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  1. I have a replay from 9.12 i want to play. I know this isnt a bug, as the game doesnt let you play replays from a different patch, but I just want to know if there is a way to replay it?
  2. Just got the DM after a long grind through the Buff. Hard way, but I made it. Obviously on the Buffalo you want to run the Reload mod, but on the DM its a different story, as the range could come in handy some times, since ur DPM is already so good. Can anyone give me some suggestions?
  3. pig8

    Buffalo + AR?

    A lot of people have said that Buffalo is a meh ship. I don't think so. I actually enjoy it more than the baltimore, basically for one reason: DPM. Sure, on paper, the DPM seems absolutely terrible, compared to the DM and sometimes even the Baltimore. But AR changes all of that. I've just picked up the Buffalo for a few games, and at the start of the battle, the reload, is kinda meh, at 10.5 (running the reload mod). But as the game continues, your DPM actually gets much better, in fact it could reach the DPM of the DM that doesn't have reload mod and no AR. The reason is that the Buffalo benefits much more with AR then other US Heavy Cruisers, as AR buffs the reload, giving 0.2% decrease in reload for each 1% HP you lose. So practically the more guns you have, the more you benefit from AR. After doing the math I actually found that AR gives the Buffalo a 60% better benefit than the DM, which is just crazy. If I'm wrong about that someone pls correct me? I'm not sure if that's how it's supposed to work, but if it does I think that makes the Buffalo a much better ship than what people have said it to be. Of course, the DPM is still incomparable to a DM that does the same. DM is just absurd.