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  1. Joe_918145

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    Sorry @KilljoyCutter, I was not trying to single you out. And the point you made ref the amount of time WG has had to fix this bug is a valid one. I'm just angry that I've been waiting a whole year for a return of some good ops, with no updates from WG, and then this happens with Narai and Ops in general. I bought Sims to play Dunkirk, and got to play ONE battle before the CV rework hit. Not to mention the concept of OPs is why I began playing originally. I really am hoping WG gets the message and assigns a team to fix OPs, but I'm not optimistic that it will happen.
  2. Joe_918145

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    Keep on drinking the Kool-Aid @KilljoyCutter. Have you seen a fix for the planes yet so we can get the other ops back? It's only been a year.
  3. Joe_918145

    Narai is where we need to draw the line...

    Thanks for the update, Fem. But I don't agree we are pitchforking over a non-issue. Narai problems are just another link in the chain of disappointment we have endured since the CV rework took away several OPs. There has been no information regarding a timeline to return the removed OPs from the rotation. The last word I remember is that they would not be returned until the AI for the planes was fixed. That was a year ago. I think we've been patient enough.
  4. Joe_918145

    Narai is where we need to draw the line...

    I BOUGHT Sims for Dynamo. I got to play it once before the OP went away.
  5. Joe_918145

    Shark Among Shrimps

    Well said.
  6. Joe_918145

    Shark Among Shrimps

    It's almost not worth posting this, since WG will be pulling Narai for some time and the people that need to read it probably never come to the forum. When a CL goes for the transports, sinks the DD and deals with the shore battery Squire, then remains in position to take out the five transports, don't snipe the transports. That person has risked his ship for the team. Let him get the Shark Among Shrimps award which gives him nothing but bragging rights. I've been playing BBs all day, and have been posting the same in chat after the Missouri gets sunk. I know I"m not alone in my sentiment as several CLs have thanked me for saying it, even if it falls on deaf ears. Good sportsmanship goes a long way, even in a pixel game.
  7. Sad that they had to pull my favorite OP, especially after they have never brought back my second favorite OP, Operation Cherry Blossom. There is just no excuse, other than submarines. Really sad.....
  8. Joe_918145

    Anyone else have this happen to them? Lol.

    Sorry for your bad luck, @Colonel_Potter. I'm losing two signal flags but managed to get Hawkins and Devonshire. I suppose I should feel blessed.
  9. Joe_918145

    WG fix the problem with the friendly transports in Narai

    In the battle I referenced where the Lead Transport did not enter the port, there were teammates in port at the time. The Lead Transport just went crazy. No rhyme or reason for it that I could tell.
  10. I understand why it is necessary for the bots to have built in cheats. In many ways, having them detect torps and shells faster makes for more challenging games. But having the friendly transports in Narai go YOLOing around the port, or worse, never entering the port to unload troops is not realistic. If it's a bug, I don't understand why it is so hard to code AI to have a ship go to an unloading dock. In one battle today I turned the Lead Transport back towards the port, killed the DD and Phoenix that were attacking him, only to have him turn back away from the port again. Meanwhile the CV got away, along with the stars for it and for unloading the troops. In other battles, we lost a star because the transports YOLOed into the attacking ships in the port. It's just nuts. Fix your bug WeeGee!
  11. Joe_918145

    Defense of Naval Station Newport seriously broken.

    I suppose I'm one of the players that does not understand it. But don't worry, I always take the week off from Ops when Newport is up. I played one this time when I did not realize the op had changed from Narai. Same result as usual - the team lost and consumables and signal flags wasted.
  12. Joe_918145

    Best Seal Clubber?

    Clemson probably wins hands down. But for me, when I've had a bad string of Random games, I get in Phoenix with a 19 point captain. Bob and weave and burn BBs to the waterline. LOL! I did 120 damage in her not long ago.
  13. Joe_918145

    Karma Question

    Thanks to you guys that helped clear this up for me. I lost a Karma point after an Aegis battle today and for the life of me I could not figure out how I'd made TWO people mad. But since I received no notification I now know I only hacked off one guy. Since I know what I said in chat towards one guy camping behind an island I suppose it was him and I deserved it for being salty in chat. But he deserved what I said. I'm an improving player, and my Karma has increased a lot since I started trying to improve. So for me Karma does mean that I've helped my teammates enough for them to take the time to thank me. But I don't drive DDs or CVs much, so perhaps I might have a different opinion if I did. I also spread a lot of positive Karma to those who did something special in a battle, and I don't exclude any ship types from praise. I try to always complement a CV driver who spots ahead of me, especially if he can do some significant damage and help the team win. @Umikami I just knew you would bloviate. I always enjoy reading your posts and occasionally I agree with what you said. Edit: Speaking of Karma, I tried to Thumbs Up everyone that took the time to explain how things work to me. But then I used up all my Thumbs Ups, so I'll have to wait until another day to thank the rest of you.
  14. Joe_918145

    Scenarios: You can tell you got a good team when...

    @Sovereigndawg I noticed you have been driving the W Virginia 1941 quite a bit. I seem to have a problem in Aegis driving her as there are way too many overpens resulting in less overall damage done in the game. Do you switch to HE for the CLs?
  15. Joe_918145

    Karma Question

    Someone here explained a while back that you get +1 Karma for someone giving you a complement, but it takes two reports for a player to receive a -1. Do the two reports have to come in the same battle, or is a single report stored and if another report comes in a different battle later on will the player then receive a -1? And yes, I know, some of you believe the Karma system is worthless. No need to bloviate on this thread.