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  1. Joe_918145

    Random team OPs in the evenings

    I've found playing OPs during the day is often a very worthwhile experience. Odds are good with Narai or Killer Whale that 5 stars will greet you at the end of the battle. But in the evenings it seems that half of the team has never played the op nor do they seem willing to take any advice when it is obvious they are going full potato. The result very often is as follows - This was just one of 4 loses tonight, and it seems to me that it is a waste of good signal flags to play in the evenings. In the above battle every BB either went for the transports or the CV. LOL! Is it just me or have others experienced the same pattern?
  2. Joe_918145

    Most DD Players are BAD

    The OP's name says it all. Look at his stats - the highest tier ship he owns is T8, so there is no Yamato in his port. But he is a good player, just doesn't play DDs at all.
  3. Joe_918145

    Narai with random teams

    After I made my post above I jumped in Helena and proceeded to go full potato by getting too far ahead and got killed by the Iron Duke. The team, however, carried me to a 5 star win. While they were saving me, I jumped in Atlanta and once again our DD headed off to hunt transports with a CL. But this time I had torps and managed to camp behind the island and put 3 into the MO as she came around. Turned out it was only a 2 star victory but at least I managed to help my team win the battle.
  4. Joe_918145

    Narai with random teams

    Yesterday our Sims and a cruiser went after the enemy transports together, leaving the MO the opportunity to sink our lead transport. At the same time the Sims and cruiser left for the transports, a BB and another cruiser went for the CV. LOL! And we had lost another BB already. After I got sunk in the harbor, I put up a nice chat saying the team should focus on the win first and not send half the force chasing transports and CVs. The Sim driver proceeded to call me a moron. Go figure.....
  5. I have to say, Admiral, that you had me ROTFL with your write-up. I do feel your pain, I recall doing a post myself about the issue a couple of months ago. If you think about it a bit, imagine you are visiting an American ship in a museum port. You come upon the Kiosk and start to play the game. You see an IJN or German ship in front of you, and there is no reason to think not to shoot if it's green. So you open up on the 'enemy' and keep shooting until the wife tells you it's time to move on or your kids are up on the ship's railing. That's what we're dealing with here, and like you I wish WG would set the Kiosks up in a way that does not affect our play. But I'm still laughing at your post.
  6. Joe_918145

    Alabama Bundle Buyer Beware

    On the positive side, enjoy your Alabama. I think she is a fun ship to play.
  7. Joe_918145

    Thoughts on the new Raptor Rescue

    I only played two battles. Lost the first and we five starred the second. I found the CVs to be almost a non-factor, more of a nuisance as others have said. I'm really glad to see this op coming back to the rotation.
  8. Joe_918145

    Naval Battles changing to ribbons

    You make some good points SeaDoug. I had to use a torp for self preservation in the battle I posted above. It's a shame when the incentive keeps you from wanting to delete the enemy in the most efficient manner. Weighting the ribbons in some manner would be smart. Until they do, I plan to fire hose the he on whatever comes into range.
  9. Joe_918145

    Naval Battles changing to ribbons

    I think this is going to work for USA cruisers. Gate was 25 ribbons, so I got a star. Wooster is warmed up in case I need her later.
  10. Joe_918145

    Alternatives for the team that came up with NTC

    Matters not. We don't get to fire anybody at WG. But it's hard to believe how out of touch somebody is with the player base that funds their paycheck.
  11. Joe_918145

    I'm done with Defense of Naval Station Newport

    Funny thing about my post is I got mad after I went full potato and got myself sunk at the beginning of the third wave. Since I was the third boat on the team that was sunk, there was no way we were going to win, right? So I exited the game (not my usual move), came here, and made my rant post. Went back to port to see how bad we lost. The team had carried me to a three star victory. LOL! Lightninger has done some nice work explaining Newport. I prefer to play solo in OPs, but the knowledge of how the red waves rotate is very helpful. I only wish there was a way to get everyone on the team some training before they played. I still think I'll sit this one out until it changes next week.
  12. Yes, it's possible to five star Newport IF you have the right team. I've done it a few times but more often than not the random team gets defeated. Playing Newport is a waste of time, flags, and premium consumables. It might be a good OP with Tier 7 ships, but it's a bad joke as it is set up now. If I want to gain some XP in a ship or level up a captain, I'll take the salt in randoms over loss after loss after loss playing Newport. End of rant.
  13. Joe_918145

    Checking in and asking questions

    That would be a huge loss to the game, Admiral. I enjoy reading your posts and have had a lot of fun in battles when I've been on your team. Are you listening, WG? Chaos, I had not become a PVE main back when you played, but it sounds like you were a top contributor as well. Hopefully things will get better soon. As for me, I'm having a ball playing co-op (and OPs) and don't miss the stuff in Randoms that made me leave the game for awhile. But I understand the frustration you guys are having.
  14. Joe_918145

    What kind of player community is this?

    Off topic, but MM does not group together the newbies with the very experienced players in Tier 1. Players thinking they are going to pad their stats by clubbing seals at Tier 1 are in for a rude awakening. Hop in Black Swan tonight and give it a try. I've not done it in several months, but often it's a hoot to play with these guys.
  15. Joe_918145

    Naval Battles changing to ribbons

    Wooster almost feels like cheating. But I'll do it if need be.