologized.
  14. Lord_Krobekishnuv

    Why are detonation's still a thing?

    Yikes, sorry you read every thread that comes out. Probably wouldn't get so repetitive if you didn't, or if WG fixed the game's problems, sadly I post pretty rarely and browse the forums infrequently, so I wouldn't know what's common or not. But I'd assume if it's too common to the point of being annoying, it's a legitimate issue that needs fixing.
  15. Idk if I've run into anybody that enjoys detonations... I just got detonated in ranked, as a near full hp Musashi. 1 torpedo got me down below 75% and the other killed me. How is this fun or engaging? It's not skill based at all, and there have been any requests to have it removed.