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  1. keskparane

    Bans need to be moderated not automatic

    It's always the same. Somebody brings a ship without smoke and expects you to use yours on them. And reports from div's are so obvious. 2 reports? What a coincidence that the one screaming for smoke was in a 2 man div. You want smoke?, bring your own or STFU.
  2. keskparane

    Put Up Your Dukes (Contest!)

    teams fold. about 11 losses since I started playing my duca
  3. keskparane

    REVY is recruiting Captains! Join us!

    application sent
  4. My network just lost connection to server. Traceroute showed packets getting dropped at the server. Rest of the hops made it.
  5. still got another 8 hours or so till peak
  6. Luxury. Because you were clearly fishing and no one else seems to no what you're talking about.
  7. keskparane

    June Missions Secret?

    1 of autopilot fixed api fixed screen resizes properly when resolution is changed or any other number of core bugs not addressed. Now that would be a surprise.
  8. keskparane

    GPU heat

    Don't confuse playing the game with sitting in port. To me it was always common knowledge that WoWs used a stupid amount of GPU when sitting in port. Like others have said the best thing to do is just run ocean port.
  9. My issue with it really just comes down to the requirements of CB. I think it's a bit off if they are made unattainable for you because of a 4 hour time slot. Has nothing to do with effort, commitment.
  10. keskparane

    wth is wrong with izumo's gun

    I know what you mean. All in all I can't see why it should be bad, but it sure does feel bad initially. I may have actually got a reasonable WR in her had it not been for some very bad teams that I encountered for a few days (but that's just luck). I did find I really had to adjust my play style. This prepared me for Yamoto, and has made me more successful in Musashi. At the end of the day I ground my way to Yamato, played a couple more games so that I didn't have less than 50% WR, and found my peace with her. Had I not moved my captain up to Yamato I would probably have played some more games in her and I expect she would have done OK.
  11. I would say the music doesn't really sync well with the content. And for that matter I feel your genre is totally inappropriate for the content. Don't want stuff like loading screens, etc What editing software are you using? Does it give you many options?
  12. keskparane

    Chemistry in this game is whack

    fuhgeddaboudit. Forge on and focus on shot peening other ships.
  13. I would say there has been confirmation about other game modes. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/introducing-arsenal/
  14. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/cherry-blossom/