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  1. Then stop spreading the hate for CVs. Being good in CV really takes skill and patience.
  2. lol salty much? Please tell us where the bad CV touched you... No. Adapt or die. The higher tiers you grind, the fewer CVs you will see.
  3. Yup Graf Zepp is a gimmick made CV that trash CV captains love to use to pad their CV stats.
  4. Football's back Boi's!

    Used to be a huge fan. Watched religiously. Played FFL and followed multiple teams. There wasnt one Sunday that I didnt have a game on TV and a game on the laptop. I was constantly checking my FFL team's update...etc. However, ever since the kneeling [edited], I quit watching. If I wanted to see a bunch of over paid babies complain and protest, I would watch the news. Sorry that I am the first comment. Dont want to kill your vibe that fast but unfortunately, due to how the NFL has handled that topic in recent years, their hypocrisy/ignorance regarding the CTE issue and the way they have neutered the game in today's era...more and more people have stopped watching. Regardless of me though, I hope your Chargers do well this season. o7
  5. I agree with most of what you said. I just dont think it is as hard to strike with the drop pattern as one might suggest and I think it is a bit easier to lock up a Lex's fighters also. Lex doesn't have that many full reloads on her fighters either. Graf Zepp with Dogfighter Expert will win most fighter battles against Lex. You have a point regarding knowing what ships you can reliably citadel and which ones you cant so good point there. I was never saying Graf Zepp cant be a good. Just said it is too situational, that one match your set up is phenomenal and the next it is useless. That at its core is my problem with it. I like consistent ships. Ships that can do well when played properly in any MM. My main beef with the other guy was him saying "Only seasoned CV captains have it" That just simply isnt true. I've seen captains in it that are clueless in the ship. I listed an example above. The other guy also never provided no argument where Graf Zepp is best in category at any particular roll...only mentioned its hydro and secondaries. Something that is so gimmicky its not even funny. Im not a fan of gimmicky lines of ships so naturally I wouldnt be a fan of a gimmicky premium ship. Unfortunately there are more and more and more. Thanks intelligently stating your opinion without questioning the status of my account unlike others. o7
  6. hmm...doesnt quite cut it and it doesnt prove that "only seasoned CV captains have Graf Zepp" like you suggested. If that was the case there wouldnt be solo crap captains sailing around using DW torps and AP bombs on the same build. (Yes I know that DW torps can strike CA/CLs also but between the drop pattern, AA and DFAA they are well suited to counter it) Any other CV can run in an AAA Division just the same and not have to worry about certain targets. This isnt something that is exclusive to Graf Zepp. Still not an argument that changes my mind or opens my eyes to your point. Regarding other CV's ability to engage pursuing DDs...they can do it just the same regardless of not having Hydro. They can spot DDs just the same with planes. Shokaku can effectively cross drop any DD at anytime. Graf Zepp cant if it is running DW torps and even if it isnt, the drop pattern for cross dropping isnt as effective. Also, if the Divisionmates of the Graf Zepp isnt around and a DD is on its tail, if it is running AP bombs or DW torps it cant counter the DD as effectively as other CVs can. Graf Zepp is too situational to be consistently reliable. One match your build will be extremely useful the next its worthless. It is too dependent on MM for most captains to be consisntent in it. Manual drop or not...the pattern for her DBs are idiot proof. No need to think about approach or any other tactic. Just group them up, click and forget. The pattern is so simple there isnt any need to manual drop. The simple as hell, no skill required drop pattern is an argument you failed to counter in my first comment... ALL huh? You know absolutely every captain that is running Graf Zepp and how good they are? Doubt that. You shouldnt argue with absolutes. It doesnt help your argument as there is always an exception to the rule. As far as you saying none should be novices...have you forgotten what game you are playing? There are tier X captains who dont have a clue to what overmatching is, there are tier VIII CV captains who still dont know how to strafe, there are high tier DD captains that still think running all around the flank to go after a CV in the first minutes of the game is a good idea. Dont underestimate how bad players can be no matter how long they have had a ship or how many battles they have in said ship.
  7. What are you talking about? Please explain this to me. If only "players who have had a year to hone their skills on this platform" are the ones who are sailing Graf Zepp then why in the heck do I see Graf Zepps running DW torps AND AP bombs together essentially cutting their effective targets down to JUST BBs? A trade to me, that seems pointless considering most matches only have 3 to 4 BBs in them. A trade that seems pretty pointless considering you cant strike DDs effectively which is a class that can seriously make or break a match. I'll wait for an answer but I highly doubt you can put one together that makes sense without really making a stretch to do it. Also, Graf Zepp was built for "Novice" CV captains. With the 203 DB build you can pretty much click and win most dog fights so long as you have taken Dog Fighter Expert on your captain (every dog fight against Lex's single fighter squadron) and you can afford to do it because the drop pattern on the Graf Zepp's DB is a simple circle...no need for torps, no need to think about approach and no need to think about RNG because the circle fits the center of most ships it will strike meaning you can group your bombers, click a target, forget about direction of approach or any other tactic and watch the ship get deleted with AP. Seems like your love for the gimmick CV has blinded your ability to see what a real gimmick free boat looks like. Graf Zepp is a garbage gimmick boat that should have never been released as it is.
  8. Scharnhorst

    Obvious troll is obvious. Dont feed it.
  9. Unreasonable penalties on game crash

    good for you
  10. Unreasonable penalties on game crash

    Or the auto ban system could be gotten rid of and a stable client could be released for once. Seems to be an on going issue with many people.
  11. Not sure that is effective. The reload and turret traverse on those guns is pretty much nothing so with that said buffing nothing is still nothing.
  12. Baltimore 4th camo

    Disagree. That would defeat the point of having time frames on missions for rewards. There was plenty of time to complete it unless you just work way too much. If that is the case, sorry. That sucks. Hope you get some free time for yourself to enjoy soon. Still, if you work that much and this is just a place to blow off steam...its just a silly camo for a silly boat in a silly game. There are ways in game to earn other, better camos even if they arent perm camo. Also, if you are willing to pay money for camo, just buy the prem camo for the boat. Better luck next time.
  13. 100% agree with this.
  14. The folks at wargaming arent very good at their jobs and decided to rework USN CVs by restricting what planes they can bring and down tiering their planes at tier IX all while leaving IJN CVs alone except only when to buff them. They have done this regardless of community out cry to stop killing the Midway in the name of "balance". Simply, wargaming is clueless when it comes to what should be done with CVs period. You may as well stop your grind to Midway because there just isnt any point in playing her anymore, especially with the pure buff Hak just received in its legendary module. As far as the USN CV nerfs go, wargaming can sit and spin.
  15. Worcester is over the top

    He was likely smart enough to aim at your superstructure where you were likely aiming at his belt armor. This is the only way what youre saying happened could have happened. Besides...with Hindy's HE at a properly angled target, why were you even shooting AP in the first place? Hindy has wonderful HE values and HE salvos into its superstructure would have been sure damage. Plus...if he was showing enough broadside to use more guns than you in a bow on fight, that is enough broadside to show enough superstructure to guarantee good hits from you. Sounds like a bad play on your part to me.