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  1. k9kid12

    Hindy and IFHE

    No. KMS HE has built in IFHE.
  2. k9kid12

    Khabarovsk needs a slight buff.

    lol look. a funny guy
  3. I really dont like this "one AP salvo deleting my CA or stealth torps out of nowhere sinking my BB in one spread" meta
  4. k9kid12


    No and no. The ARP stuff was dumb anyway.
  5. k9kid12

    Am I stacked?

  6. Kirov, Konigsburg. Both are solid.
  7. There is already a solution. Use WASD and speed hacks to actively dodge incoming rounds and never sail straight away form BBs as their AP will penetrate the length of your ship causing full AP dmg.
  8. k9kid12

    Otters, Nature's Squeaky Toy

    destructive little creatures. i would relocate or trap everyone that gets in my pond.
  9. Why did you edit someone else's comment to make it look like I said it...seems unnecessary.
  10. Late load ins happen all the time people. Its not always the users fault. Its not something users should be penalized for. Get over it.
  11. Because its a game and not always the PC. Different people have issues connecting for different reasons all the time. Its not always the users network or PC. Sometimes its on WGing. And finally, who are you or him to tell anyone they cant play a game until they get a new PC?
  12. k9kid12

    what freemium ship to get?

    No. Then it wouldnt be MO. Get out of here with that.
  13. Buy me a new PC or stop being an arrogant jerk.
  14. k9kid12

    Sniper Loss

    Yeah...BBs who do this are super annoying and it just goes to show that anyone can get to tier X. Makes me sad.
  15. @Kebobstuzovwhat do you think a good legendary module for Midway would be?