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  1. Joe_918145

    Karma may not matter, but sometimes it feels so right

    Congrats, OP, on reaching 200 Karma. I got there not too long ago and hope to make 300 by years end. Good luck!
  2. Joe_918145

    WG Sabotages It's Own Game Modes

    A long time ago I gave up posting a 'Kill the ships that shoot back first' or 'Kill Albert first' message in chat. There does not have to be a directive (for kills) for some people to blaze away at the transports. I've even read on this forum about someone remarking about how difficult it is to get a 'Shark among shrimps' award in Killer Whale. Some people have no problem mining XP and kills while letting teammates do the hard work. All you can do is the best you can to help the team get all five stars Expecting all your teammates to do the same simply leads to frustration.
  3. When I was a newbie, Solomon Islands was one of my favorite maps to play in co-op. I took a break from the game for a few months, and after I returned I noticed that the map never appears. It still exists, but only in Randoms. Did WG ever say why it was removed from PVE play? Of course, I'm not above seal clubbing with Phoenix in Randoms to get my Solomon Islands itch scratched.
  4. Joe_918145

    One more time - Who owns your torpedoes?

    I subscribe to the theory that it's my ordinance and I'm responsible for any damage it does no matter what unexpected maneuver my teammates might make. Last night, I was in Benson in a co-op match. I was sitting in smoke and a Gneisenau ran through my smoke as I waited for a red Cleveland to clear an island. I finally was able to launch my torps with the Gneisenau out front. His torp angle was shorter by that time and he got the kill, stopping the Cleveland from catching my torps. He continued forward, engaging a BB, and made a hard turn to starboard right in front of my torps that had been launched at the Cleveland. I put up an 'I'm sorry' chat message which was answered by two Gneisenau shells coming my way. Thinking he fired at me before seeing my message, I let the attempted TK go without saying anything. Then I got a salty message from him. This generated a response by me that should have gotten me chat banned. We then both put up some less than professional messages, and when his torps reloaded and he fired a full volley my way which I made no attempt to dodge. So we both wore pinkness into the next two battles. I'm still sorry one of my torps hit the Gneisenau, and I'm even more sorry for losing my composure in chat. Had I gotten chat banned, I would have deserved it.
  5. My play has improved a lot since I was a newbie playing on a slow laptop. Last T8 Sprint Ranked I ranked out in 32 games with a 68% win rate. And you are right, it was a great feeling. This time in T8 Sprints, not so much. Maybe it's the extra 10 months of ageing...
  6. Joe_918145

    Achievements in CO OP??

    Yes, and the mission will time out before the ridiculous Newport Op is replaced in the rotation. If I had a tin hat on I'd think WG did this to the PVE mains on purpose.
  7. Great post, OP. Hope to see you in battle someday. However, I'm about to turn 68, and I would hate to be put into the 'Old Farts' matchmaking pool. I don't want any special favors, and with a few more good runs, I'll finally make it up to 'Average'. Putting me into a pool with just older guys would take away the feeling of accomplishment when I play well. Now, off to Ranked Sprint where I can mine some salt.
  8. Joe_918145

    frustrating directives

    I tried GA for potential damage, and it worked OK if I used speed boost out of the chute, but often the focus fire from the bots ended my game early. So I switched to Montana and had several games over 1 million potential damage that I survived. All in all it only took most of a day's playing time in co-op with a strong tendency to YOLO.
  9. Joe_918145

    Mouse Presents: Screenshot Theatre

    I posted this awhile back, but it fits right in to this thread. I had stopped and the little guy just launched himself onto my bow.
  10. Joe_918145

    I want Subs in Randoms ASAP

    Yep, subs in Randoms as they are right now would have BB players just a frustrated as DD drivers are now over the CV rework. There would be a run on popcorn for the forum for sure.
  11. I TRY to type 'Let the Atl ( or whatever boat is going for the transports) get his Shark. Don't shoot the transports.' Yesterday someone texted me a 'STFU' flame for typing my message. So I did, and graced him with some negative Karma after the match.
  12. Joe_918145

    Change to bot CV's in 9.5

    On the PTS they had a challenge to play several co-op games. I honestly cannot recall if the plane attacks were any different. Of course, I would have paid more attention if I had read the release notes. You guys may not agree, but I think a big reason for the 'missing' ops is that WG just can't get the AI fixed on CVs. Given they had so much developer time focused on fixing CVs after 8.0 (if you can say they are fixed), and then coding the sub disaster, they may just now be getting around to teaching bots to drive CVs. That's my hope, anyway, since I really miss Cherry Blossom.
  13. Joe_918145

    Is it paranoia if THEY really are out to get you.

    Bots hate Donskoi, probably because it is so detectable and bots prioritize CLs anyway. But then it gets shot up in Randoms too. All in all, it's a ship I hate to play since I like doing close support for friendly DDs trying to cap. Back on topic, Machine Gun used to have my number, but now I've got his. But Tirpitz, no matter what tier I find him, hates me and is without a doubt the bot player that has the lead in killing me.
  14. Joe_918145

    Narai - When do you go for the transports?

    I've never taken Fiji for the CV but Atlanta, Flint, and Helena can camp by the island to the north of the harbor and rain fire and destruction upon the bot lemming train in the harbor. The bots seem to ignore you while you shoot, so it is a good position especially if you get skinned up sinking the CV.
  15. I usually wait and help kill the Emerald and Nicholas that spawn in the second wave (hopefully the BBs with take care of Iron Duke while I'm busy). Then I post a chat message that I'm headed for the transports. I go south of the island that Emerald spawned behind. This gives me good shots 'over my shoulder' at the 3 CLs that spawn next without having to worry about being blapped by the MO later. Lots of people stay south away from Iron Duke after the first wave is sunk, and that's fine, but I think hanging with the fleet a bit longer gives an opportunity to help the team more. This timing still leaves no chance of the red Com transport slipping away. Then there are the people back with the fleet that 'help' you kill one or two of the transports. But I've already posted my rant on that.